Through my private coaching, courses, and online content, I combine manifestation techniques, self-discovery practices, and lifestyle changes to help you create the life you dream of.

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I combine manifestation techniques, self-discovery practices, and lifestyle changes to become the highest version of yourself and finally create the life that you dream of.

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Introducing Wild Manifestation Essential Oil Roller Bottles

By Heather Ione

I’m so happy to share with you my first ever product that I’ve created to help you on your manifestation journey – the Wild Manifestation Essential Oil Roller Bottle

The Wild Manifestation blend is created for those who have visions of what they want their life to look like but haven’t manifested them yet or are having a difficult time using the Law of Attraction. This homemade blend, created with doTERRA Essential oils, will help you take all of those amazing visions and dreams that you have and finally make them real. 

If you’re someone who believes in manifestation but is having a hard time having success with it, this blend will help! The Wild Manifestation blend is created to help you let go of self-sabotage, take action, get into a state of flow, and trust that you are on the right path! 

I created this blend with my friend, doTERRA Wellness Advocate, and Certified Aromatherapist, Jennier Gilman of the Herbal Cabinet.

In that past year, Jennifer led me on my own wellness journey with doTERRA essential oils. Jen helped me heal a whole bunch of physical ailments I was having, taught me how to improve my mindset with oils, and eventually taught me how to use essential oils to amplify my manifestation practice. 

A year later, the essential oils have changed my life. I reach for them whenever I have physical ailments instead of reaching for drugstore products, and I use them whenever I start to notice that my mindset needs help. 

If you’re unfamiliar with doTERRA essential oils, they are are the purest, most potent, highest quality essential oils that exist. All of the doTERRA essential oils and products are therapeutic grade and ethically sourced.

I’ve created this blend for you because doTERRA essential oils have since become a central part of my manifestation practice. The ritual of using this blend has helped me shift into a manifestation mindset, let go of limiting beliefs, and amply my manifestation practice so it works ever better. 

This blend is created with 12 different oils that all work together to empower you and help you create the lifestyle that you dream of. 

Some of oils that make up this magical blend include:

Note: This blend can be purchased on the shop page, however, if one of these oils jumps out at you and you would like to pruchase it seperately, all of the doTERRA essential oils can also be purchased by clicking the essential oil links.

Wild Orange Essential Oil

Wild Orange is the queen of all abundance oils. In fact, it’s even called “the abundance oil.” 

Wild Orange essential oil teaches the true meaning of abundance and reminds the soul of the limitless supply found in nature. Just think of how abundant and giving the orange tree is! 

This oil helps with so many of the mindset issues that get in the way when trying to manifest including feelings of scarcity, being overly serious, being low on energy, discouraged, envious, or even experiencing the need to hoard.

Wild Orange inspires abundance, fosters creativity, supports a positive mood, and brings spontaneity, fun, joy, and playfulness back into your life!

Cypress Essential Oil

Cypress oil allows you to release stagnant energy and emotions to create energetic flow and flexibility in the mind and heart. This oil also encourages you to release worries, let go of the past, and let go of the need to control. 

By releasing what’s holding you back and putting you in a state of flow, you’ll feel more positive, joyful, and magnetic to whatever you’re working on manifesting.

Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger essential oil encourages you to be fully present and participate in life. It empowers you to assume full responsibility and accountability and to see yourself as the creator of your own life.

By using ginger, it will help you to stop waiting for outside circumstances to change and to instead choose your own destiny. You’ll feel more empowered to take massive action in your life to begin sending the signal to the universe that you’re serious about your desires.

Coriander Essential Oil

Coriander essential oil guides you to be true to yourself. Coriander helps to remind you that there is more than one way of living and by attempting to fit in, you’re often betraying your true and highest self.

This is the oil that will help move you away from living your life and doing things for the acceptance of others and instead honor yourself and what you want.

Coriander teaches that each soul comes to this earth as a gift, with their own unique purpose and essence that only they can give to the world. Therefore, there is no “right way” to live. This oil reminds you that you can learn and create your own way of living and to step out of the box. 

Douglas Fir Essential Oil

Douglas fir essential oil has a message that I think everyone needs when they’re trying to manifest a new life for themselves. Douglas fir is the oil that guides you to live according to your own conscience and values by letting go of harmful patthers.

That’s right! Goodbye, self-sabotage!

It teaches you to let go of all of that and welcome new life, new growth, and new beginnings. Douglas fir will allow you to be filled with new ideas and creative ways to make your dream a reality.

It can also help you to break free from destructive traditions or beliefs passed down through families and society to help live the life you dream of.

Source: Information about essential oil benefits, “Essential Emotions: Your Guide to Process, Release, and Live Free.”

Amplify your manifestation practice

Those are just 5 of the 12 oils that make up the Wild Manifestation Blend!

Other oils in this blend focus on allowing you to trust in the universe that your manifestations are coming, keep your visualizations at the front of your mind, and ground your dreams into your physical body.

I decided to hand make this blend because as a manifestation coach, I know that there’s so many different emotions and mental blocks that can hold people back from creating the life that they want. 

This blend made with doTERRA essential oils is a powerful tool that you can use to help you with all of those negative emotions and begin to attract abundance into your life.

Of course, this blend cannot do the work for you. You still have to do your visualizations and do the inner work needed to create your dream life. (See the Ginger description again if you need to). The Wild Manifestations Blend can help as long as you regularly use it in combination with your manifestation practices, gratitude practices, and visualizations. 

How do I use the Wild Manifestation Blend?

For best results this oil should be used topically and aromatically both before and during your manifestation practice.

At the beginning of your practice, roll some of the Wild Manifestations Blend onto the palm of your hands and gently rub your hands together.

Hold your palms up to your nose and take at least 10 – 15 slow, deep breaths. Reason being – it takes at least 27 seconds for the oil to reach your brain and for you to start receiving the aromatherapy benefits.

After doing this ritual for a while, you’ll start to notice that it will get easier and easier for you to get into your manifestation practices. As soon as you smell the blend you will associate it with your manifestation practice and your mindset will automatically shift into a higher vibrational, abundant, and positive frequency. You’ll be able to manifest with more power and more ease. 

Next, roll some of the blend up and down the inside of your forearms and then gently swipe the oil towards you in an upward motion. This is symbolic of your manifestations and desires coming towards you into your physical reality.

You can also roll some of the oil onto different locations of your body, if you feel called to do so. For example, placing the oil on the back of the neck provides mental clarity as it’s a quick way for the oil to enter the brain. Applying the oil on the inside of the elbow creases assists in emotional wellbeing as it’s a channel to the lungs and the heart. (In Chinese medicine, these oils are related to sadness and grief.) 

Feel free to experiment with using the Wild Manifestation blend to determine which feels best to you.

Last, remember to use the Wild Manifestation blend topically, and aromatherapy at the very beginning of your practice and also once during your practice when your visualizations are feeling the most real or when you’re feeling the most abundant, loving, or magnetic. 

This is how the oil will work and will help you to amplify your practice so that it works better.

Enjoy the Wild Manifestations Blend!

Manifestation can be tricky, especially when you’re battling with limiting beliefs and self-sabotage or you’re trying to manifest something WILD. Like a large sum of money for example. 

That’s why I handmade this unique blend for you. You’ll receive all of the benefits of the oils in this blend, let go of the low vibration thoughts and emotions that aren’t serving you, and start manifesting with more power and ease. 

Check out my shop page to snag a bottle while you can!

Disclaimer: The Wild Manifestation blend often changes due to the essential oils that are available through doTERRA. Essential oils that are available often change due to seasonality, demand, and promotions. However, each variation of this oil is made with the SAME level of care and intention. Secondly, all bottles of oil blends will be shipped out in an amber bottle to avoid deterioration and protect the aromatic and therapeutic properties of the oils.

Each variation of this blend always includes oils to help shed limiting beliefs, bring more clarity and focus in your visualization practice, surrender your desire over the universe, and create a feeling of abundance.

Get your hands on a Wild Manifestation for only $22. Available on my shop page!

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Through my private coaching, master classes, and online content, I combine manifestation techniques, self-discovery practices, and lifestyle changes to help you create the life you dream of.

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