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Ep. 2 My Wild Manifestation Story

By Heather Ione

Heather Ione: Hello and welcome back to the Wild Manifestations Podcast. In this podcast, we talk all about manifestation and the law of attraction, self-discovery and inner work, spirituality, wellness, lifestyle practices, and so much more to help you embody your highest self and also create the life of your dreams. So, today I’m going to be sharing my story with the law of attraction. And right now, I am actually at home, as usual. But Matt is home today too, because the Coronavirus is hitting pretty hard. So, we’re all stuck inside right now. So, he’s kind of working beside me. Hi honey.

Matt: Hey. Hello everyone. Checking in from quarantine day five. We’re not sick of each other yet, so that’s good.

Heather Ione: Yeah.

Matt: Still trucking along.

Heather Ione: Yeah. I’m surprised we’re not sick of each other yet, but it’s actually been a lot of fun.

Matt: I’m not surprised we have been sharing the office and fighting over the space. So that’s been interesting.

Heather Ione: Yeah. But it’s been like, kind of nice because normally we only see each other, like in the evenings, but now we see each other throughout the day.

Matt: Or maybe 3 hours at the end of the day.

Heather Ione: Yeah, exactly. So now we get to like, see each other during the day and like play with Nova a little bit and stuff like that.

Matt: It’s very nice.

Heather Ione: Yeah. Hopefully one day you can work from home every day.

Matt: Let’s hope so.

Heather Ione: Yeah.

Matt: Hopefully I can be productive.

Heather Ione: Yeah, you will be, you’ll get used to it.

Matt: I’m trying, day 5 I’m finally starting to find my groups.

Heather Ione: Oh. Good. Good.

Matt: Yeah.

Heather Ione: Alright. So, Matt’s going to get back to work and we’re going to get into this podcast all about my story with the law of attraction and manifestation. Because I wanted you guys to know that the law of attraction is not something that only works for just some people. I remember, I had a really hard time using the law of attraction and manifestation. Actually, I spent 10 years trying to use the law of attraction and like doing manic, manifesting, and not seeing any results from it. And then all of a sudden there was a shift, but it actually came from a very, very low point in my life. I really hit rock bottom. So, I’m going to be sharing that experience with you so that, you know, the law of attraction can work for you too. Anyone can do this stuff and so you guys really understand where I’m coming from when I teach you about the law of attraction and manifestation. So, let’s get into it you guys.

So, I was actually first introduced to the law of attraction way back when I was in middle school. And like a lot of people I learned about the law of attraction through the documentary, The Secret. And what ended up happening was, one night I got home from school and I ate dinner with my family. And my parents were like, all right, after dinner, we’re all going to go downstairs, we’re all going to like sit in the basement. We had a finished basement with a movie theatre. People get really confused when I mention the basement because I live in Florida and there’s no basements here. But we lived in Wisconsin and we had a finished basement and my parents were like, all right, when we’re done with dinner, we’re all going to go downstairs to the basement, we’re going to watch this movie together as a family. And I remember being super irritated and I was like, why do I have to go watch this movie right now? I’d rather be doing anything else. Why do I have to do this?

But we all went downstairs. My dad popped it in and what do you know? It was the documentary, The Secret. And we all started watching it and literally within five minutes of watching this documentary, I was completely amazed. I was completely absorbed in every single thing that I was learning. I was so excited. And I just was, I mean, it literally was this life changing moment in my life. Because up until that point, I had no idea that it was possible to create the life of your dreams. I always just thought that I was going to like live an average life. There was really nothing I could do. And only like celebrities and really like famous people and rich people could basically have everything that they want, you know. And I just didn’t really see myself ever, creating a life that was spectacular and fulfilling and really exciting.

So, I was watching this documentary and I was like, Oh my God, we really can have control over our lives. And this is amazing. And I was so immersed in all of it. I was so excited and by the end of watching the secret, me and my family were all just so inspired and ready to create our dream lives. So, this is what happened. We all turn the documentary off, right? We’re all so pumped up and ready to do our visualization meditations and create a vision board and we’re talking about the things we want in our lives. And what happened was we all spent maybe three days actually doing the manifestation practices. And then we gave up and stopped and that’s kind of as far as we went with it. But I think I was a one person in my family that really stuck with it.

And throughout all of middle school, high school and early college, I really believed in the law of attraction. I believed in it wholeheartedly, completely. I never lost my faith, but I still never had success with it either. I was only able to manifest tiny little things in my life. So, for example, I was able to manifest small amounts of money, like somewhere between like $20, $40, a hundred, maybe up to 200 max, I was able to manifest small amounts of money. And also, I would do this thing where I would think about a movie all day long and visualize myself watching that movie while I was at school. And then when I would get home, that movie would be on TV and it would just be starting when I was ready to watch it. So that was, as far as the law of attraction actually benefited me. I was not able to manifest anything substantial in my life with it. Right.

So, then what ended up happening was I eventually was 19 years old. I was in my sophomore year of college and that was the lowest point of my entire life. And I’m not going to dig into all of the details of it. But every single aspect of my life was in shambles. I was in an extremely toxic relationship. You know, like those relationships where every single person in the world knows that you two are like horrible together. And like, this is going to end terribly and you two in a good fit together, except for the people actually in them, you know. It was one of those situations. It was a terrible relationship. He ended up cheating on me at one point, it was really toxic. We fought all the time. I was super broke and working at this job where I had to work over 12 hour shifts at this late-night pizza place that was open past bar rush.

So, a lot of bad things happen there because a lot of people came in extremely intoxicated. And guess what? Intoxicated men are not very respectful of young women. So, it was kind of a dangerous work environment and people would have to walk us out to our cars and, you know we would have to make sure, like we all had a taser if we went outside to take the trash out and stuff like that. At this point in my life, I lost all of my really good friends. One of them was like bound and determined to break up my relationship. And then when I did end up breaking up with my boyfriend, she actually set me up with somebody else. But then decided that she wanted to date that person. So, then she went on this campaign to like, make him like her instead of me.

And they ended up dating and she like fed him all these really horrible things about me. And basically, convinced him to date her and like her, instead of me, all of my friends took her side and I lost all of them. Another friend of mine created a rumour that I was a racist on campus. And it actually stuck, people actually believed it and would give me like dirty glares and stuff like that. Oh my God, it was terrible and I was having really horrible health issues at the time too. I was on this birth control where I think they have it off the market, or at least I hope they have it off the market. It was a very toxic birth control and every single person that went on this pill ended up becoming severely lactose intolerant, severely depressed and losing 80% of their hair.

So, at this point in my life, I was having all sorts of crazy health problems from it. And I was losing my hair in handfuls. I was literally going bald and having to apply Rogaine on my scalp every single day and see all of these doctors. And of course, all of them, their solution was, oh, well, let’s just put you on a different birth control, you know. So, I was having a lot going on. One of my family members disowned me and I was having issues with some of my other family members. My home life was toxic because my mom and my sister were also both severely depressed at this time. And I was living in this tiny town called Whitewater, Wisconsin, and three years in a row, as all of this was going on, we hit record breaking cold. It was negative 55 degrees with the windshield.

And if you live in Wisconsin, then you know that they do not cancel classes when stuff like that goes on. They’re just like, you know what, whatever you live in Wisconsin, you have to deal with it. Like, this is what we signed up for. This is nothing new. So, I have really terrible seasonal affective disorder. So, I was having a very hard time at this point in my life because I literally never saw the sun. You know, like the sun would come up while I was already in class and inside and then it would go down as I was walking back home. So, a lot was going on in my life. That’s kind of the short version. Basically, my entire world was just like in shambles. And I have this idea for exactly what I wanted my life to look like because I’ve known ever since I was in elementary school, that I wanted to be an author. 

And since I was like a preteen, like 12, 13 years old, I knew I wanted to be a content creator. I knew I wanted to create YouTube videos and stuff like that. So, I always have known, I wanted to like be a blogger YouTuber writer, all this kind of stuff. And at the time the friend group that I had was actually super unsupportive of that and would like make fun of me for even taking an Instagram picture. And there was also this like cyber bullying culture on my campus. So, I was terrified of actually doing the things that made me happy and the things that I really loved to do and would have fulfilled me. So, I stayed stuck and I really felt like there was no possible way that I was going to have the life that I wanted, ever. And I thought I was just stuck and my life was going nowhere.

So, I was severely depressed at this point and I was 19 years old and that’s when I started to remember the law of attraction again. And I ended up using it. I turned to it really out of an escape so that I would feel better at the end of the day and the way a lot of people like turn on Netflix at the end of the day to just kind of zone out and feel better and like numb their pain. That’s what I was doing with the law of attraction. So, every single night, what I started doing was I would go into this deep visualization meditation that I now teach and I’m writing a book about right now. But I would go into this really deep two-hour long visualization meditation. And I would visualize the dream life that I wanted and then that just sort of made me feel better.

That made me relax, that made me, you know, kind of immerse myself in this other world at the end of the day and like picture that things were better. And I really didn’t even think that it would work at the time because I hadn’t seen anything substantial from the law of attraction throughout my life. So, I was just kind of like, what do I have to lose? I’m just going to do this just for the hell of it. So, I’m going to walk you through all of the things that I was trying to manifest at this time, what I was envisioning to manifest them. And also like from there afterwards, I’m going to talk about how all of these things manifested into my life and like the order of all of this stuff. Because I want you guys to see how the manifestation, how the law of attraction played out in my life and how I was able to start receiving these things.

I’ve actually recorded this episode, like eight different times now, because I just can’t do this story justice. Like there are so many details and so many things I did to make this happen. And so many different things that I was really trying to focus on when I was using the law of attraction. And it’s so hard to squeeze that into one episode, but I’m going to try. So, here are the things I was trying to manifest at the time, a move to Florida modelling on the weekends, making a solid group of girlfriends, making money, going to the school that I wanted to go to, meeting my soulmate, my dream partner, receiving my dream car, going to Costa Rica, swimming under the waterfall of La Fortuna, blogging and content creation, taking a tour of Europe, graduating with my significant other, manifesting a very large sum of money, a ton of money all at once.

You know, moving somewhere and like moving in with my significant other, like cooking together and having our dream home, creating my business, manifesting a puppy into my life. I had a couple of different breeds that I was super interested in. And another thing I was trying to manifest was also a school bus or an RV, like some sort of a conversion. Because another one of my dreams is to travel around the United States and see all of the national parks and stuff like that. So, here’s what I was doing to try and manifest these things. The number one thing I was trying to manifest was a move to Florida. I have always wanted to live in Florida ever since I was a child. And I would just go into these visualization meditations and just imagine myself like being in the sunshine and being at the beach and seeing tropical plants and like the lizards, like seeing all the lizards everywhere and just feeling the sun against my skin and having some colour and like being a happy, because I was in the sunshine and I wasn’t stuck in winter anymore.

So, I would just envision like how incredible it would feel to live in Florida and to see these different things like the Florida Springs to see the ocean, to see the beach, to see Palm trees. Because those things seem like so foreign and crazy when you spend all of your time in Wisconsin, it’s like, you forget what they even look like. And it’s just like, you find yourself craving warmth and sunshine and beaches and all that kind of stuff. So, that’s where I was at. I would always number one, envision myself moving to Florida. It was like, I wanted that more than anything. I wanted that to happen first. I wanted that more than I wanted really anything else on my list of things, because I was just so sad and like so depressed from like the seasonal affective disorder and birth control and all that kind of stuff.

And I was also trying to manifest modelling. I always wanted to be a model and like, just take like fun, creative, like beautiful photos and portraits with photographers and be able to like collaborate and come up with these beautiful ideas and like plan for the shoots. And like, just that amazing moment of like that reveal when you finally get the photo that you’ve been trying to get. And like that one shot that makes the entire shoot worth it. And I would just imagine myself modelling, I wanted it so much. I wanted to do modelling on the weekends. So, I would always imagine myself and visualize myself doing that as like a hobby and like stepping into that like new fun, creative project of just modelling and doing it for the sheer enjoyment of it. And making friends, I would see myself like being surrounded by a group of girlfriends that were like-minded and supportive, you know. Girls that I could talk about things like, you know, whatever it was like modelling or spirituality, manifestation, you know, wellness, even just feelings, you know, and to not have to like, worry about like being embarrassed or being humiliated because I wasn’t fitting in with the group, you know.

I wanted that supportive group of friends. Of course, I also was trying to manifest a very large sum of money and I would always imagine myself receiving checks, unexpected checks and receiving this one really big check where I just manifested all of this money at once out of nowhere. Just an unexpected source of income to give me this safety and this security, and this financial abundance. Another thing too was of course, meeting Matt. When I was trying to manifest meeting my soulmate and what that would look like, I would go into these visualization meditations. And actually, I was doing a lot of vision boarding too and I had come across this one photo of a couple and it was a black and white photo and they were cooking eggs in their kitchen together. And to me that was the perfect symbolic photo, an image of a healthy relationship because I was in such a toxic relationship.

And as soon as I saw that photo, I really resonated with it. I really connected with it and I would imagine myself like cooking eggs and seeing my significant other cooking eggs in the morning. And just being in that comforting, supportive, loving relationship. And I would imagine us like doing things like going to gourmet donut shops together and like going to museums together, going to the beach together, doing photo shoots together. Like all that kind of stuff, just getting out of the house and like doing fun things together and like checking things off of our bucket list and just having an amazing time together. Like I wanted that more than anything, just a relationship that felt like loving and supportive but fun at the same time, fun and spontaneous. So, I would always imagine that and my dream car, I was trying to manifest my dream car at the time.

What I would do is I would always go into these visualization meditations. And I would imagine myself being in my hard-top Jeep Wrangler and smelling the leather and seeing the sun like come through the windshield and driving through this windy road where I could just see all of these palm trees along the road. And I could see the palm trees against the blue sky and I could feel myself sort of like swaying in the Jeep. And I would be holding the steering wheel with my left hand. And I would see my ring with the light, I have this moonstone ring and I would see it sort of like the light sort of trickling through and bouncing off the ring and casting little rainbows everywhere. And I would just imagine all those little details of having my dream car because at the time, I don’t know why I was just like really obsessed with hard top Jeep Wranglers. I wanted that so much.

I also was trying to manifest a trip to Costa Rica. And through that, I would always visualize myself like being in Costa Rica, like hearing the sounds of Costa Rica, seeing all of the tropical landscape, seeing monkeys. And the number one thing was always that I wanted to swim under the waterfall of La Fortuna. I wanted to see La Fortuna. So, when I would do that visualization meditation every night, I would imagine myself swimming under the waterfall. I would imagine like the water against my skin. I would imagine like the feeling of the sun coming down on me, I would imagine like the mist that would happen from the waterfall and like feeling all the little mist of the water droplets on my skin and what it would be like wearing a bathing suit, all of the little details of that moment. And just how incredible it would be to be right there, right in front of La Fortuna.

I just wanted that experience so much. It was such a bucket list item for me. And also, I wanted to manifest my tour of Europe throughout this process. So, I would always imagine myself seeing all of these different cities and meeting different people and trying different foods and learning about the history and learning about all these different cultures. And taking pictures of all the sites and just having so much fun and just exploring Europe and just enjoying it. And just being surrounded by all of these other people, my age and meeting them and laughing and having a good time. Having a tour of Europe was just something that I absolutely had to do. I felt so called to just explore Europe and it was just one of another, one of the big things on my bucket list. I felt like I just could not die happy unless I accomplished that.

So, I was trying really hard to manifest that tour of Europe and imagine like what it would look like. I also was trying to manifest my dream business too. That was the other one. So, I would imagine myself like having a business and receiving income, like from social media and stuff like that. And just being financially independent, I think was the biggest thing, not having to go to a 9-5. I wanted to work for myself and I wanted to use my creativity and my passions to support myself. So, I would always like, imagine what it would feel like to just be an entrepreneur, to just be creative, a content creator, and support myself in doing that. So, that looked a little bit different every time I would visualize it., Sometimes it would be like me taking photos with the photographer. Sometimes it would be like me writing a blog post, me filming a YouTube video of me recording a podcast.

But I would always sort of like envision these different aspects of basically having an online business and what that would look like and being able to work from home in my sweat pants and stuff like that. Another thing that I was trying to manifest at this time was a beautiful little Bohemian home in Florida. People always laugh at me when I say this. But I have a very Bohemian aesthetic and I wanted to have a cute little boho home in Florida with white walls and plants and crystals and you know, all of the things. So, I would just sort of imagine what that space would look like and just imagine myself like being in this gorgeous Bohemian Pinterest like space that just looked so beautiful and felt like me a space that I could really make my own. Because I hadn’t ever had that before up until like I was 19 when I was envisioning all of this.

So up to that point, I had never been able to really decorate my room the way I wanted to. I had never been able to like paint the walls, like the exact shade of white I wanted to because my mom didn’t like it. And just little things, you know, and I didn’t have the money to decorate in the way that I wanted to. So, I would envision what that space would look like and what it would feel like and just having this little home of my own with my partner. Another thing I was trying to manifest was a puppy. So, I would always envision myself playing with my puppy. I actually was trying to manifest at that time specifically a Golden Doodle. And it’s really funny because after all of this stuff happened, I ended up manifesting a nanny or a pet sitting job where I would take care of a Golden Doodle puppy.

So, that actually came into my life even though that specific puppy was not mine. I still was able to like have that moment of playing with a Golden Doodle puppy in Florida that I was trying to manifest. So, it still happened. So yeah, I was trying to manifest a puppy. I did want a puppy of my own, and I would just imagine myself cuddling and playing with the puppy. And like, I don’t know, just doing puppy motherhood, things, I guess. And the last thing I was trying to manifest too, which I’m super excited about. I can finally put on this list and talk about; I was trying to manifest a school bus or an RV. A school bus to like convert into an RV, because one of my biggest dreams in life is to travel around the United States with my partner and see all of the national parks and stuff like that.

So, those are all of the things that I was visualizing that I was trying to manifest and trying to call into my life at that moment. And what ended up happening was I would do this deep visualization practice for four months. I did it about two hours a day for like four months. I was doing it during a summer break or like the end of the semester throughout summer, going into like the next semester, the next year at school. And I just made this like a habit of mine where every single night I would go into this two-hour long visualization meditation. And in the morning, I would wake up and I would listen to like motivational, inspiring manifestation content to keep me excited. I would like create vision boards, especially on Pinterest. I made a lot of Pinterest boards and I would just like imagine myself already having those things and seeing them all the time in photos and like feeling as if I already have it.

So, all of a sudden four months after I start doing this, I get a call from my mom. I’m 19 years old at the time I get a call from my mom while I’m at school. And she tells me, hey, so your dad has actually been starting to talk to these owners at this dealership. They own a bunch of dealerships throughout the country. I think they were especially like in Wisconsin and Illinois and Florida. And she was saying, okay, so your dad is not happy at his job. He started to talk to these other owners and they’re really interested in hiring him. And one of the locations that they really want him to go to is actually in Florida. It’s in St. Augustine. And I remember getting that call from my mom and, oh my gosh, it was like so surreal. Like I felt goose bumps, you know, I was shocked.

It was like the Twilight zone, you know? And I like started tearing up because I couldn’t believe it was actually happening. And she was telling me, you know, you don’t have to come with us. I know you’re in a relationship. I know you’re finishing up school. But like, if you want to, you can like move with us to Florida. You can come with us after you graduate. It’s totally up to you. And I remember like laughing and I was like, no, I’m coming. I’m coming with you. I’m coming with you to Florida. And so, what happened was my dad ended up getting hired then like right around Christmas time, it was like right after Christmas and like December or early January of the next year. 

So, I started doing this visualization practice in June of my sophomore year of college. And then by next winter break, we had been told, okay, it’s official, like you have the job. So, my dad moved down to Florida and then by the next summer, me and my entire family had moved down to Florida with him. So, within one year, that major thing that I wanted to manifest that I saw absolutely no possibility of manifesting, which was a move to Florida, ended up being put into motion and coming true.

So, by that next summer, after starting my manifestation practices, doing my visualizations, I was spending every single day at my pool in our backyard, I was going to the beach with my family. I was walking on the boardwalk and going down to the intercoastal and just being in like the nature and around all the tropical plants and like sunbathing every single day and making green smoothies and stuff like that. And like my biggest dream in the world ended up coming true. And it all happened because of that like really solid time where I was trying to manifest it, the year beforehand. And once I received that thing, everything else that I wanted to manifest in my life, every single thing that I just talked about, every single thing that I was visualizing got put in motion and started to come into my life one after another. So, the next thing that started happening was right after I moved to Florida, I started modeling with all these different photographers in the St Augustine area in the Jacksonville area. And literally every single weekend, I had a photo shoot with somebody and I was just like meeting these people through Instagram and stuff like that. 

And then after a while I started like building up a little Instagram portfolio and like, all of the other photographers started finding me through Instagram and the area. And then they were reaching out to me and I was reaching out to them and I would spend every single weekend just like creating these fun, little, photos and photos shoots with them and it was so much fun. And I would do that, like I would plan for the shoot. I would like plan the location together. We would plan the outfits and the props, and then I would go like meet them. And we’d spend a couple hours during the shoot and I would get these gorgeous photos after, and then I’d start getting messages from all these people from Wisconsin. Like, oh my gosh, like, you look like you’re having a great time in Florida.

You’re like modelling, you’re going to the beach every day. That looks amazing. It was, it was absolutely incredible. And then right after that started happening, I started going to at Flagler in St. Augustine, which is like right near the beach in downtown St. Augustine. And I started making friends and like actually enjoying the relationships that I made on campus. And I would meet my friends at like coffee shops and we would talk about life and like our aspirations. And I could talk about things like wellness and spirituality and feelings and whatever it may be, you know? So, I ended up starting to like, make friends, make connections, you know, and not just have this like small circle of like toxic relationships. And I started to make more money too. I ended up becoming a nanny and I started making a lot more money that I was making when I was working that part time job.

And I was making like way more money every single month. I was able to like buy things for myself that I hadn’t been able to buy before and like, get my hair done and start getting my nails done. And I just felt like an entirely different person at that point, because like, I felt good about myself. You know, like I, no longer had depression. Like I had received so much that I already wanted. And I literally just felt like a whole new person, but of course it didn’t stop there. I was of course, trying to manifest my dream partner too, the year before. And what ended up happening was a little while after I moved to Florida, I wasn’t interested in dating someone right away because I had like, just officially, completely broken ties with my ex-boyfriend when I had moved to Florida.

Because we were like, okay, I’m moving, like, let’s call it quits. Like, let’s stop doing this on again, off again thing. So, I wasn’t ready to start dating. And then all of a sudden, I was after I want to say like six months to a year, I felt ready. So, I was trying to get into a relationship again. And I was going on all these dates and I would like fall for somebody like really hard for like two months. And then they would hit me with all these excuses after and be like, you know, I’m just not looking for anything serious right now. I’m still in love with my ex-girlfriend or like, you know, just all the random, like excuses you get when you’re like casually dating guys. So, that happened to me. It like, I did not have success for a while there. 

And finally, after like a year of like trying to be in a relationship and it not working, I finally made this sweeping declaration to the universe and to a group of girlfriends I was with that night that I no longer needed a man to complete me. And I was happy on my own and I did not need another person to make me whole. And I was living my best life, I was living in Florida. I was modelling. I was having a great time. I made friends; I did not need a man in order to like justify my worth. And I was just over it. I didn’t want it anymore. And I just decided to let it go when I was like, I am not going to date again and be in a relationship again until I am like 25. Until I have my own apartment, until I have a dog until I’m financially stable and making all of my own money, supporting myself. I just, I don’t want it. I want to be graduated. Like I will approach a relationship again, when I’m ready.

I made this whole sweeping declaration about it. I decided I didn’t need it anymore. And it was so funny because that night I ended up going out with this group of girls and that night, the universe was like, oh, good for you, Heather, you learned your lesson. And all of a sudden, I met Matt super randomly, super spontaneously. And I remember like he was so into me and he was like trying to be in a relationship with me. We saw each other for several months, but I was just, I told him, like, I finally realized, like, I don’t need a man to complete me. I’m happy as I am. Like, I don’t know if I want to be in a relationship. And he kept kind of pushing me and pushing me, like, come on. Like, when are we going to be official?

So, we ended up starting to date and we’ve been together for three years now. And it was just, that came to me in divine timing. So, that was probably like two years after, or actually like a year and a half after I moved to Florida when Matt finally came into my life. And that was something that I couldn’t just receive unless I first learned that lesson. So, of course everything didn’t just come to me instantly. It took me a little while to like, you know, realize that there’s divine timing to certain things, realize that I had lessons to learn throughout this process, that things aren’t just handed to you, unless you sort of like have a level of like growth and evolvement and an understanding. 

So, I started dating Matt and right after I started dating Matt, I ended up manifesting my dream car and oh, I should say actually Matt and I would like do all of the things that I would visualize myself like doing with my dream partner back when I would do those visualization meditations. Like, we would go to donut shops together, like just go to all these gourmet donut shops and try them out and go thrift shopping together and like go to museums together and go to the beach together and do photo shoots together.

And our relationship was so much fun and so enjoyable. And I told him like, I wanted to be a blogger, I wanted to be YouTuber and he was so incredibly supportive of every single thing that I wanted. So, I ended up manifesting like my perfect relationship. And I remember when he came into my life, you know, one of the big reasons why I didn’t want to start dating was because I was like, this seems like it’s too good to be true. Like, did I really just manifest this? Or do I want to have manifested this, you know? So, I was like really holding back. But yeah, I ended up finally manifesting my dream partner into my life and a little bit after that, I ended up manifesting my dream car. So, during that visualization meditations that I used to do, I would always see myself driving this hard-top Jeep Wrangler.

And I ended up going on a little vacation with my mom, my grandma, my sister, and my cousin. And we went to New York for a weekend. I think we spent like two, three days there. And we spent some time in Pennsylvania with my family too. So, I just did like a quick little getaway with my family. And then I came back to Florida and when my dad picked us up from the airport, took us back home and as we’re like pulling into the driveway, we’re driving up to the house. There’s a hard-top Jeep Wrangler sitting in the driveway and I was so confused and I was like, what’s that? And my dad goes happy birthday and he’s like, we got you a new car. And I was so shocked, I literally couldn’t believe it. I just came home one day. And that dream car that I worked so hard to manifest was just sitting in the driveway, just right there.

And he gave me the keys and he was like, let’s go for a test drive. Like, let’s go for a little drive. And we drove through our neighbourhood in Florida, in St. Augustine. And literally, as we were driving through, we were driving through my neighbourhood it was a windy road with Palm trees, lining the road. And I could see them against the blue sky and I could see the sun coming in through the windshield. I could see like the light bouncing off of my ring and casting rainbows and the car. I was like swaying side to side as I was driving from the windy road. And I was like, oh my God, dad, I manifested this. I would try and visualize this. I used the law of attraction. Like this happened, that happened, you know? And I was like telling him all of this.

And he was literally looking at me like I was fucking crazy. He did not get it, you know? Because I didn’t tell my family I was trying to manifest all of these things. So, when I moved to Florida and I manifested my dream partner and like the move and like modelling and getting my dream car, they were just like your crazy. Like, I don’t know what you’re talking about, you know. They did not know what to make of it. So yeah, that was absolutely amazing. I ended up manifesting my dream car, just after I started dating Matt and it was sitting in the driveway. Funny little story about that, actually, I never test drove a Jeep before I was gifted one. So, when I actually got it, yeah, I didn’t like it. I drove it for a week and the Jeep was so uncomfortable and like, it actually like hurt my hip to drive in the car and I hated it.

And it was so noisy in the seats were uncomfortable and it was not aerodynamic. So, whenever I would drive past like a semi-truck or something, it would actually blow me off the road. And it was super unsafe and whenever it would rain, the raindrops would stick to the windshield because they wouldn’t like move. Like the windshield was like flat. It wasn’t like kind of on an angle so the rain could go off of it. So, I couldn’t see out and like in Florida’s torrential downpours in the summer, that was not safe. So, I actually came home like a week or so after getting the car and I like walked up to my dad and I was like, dad, I don’t like the car. I’m so sorry, I can’t drive it. I feel really unsafe in it. And he was so disappointed, but still I manifested the car, even though I didn’t end up keeping it.

And then after that, Matt and I had still been dating and, and we were approaching graduation and all of a sudden Matt tells me that his parents planned a trip to Costa Rica for themselves and then decided to not go on the trip. But it was already planned. It was like, all of the details were already figured out and everything. So, they decided to gift us the trip to Costa Rica so that we could go for our graduation present. So, after I got my dream car, after Matt entered my life, all of a sudden, I was gifted this incredible trip to Costa Rica from people who I had not known two years prior. And all of the things that I would visualize about me being in Costa Rica ended up coming true, especially that amazing like moment where I would try and manifest being underneath the waterfall of La Fortuna that came true too. I swam underneath the waterfall of la Fortuna with Matt and like felt all the little, like rain drops and like the mist from the waterfall against my skin.

And I like swam through all the water and I could see the little like rainbows, like casting from the sunlight. And it was such a magical moment. It was actually one of the most magical moments of my entire life. So, that ended up happening. It was so beautiful. I will never forget that moment. I actually took this picture of La Fortuna. That is one of my photos I’ve ever taken where like my head is tilted back and it looks like the waterfall’s, like going into my mouth, you know. That was always one of my favourite photos. So, there’s a picture of me at La Fortuna on my Instagram, if you want to see it. But way back there, way back in the past. But yeah, we ended up manifesting that trip to Costa Rica. And around that time too, I also officially started my blog and I decided to call it lost online a journey towards self-discovery during the digital age.

And I started posting regular blog posts on that. And I started like playing with making YouTube videos. I didn’t post them for the longest time. But I started making them and because I was still a little bit nervous. But I started like creating content and like coming up with different blog post ideas and shooting for them and stuff like that with local photographers. So, that was so cool. So much fun. So, like that dream was becoming like fulfilled too. And I was like finally blogging, finally content creating like finally like pursuing the passion that I was so interested in my entire life. So, that was absolutely amazing. And then I ended up graduating with Matt, we graduated together at Flagler College and as my graduation gift, my grandma gifted me a tour of Europe and that one I actually had to push for.

That one, it didn’t entirely come into my life. Like randomly. I had to like push for it a little bit because my family, they do not like travel. My grandma does, but my whole family doesn’t. And they tend to think that if anyone goes to Europe, like, or anywhere outside of the country, like you’re going to get killed or sex trafficked or something like that. So, I really had to like talk about it and like argue with them to like, let me go on this trip. But it finally ended up happening. And I finally got the tour of Europe that I wanted so badly and I spent a month in Europe. I went through the tour company, ETF tours. So, we started out on that trip in Italy and then we went to like Paris. We went to Berlin, we went to Amsterdam, we went to, oh my gosh, all over.

We basically did this little like loop of Europe and like got to see like a bunch of like the major cities. And it was so beautiful. It was this incredible experience and we were actually in London the day of like that giant Trump protest or they had like the, you know the giant, like Trump balloon and the baby Trump balloon with like the diaper. Like, I don’t know if you saw that on like online and stuff like that. But we were there that day and we were also in Paris the day that the French won the world cup. So, that was the craziest day, one of the craziest days of my life, because it was like all sorts of like madness going on in Paris. And like parades and like all sorts of like almost destruction happening at the same time, people were like losing their minds.
It was crazy. And it was just so much energy and such a crazy time to be in Paris. And they lit up the Eiffel Tower with like stars and all these different stuff for winning the world cup. And I was able to take pictures of it and oh my gosh, it was so much fun. And we went to Spain too. We went to Barcelona. I actually was there on my birthday. So, I was able to celebrate with like my 40 new friends from the tour. And everyone like made a birthday card for me and saying happy birthday to me. It was, oh my gosh, it was so incredible. It was literally the time of my life. I had so much fun when I was in Europe. So, that dream was finally actualized. I got it right after I graduated college.

So, that would have been like a full two years after I was doing the visualization meditation, trying to call that in trying to manifest a tour of Europe. But it ended up happening and a little bit after I graduated, I ended up manifesting a very large sum of money. It was an unexpected check. I did not see this coming. I did not think I was ever going to get this. But I ended up manifesting a super large amount of money. And I know that like this amount of money could give me a lot of credibility with manifestation and like help to prove to people like, I know what I’m talking about with manifestation. However, I feel really icky sharing how much money I manifested. Like it just, it seems wrong. It feels like braggy and stuff to like say how much.

But I was able to finally actualize that dream of manifesting a large sum of money all at once unexpectedly. It was incredible. I was shocked when it happened and I like, I couldn’t even believe that it happened, you know? So, that was another thing that happened on my manifestation journey. And that was like about two years after I started this whole visualization meditation. And then after that, I ended up moving to St. Petersburg with Matt. We live here now. We moved here after graduation. And it was 11 months after we moved to St. Pete, we found our dream home and it was a cute little Bohemian home. I’m sitting in the Bohemian home right now, as we speak, surrounded by all the little tropical plants and bamboo and succulents and crystals and all of the things that I wanted. 

It’s just so cool to be here right now and know that like sitting in this spot right now, recording this podcast episode, talking to you is something that I literally worked to manifest for so long and I wanted so deeply. I mean, this was years ago now that I tried to manifest this exact moment and here I am in this home office right now in my cute little Bohemian home that I share with Matt. And he’s like super obsessed with making eggs. Did I say that? Because remember I was trying to like visualize having that like dream relationship and I would visualize us like making eggs and stuff like that. Matt is like a crazy like egg addict. He makes eggs every single morning. He’s like super OCD about it. So, that’s another little thing that has continuously come true ever since I started, doing that visualization meditation back when I was 19.

And also, right after we moved into our home, I officially made my business legal and I am officially now an online business owner and personal coach. I finally completed the paperwork and registered my LLC back in March of this year. So, that’s another thing that I was really trying to aim for another milestone, another life goal of mine and it finally happened. So, now I am officially a business owner I’m officially in Florida and after we moved into our home, we ended up manifesting our puppy Nova too. So, now I’m a dog mom. She’s kind of a pain in the ass, but she’s super adorable and I love her to death. So, that’s another visualization that has come true. And lastly, the thing that I was able to manifest was a school bus. So, one of my dreams back when I was 18, 19 years old, was to travel around the United States in an RV and be able to see all of the national parks and all of these different cities with my significant other.

And my ex-boyfriend was super against this. Like, this was not his dream. He did not care about that. Like, he wanted to just get a regular job, like a nine to five and he wanted to smoke pot in his free time. Like he had no like dreams or really aspirations. And whenever I would talk to him about this, like I would always express this like desire. And like, I would talk about how I would have dreams about it. And I like wanted this so much. I’d always tell him about it. And he was not on board and that was so upsetting and so disheartening to me to be in a relationship where the other person didn’t want the same things as me. And of course, that was my first, you know, real relationship. So, I like really took it to heart and like thought, you know, I was doomed and that dream was never going to be fulfilled.

And when I met Matt, I told him that that was a dream of mine and he was completely supportive of it and he wanted to do that too. And when all of this stuff started happening recently with the pandemic happening all of the stuff going on in the world, we started watching all of these videos of couples who converted school buses and would travel around the United States and were able to support themselves through their online businesses. And they just made a living on the road and were able to see all of these beautiful places, all of these national parks, all of these cities. And we started talking about it more and more and more and finally we were like, you know what, let’s do this. We have the money. We have the time to do it, clearly. This has been a dream of ours for so long, let’s actually do this.

So, we were able to finally manifest the school bus. Matt is actually finally getting the school bus. It’s been getting some work done on it, over the past couple of weeks. So, we’re finally going to get it in like a day or two. And then we’re going to start converting the school bus. I don’t know when we’ll actually start traveling or anything like that. But that is another manifestation that has just recently come true. So, that is pretty much my entire manifestation journey in a nutshell. There’s a whole bunch of other things that I was able to manifest that are like smaller and more random connections. I was able to manifest events, collaborations, like material possessions and stuff like that. But honestly, if I tried to explain to you, every single thing I manifested in the last, like five, six years, you would be here for hours and it’s already been a long time.

So, I will let you go. That is my entire manifestation story. That is my wild manifestation story. That is why I call this podcast wild manifestations, because at one point I was only able to manifest little things into my life and small amounts of money, watching the TV show I wanted to watch, right. But now I’ve been able to use the law of attraction to manifest a large amount of money to manifest my dream home, my dream partner, my puppy, you know, the career that I wanted, you know. Epic travel, all this kind of stuff and it all started just because I was able to sit in visualization meditation for a couple hours and allow myself to feel as if I already have it and trust that it was going to happen and release the how. I had no idea how all of this was going to happen.

I didn’t even think about it. I didn’t even think about the how for a second. I would just allow myself to enjoy what it would feel like to already have it. And through doing that for literally just four months, just four months of committing to my manifestation practice, I’ve now been constantly receiving these things for the last several years. So, I’m 24 now I’m about to be 25 in like a month now, and I’m still continuing, mostly manifesting things. I mean, I just finally manifested that school bus, you know. A couple of weeks ago, it finally happened. So, you know, that’s another thing, one of the lessons that I learned throughout this is if you just focus on one thing that you want to manifest at a time, it usually happens much quicker. However, I was trying to manifest an entire lifestyle and all of these things at once.

So, I think that’s why some of these things happened a little slower. But honestly, I would say every like three to six months, I end up manifesting something really big and something that I was always trying to manifest back when I was like 19 years old. So, those manifestations, those visualizations are still coming true. And I choose to only share them after they have actually come true. Because it’s really important to not just like exclaim them to everybody because then other people’s energy can influence whether or not you’ll receive it, you know. If people don’t believe in the law of attraction, if they don’t believe you deserve something, if they don’t like you, they’re putting all this negativity and criticism and bad energy towards you, then that could actually hinder your ability to manifest. So, that’s why I always choose to tell people about what I manifest afterwards.

And this is everything that I’ve been able to manifest up until this point. So, I hope that you enjoyed this podcast episode today. That is my entire wild manifestation journey. I tried to squeeze it all in here for you. If you have any other questions for me, you can always reach out to me on Instagram at Heather.ione I O N E. Or you can reach out to me through email, you can shoot me an email at Heather@heatherione.com. And if you ever need support from me, if you ever need guidance, mentorship, one-on-one coaching. I do offer one-on-one coaching. And I actually just released my first three month long coaching program. I call it a new beginnings coaching program where I can work with you every other week and dive into these topics about manifestation, dive into visualization. Talk about self-discovery, help you through any of the blocks and the limiting beliefs that are coming up that are preventing you from manifesting the life that you want. So, if you ever need support in this area, you can always reach out to me through my email, through Instagram. If you have any questions or if you have any content ideas, please send them over to me. I would be happy to hear them. But anyways, thank you so much for being here today and I will talk to you in the next episode.

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