Through my private coaching, master classes, and online content, I combine manifestation techniques, self-discovery practices, and lifestyle changes to help you create the life you dream of.

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I combine manifestation techniques, self-discovery practices, and lifestyle changes to become the highest version of yourself and finally create the life that you dream of.


Ep. 1 Welcome to Wild Manifestations

By Heather Ione

Hello and welcome to the Wild Manifestation Podcast. I am so freaking excited; I can’t even tell you. I’ve been wanting to start a podcast for a long time now, and I’ve talked about it with so many people and I just can’t believe that it’s actually happening. I was just holding myself back for so long and so intimidated and afraid to actually do it. And it just blows my mind that it’s, you know, I’m finally here, it’s finally happening and oh my gosh, I just can’t wait. But before I actually dive in to all of the content that I want to share on this podcast with you, I just wanted to come on and do a trailer and introduce myself so that you know who is talking to you, what we’re going to be talking about, what you can expect from this podcast and all that kind of stuff.

So, before we get started, I’m your host, I’m Heather Ione. I’m a personal coach, I’m a speaker, I’m a writer, I’m a content creator who is extremely passionate about helping you create a life that fulfils you and excites you. Because, five years ago I actually completely transformed my life with the law of attraction and a lot of self-discovery work. And now, because of that, it’s become my greatest passion in life to help you do the same thing. Because I actually tried and failed to use the law of attraction for almost 10 years before I had any success with it. But over the last 5 years, I was able to manifest the life that I literally used to think was impossible unless I somehow came into millions of dollars overnight. I was able to manifest things like a move to Florida, a tour of Europe, a trip to Costa Rica, my dream car, my dream partner, financial abundance and so much more.

I kick myself every day for not starting a journal and actually recording all of the things that I was able to manifest using the law of attraction. Because it’s been so many things, I mean, hundreds of little things that I couldn’t even remember if I tried. But anyways, for my entire law of attraction experience, I realized that the law of attraction is actually way more complicated and involved than a lot of people know. Which is why there are millions of people out there who believe in the law of attraction. They believe in manifestation and theory, but haven’t actually been able to have success with it. Because to have success, you need to do more than just like, think positive thoughts and create a vision board and feel grateful and all those things, you know.

So, now I coach other people on how to create their dream life too, through using the law of attraction, through using my own manifestation techniques. But also, through doing a lot of inner work too, because through my own experience, I was able to realize that you cannot create the life that you dream about and be the person that you dream of being if you’re struggling with things like self-sabotage. If you don’t even feel like you are worthy of having your dream life, you’re struggling with feelings of unworthiness. You have limiting beliefs, you have imposter syndrome, you have trauma, you have self-doubt, all this stuff. You won’t be able to create the life that you want because all of those things that are going on, you’re subconsciously blocking everything that you want and sabotaging the entire manifestation practice, which is why it’s not even working. So, you can create all the vision boards and do all the visualizations that you want. But if you have all that going on, you’re just going to be stuck and you’re not going to be able to move forward. You’re not going to be able to have success with manifestation. So, that’s what I work with people on.

And in this podcast, we’re going to talk about all that. You know, we’re going to talk about the techniques for manifesting your dream life. I’m going to be sharing wild manifestation stories. We’re going to talk about how to raise your vibration through lifestyle and wellness practices. We’re going to talk about breaking through mindset blocks and barriers so you don’t sabotage the process of creating the life that you want. We’re going to talk about practicing gratitude and so much more. So, I’m not like a lot of podcasters and bloggers out there who really just seek to inspire you. My goal is actually to give you the tools and the insights that you can use to actually make a positive change in your life. So, some of my approaches are things that you might be a little bit familiar with already, and some of them might even be a little bit unclear unconventional, or maybe even controversial. I don’t know we’re going to find out.

But anyways, I am so excited. I literally can’t wait. And I have so many episodes, ideas in mind and so many interviews that I want to do. And I really just cannot wait to get started. So, if you have any questions that you want answered from me, if you have any content ideas in mind, things that you want to hear, definitely let me know and reach out. I mean, it could be anything about like manifestations, self-discovery, self-growth, spirituality, wellness, all that kind of stuff you name it. Definitely reach out to me on Instagram at Heather. Ione you can send me a DM or a comment or something like that. And you can also send me an email at Heather@heatherione.com So, definitely get in touch with me.

And I do also want to mention before I leave today, that you can always reach out to me for one on one coaching. Because if you need something more than just a podcast or just blog content, and you’re absorbing the content, but you really need someone to work with you to listen to you, to hear your story, to guide you, give you advice, provide you with accountability, all that kind of stuff definitely reach out. Because it really bothers me that, we have this culture where so many people are just expected to where if you want to change your life, if you want to transform your life, you’re expected to do it in private. And all of these topics are kind of just like taboo to talk about in day to day life, which is why there are so many people who like, they want to improve their lives, you know, they want to quit cigarettes. They want to lose weight. They want to start reading more. They want to meditate.

Like they’ve heard of all these things that they should be doing or want to do to improve their life. Or, you know, they have this like dream in mind, but they’re not working at it. They’re not doing the things in their life that they know they have to do to improve themselves. And really the reason why is just because we’re expected to do it all in private. And that it’s just something that you have to do on your own and not talk about, which is why people just don’t have any progress with it. And they just remain stuck because we shouldn’t be expected to do these things all alone, like health, wellness, spirituality, self-discovery all these kinds of things are topics that should be talked about more, and we should help each other with more.

So, if you feel like you need support and feel like you need accountability, definitely reach out for one on one coaching. I just want you to know that this is something that you don’t have to do on your own, and if you need more assistance and help than just podcast content, then definitely reach out to me. So once again, my Instagram is Heather.Ione, I O N E. My email is heather@heatherione.com. Anyways, thank you. So, so, so, so much for listening to wild manifestations, I cannot wait. I’m so, so, so, so excited. So anyways, without further ado, let’s get into the podcast. Welcome to Wild Manifestations.

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Through my private coaching, master classes, and online content, I combine manifestation techniques, self-discovery practices, and lifestyle changes to help you create the life you dream of.

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