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Understanding Spiritual Life Coaching

By Heather Ione

Hello, love! I’m so honored that you found your way over to my little corner of the internet to learn more about my deepest passion and my soul’s purpose.

My name is Heather Ione! 

I’m a spiritual life coach and host of the Wild Manifestations podcast. It’s my passion to help women break free from fear, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs and accomplish their personal, professional, and spiritual goals.

If you’ve landed on this page (which has ZERO seo or keyword optimization) it’s not an accident that you are here. You were led here for a reason. For guidance and support where you need it most. 

You’re here because you’re fed up with doing things you hate because it’s expected of you;

you’re sick of working that job that you don’t like;

and you’re tired of hiding your deepest passion and hobbies because you’re afraid of what people will think. 

But above all, you can no longer stand knowing that you’re not actively pursuing that dream of yours. And you know damn well that YOU are the person that’s standing in your own way.

You are not here by accident. I promise you. You found this page when you needed it the most. Your soul is leading you to the help, to the guidance, and to the support that you need to move forward.

If what you just read triggered you, if you felt yourself feeling a “hell yes,” here is everything you need to know to understand my intuitive coaching style, approach, and philosophy. 

If this feels aligned, then it’s time to book your consultation call and move forward with coaching. 

Don’t sit on it, keep analyzing it, and thinking about it. 

Remember, hesitation kills the forward moment. 

You don’t get in shape by thinking about going to the gym.

Your book won’t get written just by talking about it.

That blog or podcast won’t come out unless you create it. 

You cannot change your life by thinking about it.

You create the life that you want by taking powerful (and consistent) ACTION and seeking out support when you need it. 

Schedule your free coaching consultation call here.

Client Love & Successes

Since becoming a life coach, I’ve had clients come to me who were held back by fear, limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and trauma.

They were so overwhelmed and felt so stuck and unsure of themselves that they were unable to take action on their goals and dreams. 

Within just a few weeks, I watched each one of them heal old wounds, connect to their intuition, put their own dreams and passions first, gain confidence, release the fear of what other people think, and start seeing progress in their goals. 

I’ve had clients land their dream jobs, receive six-figure checks, start blogs and podcasts, receive certifications, write books, ebooks, and musicals, and launch their own small businesses, companies, clothing lines, and coaching practices. 

In one month, I had three separate clients land their dream jobs WITHOUT even applying for them! 

Through taking aligned action towards their goals and incorporating the manifestation techniques I taught them, they were all sought out and offered their dream job and pay!

See what some of my favorite clients are saying below!

“I was a part of the 3-month coaching program with Heather and could not be happier with the growth I experienced! When I first started working with her, I was facing a number of challenges, limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and a scarcity mindset – overall, I felt lost… We were able to uncover a lot of root causes for these issues I was facing and she helped me better understand how to not only challenge them but to move towards alignment. With the growth work assigned in between calls, I was given the tools to reflect, uncover my inner knowing, and make breakthroughs to propel me forward in my journey. Heather is truly an amazing, grounded, and magical person. She is so wise, offers meaningful support, and challenges you to step into your highest potential… In the three short months I had grown immensely, more than I had anticipated…”

– Erin D.

“From the moment I met Heather, I knew she was an answered prayer! I’ve been working with her for a little over a month now and can already see the impact of her coaching in my life. She’s attentive, insightful and her approach to identifying mental barriers is remarkable. Every time we speak, she continues to release me from limiting beliefs. I highly recommend Heather’s coaching if you’re looking for a fresh perspective on self-discovery and manifestation. She’s the coach you never knew you needed!”

-Jaqueline W.

“Heather really takes the time to listen, she digests the situations and gives solid feedback. She really is listening to everything I have to say, she follows up, she is very wise, and genuinely really cares about my progress. She cares about your well being and pushes you to grow in more ways than one. Heather is very quick with responding and is always so professional.  If I could give her more than 5 stars, I would. I love that she is knowledgeable in essential oils and connects them with our mental health. She is so non-judge-mental and really accepts you for who you are. I’m very happy with my sessions with Heather and look forward to many more in the future. If you’re considering booking a session, this is your sign to do it. You won’t regret it! Thank you, Heather!”

– Kourtnee J.

Schedule your free coaching consultation call here.

My Coaching Approach

As a spiritual and intuitive life coach, I blend traditional life coaching, with powerful manifestation practices, emotional healing techniques, mindset work, and energy healing.

Many life and business coaches often fall either too much into the “woo” (as in the spirituality and manifestation world) or too much into the “grind” (as in work harder, work longer hours, push more, and invest more). 

I believe that we should not spend all day hiding behind our vision boards and journals OR spend all day glued to our computers and working ourselves into exhaustion. 

Which is why my coaching is a balance between the “woo” and the “3D.” 

I help my clients reverse engineer the life that they want and break down their goals into tangible and easy to implement action steps. Yet I also provide a safe space to release limiting beliefs, heal childhood trauma, incorporate manifestation practices, and clear energy with Reiki.

With being so interested in manifestation, energy healing, and spirituality, my coaching style is very intuitive. I often guide my clients through instinct and personal and professional experience. 

As a coach, I’m meant to be a guide – Not a guru or a savior. 

I’m here to provide an outside perspective and accountability, as well as emotional support, and guidance, for clients who want to feel better and create a life that reflects their innermost dreams and desires.

Schedule your free coaching consultation call here.

My Spiritual Beliefs

The foundation of my spiritual beliefs revolves around reincarnation and the “Higher Self” or “Soul Self.” 

I believe that we all have many different lifetimes where we are meant to experience different challenges in order for our soul to grow and evolve. These unique lifetimes, life experiences, challenges, and lessons are chosen by our Higher Self to help continue on our soul’s journey. 

When we come into a specific lifetime, we each have a Dharma, a soul’s purpose, and this purpose will help to raise the consciousness of the planet in some way. Whether it be by helping humanity, the planet, or animals. 

We are led to this soul’s purpose through our hobbies, interests, dreams, and desires. Without having them as a guide, we would have no way of knowing what we are supposed to do in this lifetime.

Without having interests and dreams, we would be lost and confused and bring absolutely no passion to the work that we do.

Whatever you feel called to do is what you are meant to do. Even if it doesn’t make sense yet. Your dream might be to start a coaching practice like myself, or an ethical clothing line, or an inspirational blog or podcast. It might be to spread beauty to this world through art or music. But whatever your dream is, it’s there for a reason.

I’m here to help you fulfill that dream – and ultimately – your soul’s purpose. 

I’m also here to help you trust in that dream and gain the self-confidence and courage to take action on it.

If this sounds interesting to you but you hold different spiritual beliefs, don’t worry. I regularly sign clients with different spiritual beliefs as me or are working through emotional trauma from their past religious background.

My Coaching Method

The way my coaching program works is I hold coaching sessions (via Zoom) bi-weekly. Clients see the most progress with this timeline because it provides you one week for reflection and one week for integration.

Our calls are two hours long, providing us plenty of time to dive deep into the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical. We talk about things like past trauma, limiting beliefs, challenges, helping you to understand and practice manifestation, how to raise your energetic vibration, and how to take aligned action. 

Based on everything that we talk about, we come up with 2-4 action steps that will help you move forward and see the most growth and progress towards your personal and professional goals.

These action steps should be incorporated in the next two weeks before our next coaching call. 

At the end of our sessions, we close with an oracle card reading for spiritually channeled guidance. 

In between our sessions, clients get 24/7 access to me via the Voxer message app. This way, you can receive support through the entirety of our coaching program.

Schedule your free coaching consultation call here.

Growth Work Emails 

Another unique aspect of my coaching style includes my growth work emails. Growth work refers to the action steps that we come up with for you moving forward.

Most coaches expect you to take notes throughout the calls or remember what we’ve talked about. I prefer to leave you with something tangible after each coaching call so that you don’t feel lost or confused on your next steps. 

These growth work emails will include your 2-4 action steps, manifestation techniques that fit with your personality and lifestyle, affirmation ideas to help you shift your mindset, and self-discovery journal prompts.

With each growth work email, I also incorporate your “wins.” 

We are absolutely terrible at recognizing our own progress and wins. We can easily recognize the good in other people, but when it comes to ourselves, we tend to only notice our flaws and faults. 

I incorporate a “wins” section into your growth work email to shift your attention from what you are doing wrong to what you are doing well. Overtime, this allows you to have grace for yourself and start to recognize your strength, growth, and progress – even after our coaching has ended. 

Private Clients Bonuses

As a private client bonus for signing up for Monthly Mentorship, all of my downloadable resources are included when you sign up for coaching. Private client bonuses include:

  • 10 Minute Visualization Meditation 
  • Extended Visualization Meditation (45 Minutes)
  • Manifestation Affirmation Recording (333 recorded manifestation affirmations to address the common limiting beliefs I’ve discovered in my clients)
  • Highest Self Immersion Meditation
  • Highest Self Integration Ebook
  • 30 Day Manifestation Challenge Ebook
  • From Miserable to Mindful Mornings Ebook (how to raise your energetic vibration starting in the morning)

Remember, hesitation kills forward momentum. Click the link below to set up your consultation and get started!

Schedule your free coaching consultation call here.

Download the free 3-Part Manifestation Video Training Series here & 10-Minute Visualization Meditation!

  • Modules include: Why You’re Struggling with the Law of Attraction; Your Top 3 Manifestation Mistakes; & How to Manifest Everything You Want!

Check out the Wild Manifestations Podcast here!

  • Learn how to become a deliberate creator of your reality, listen to Wild Manifestation stories, and hear conversations with successful coaches and healers!

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