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Interview with Mindfulness Expert and Coach, Cierra Dae on the Foundations of Mindfulness

By Heather Ione

In honor of my new ebook that just came out, “From Miserable to Mindful Mornings,” I wanted to talk about – you guessed it – Mindfulness!

Let me tell you, there was a time when I thought mindfulness was pointless, and even a little bit intimidating! The only time I ever heard about mindfulness was from particularly zenned out yoga teachers or famous buddhists that I saw in documentaries.

But it wasn’t until I was in a particularly stressful point in my life when I turned to mindfulness without evening knowing that I had! I developed a mindful four-step routine that I would do every morning before work. Even though I had to wake up at 6 a.m. and get to work by 8 each day, the mindful routine was super easy to implement and it took me next to no time at all.

It made me feel so much lighter, more present, and more positive. It helped me focus on my goals and what I cared about. But above all, creating a mindful morning routine pushed me to make mindful decisions all day long. Months later, mindfulness had created a huge transformation in my life.

Now, I’m a huge believer in mindfulness and the importance of adopting mindful routines and behaviors in our lives. But I know that similarly to meditation, mindfulness can be difficult for people to swallow.

Here to teach us about the fundamentals of mindfulness and why it can be so beneficial is my good friend, Mindfulness Expert and Coach, Cierra Dae.

Cierra went from being completely confused, lost, and unhappy to becoming an incredibly confident entrepreneur and personal coach!

She shares that her transformation is all thanks to adopting mindfulness! She learned how to look inward, make conscious decisions, and live in the present moment rather than floating through her life on autopilot.

Now, she does 1:1 private coaching, hosts group coaching, and develops programs, downloads, and meditations to help others change their lives with mindfulness too.

I hope you enjoy this interview with her! At the end of this interview you’ll find links to Cierra’s new mindfulness workbook and my mindful morning routine ebook to help you take action and dip your toes into mindfulness!

Q: So, for those who don’t quite understand mindfulness, what is it?

A: Mindfulness is the intentional awareness of living consciously. Mindfulness can be a large scope of practices and tools, but overall, it’s living beyond our automatic state of being. Becoming mindful is understanding our past and how it influences our beliefs and most importantly, learning how to enter back into the present moment. 

Entering the present moment is learning how to take a break or slow down from our endless thought cycles so that we can be within the neutral space and experience we’re living in. Peace lies in the present moment, which is the foundation of mindfulness – peace.

Q: I think a lot of people roll their eyes when they think about mindfulness or think it’s a silly practice to adopt. Why is using mindfulness so important? 

A: There’s so many benefits to mindfulness. Without mindfulness, we function on autopilot. This creates a lot of suffering and pain. A lot of people roll their eyes because they’re comfortable and accustomed to living in unconscious cycles and states. 

When we become more mindful and practice mindfulness in our daily lives, we start to build a foundation for peace and healing that is hard, if not impossible, to get to when we’re living unconsciously. Being mindful also gives you depths to relationships because it allows us to be incredibly present and intentional with the person in front of us, instead of functioning and responding from our thought processes and passing emotions which can be destructive. This is arguably one of the most important parts of mindfulness because most relationships are often toxic or unhealthy because both people are functioning from unconscious states, instead of offering conscious or mindful presence. 

We can also have this unhealthy relationship dynamic with ourselves, but with mindfulness, you learn and understand yourself deeper, and dare I say truer, because you learn to not identify with your thoughts, and instead with the part of you that is deeper than the mental form. 

Q: How did mindfulness help you in your life? 

A: I grew up with a lot of inner and outer dysfunction – my family and outer world was unreliable and rocky, so in turn, my emotional world was a roller coaster. There was a lot of dysfunction that I experienced. I never felt a lot of peace and predictability, life just felt chaotic, so my body and feelings felt unsafe too. In middle and high school, I suffered with self harm and anxiety and those things made me feel very isolated and misunderstood by a large majority of people. It just felt like I was living life on the surface, without any real depth.

After discovering mindfulness, everything clicked for me. I realized that the peace and happiness I was always trying to “find” or “get to” was within me the whole time. I found that with practice and patience, I could experience all of the ebbs and flows of life without feeling out of control and overwhelmed.

Mindfulness taught me how to forgive, release, and how to love deeply and fully from a state of presence, and not from a constant state of ego or dysfunction. It brought me back and deeper into consciousness, instead of feeling like I was blindly walking through life.

Mindfulness brought peace and a foundation of happiness that derived from myself, instead of outside sources.

Q: What do you work on and help people with as a mindfulness coach?

A: Right now, I specifically work with people-pleasing women to help ground them back into themselves. People pleasers have a lot of unconscious patterns that take their decisions and actions outside of themselves. My coaching helps bring awareness to these characteristics, builds a foundation of presence, and then empowers women to start living the conscious life that they want to live!

I do this through meditation and mindfulness practices to help cultivate and build a firm ground of self love and compassion so that they have the opportunity to grab their own life by the reigns and create conscious decisions and actions that felt out of their control in the past. 

Q: Why is it particularly helpful to create a mindful morning routine?

A: How we start our day is how we learn to live our life! Morning routines set the mood for the day and give us more power back. To be conscious is to be intentional and present, so starting the day in a mindful, conscious state, gives you more opportunity to maintain that presence throughout the day. Otherwise, our emotions choose our day for us. We also rarely take enough time for ourselves to turn inwards and function from a masculine energy to work and get things done, so having a mindful morning routine gives you the opportunity to start slow with reflection and conscious intention. 

Without these habits or routines, we’re living unconsciously and on “autopilot”.

Q: I know that when people think of mindfulness, they tend to see it as a daily practice that makes them feel good in the moment. But how can mindfulness support us on a deeper level and in our spiritual journey?

A: Throughout your journey and practice with mindfulness, you start to detach your identity from your thoughts and emotions – this is the basis of spirituality. It’s not necessary to be spiritual to be mindful, but it’s common for the progression to naturally occur, because when you start to ask yourself, “Well, if I’m not these thoughts, and I’m not these emotions, then who or what am I?” 

This gives us the opportunity for spiritual growth and healing. When we disconnect from our thoughts and emotions, or “ego”, we start to get more in touch with our “essence” (higher self/intuition/etc.). This realization is where most, if not all, people start their spiritual journey towards deeper truth–and when we learn how to detach more from emotions and feelings, we allow more of the truth to come in. Learning to listen to that truth, or intuition, is a developed skill that can be mastered over time.

Mindfulness brings safety back into our bodies, and once our bodies and minds feel safe, they start to feel more expansive, which is what leads to more openness to spirituality.

Q: Can mindfulness benefit you when it comes to manifestation? How so?

A: Absolutely! Learning how to come into the present moment teaches you how to release and trust. These skills are essential to the manifestation process. Mindfulness teaches you to “let it be” and manifestation is the result of that energy. When we’re stuck in our heads and expectations of the process or results, it doesn’t allow for whatever we’re manifesting to come into fruition. 

Q: Speaking of manifestation, it turns out you manifested this interview! Can you share how you were able to manifest your desire to spread your message into reality? I love a good manifestation story!

A: Conscious manifesting has been a newly developed skill for me, because it took me a long time to learn how to fully release into things.

Everytime I tried manifesting in the past, I got super stuck on the results and my expectations. Now, I learned that in order for things to manifest in my life, I have to be open to however they appear and come to me. I didn’t directly ask for this interview – I was journaling one day and asked myself what I wanted from my work with people pleasers and mindfulness coaching. I realized that I wanted to spread my message and love to more people and plant more seeds of consciousness and presence so that more people can find peace. 

After realizing this, I asked how I could do this (speaking to my intuition), and I decided that I wanted to collaborate with other guides and leaders with a similar mission to share my message. A week or so after writing all of that down, you reached out to me asking if I’d be interested in doing an interview about mindfulness on your blog!

I also manifested a podcast interview within the same week to talk about mindfulness!

Q: What’s the most wild thing that you’ve been able to manifest? 

A: I’m not sure how wild it is, but I’ve manifested a big majority of my life unconsciously before I finally harnessed the skill of manifesting consciously. I didn’t often ask what I REALLY wanted out of life, so instead, I got what I “thought” I wanted. Because of this, I manifested an interview and job offer at the hourly rate I “thought” I wanted. It was amazing at the time, but now that I’ve honed in on how to manifest more efficiently, I’m definitely working on getting more wild with those manifestations!

Q: Cierra, thank you so much for educating us on the basics of mindfulness! For someone who is looking to become more mindful but might not know where to start, what are some tips or steps they can take to become more mindful today?

A:I love recommending starting with your focus on your breathing when practicing mindfulness. Your breath is a focal point you can ALWAYS come back to when practicing presence/awareness. Close your eyes and just be the “watcher” of your breath. Your body knows what it’s doing..focus on when you’re breathing in, and when you’re breathing out. Observe how it feels in your body when you’re breathing..when you’re present, in this moment.

Another tip would be to get curious with your thoughts! Becoming more conscious and mindful is shifting from identification of thought. Identifying with thoughts is to be stuck in the cycle of thinking without any question about it. Becoming curious with your thoughts is exploring them from a new perspective – asking yourself why you’re thinking these things and how they’re making you feel. You can do this in your head, or it might be easier for you to write them out on paper or in a word document.

Practice feeling the joyous “awe” you feel while looking at a pretty sunset or beautiful landscape in your everyday moments. When you’re sitting on the couch petting your dog, or when you’re sweeping the floor, practice feeling the beauty of life in these little moments by getting super present – feel what your skin feels, hear what is around you, really SEE what is with you. Pretend that you’re documenting a movie of your moment and get close and clear on the details around you.

I also have a 35 page digital workbook The Beginners Guide to Owning Your People Pleasing Tendencies, that’s available for purchase. This workbook helps walk you through building a foundation of mindfulness. While this workbook has a focus on people pleasers, all of the tools and exercises can be helpful to anyone struggling with their own patterns and cycles and feel helpless to their thoughts! 

The Beginners Guide to Owning Your People Pleasing Tendencies is a 35 page workbook that walks through the three aspects of the mind: neurology, psychology, and mindfulness. This workbook is to bridge science, self love, and spirituality so that you can build a foundation of understanding and awareness. This workbook was created to plant seeds of consciousness to help people pleasers overcome the constructs that they feel are holding them back from their full potential, while simultaneously learning how to embrace, love, and accept themselves as they are. This workbook is perfect for the woman who wants to feel more in control of her life, often feels anxious or overwhelmed by her thoughts, and wants to learn how to develop more peace.

Thanks for reading!

I hope you enjoyed this interview with Mindfulness Expert and Coach, Cierra Dae! If you’re interested in learning more about her, head over to her website presentdaes.com, follow her on Instagram @cierradae, and join her private Facebook community where you can dive deep into the topic of mindfulness with her!

Manifesting your dream life requires mindfulness! Learn how to create your own mindful morning routine in my new ebook/workbook “From Miserable to Mindful Mornings.” 

This is the exact same mindfulness routine that I implemented in my own life to help me raise my vibration, stay inspired, and stay in alignment with my manifestations even while I was feeling stuck and miserable in my 9-5 job.

My entire life changed as a result, and it all started with doing these 4 simple steps I outline in this ebook and continuing to do them. By bringing intention and mindfulness into my life, I started to change and become a better version of myself. Suddenly, I wasn’t just doing these steps in the morning, but I was making aligned decisions all day long! Months and years later, it snowballed into something larger.

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This ebook is your guide to implementing mindfulness practices in a way that works for YOUR lifestyle and provides you with specific action steps and accountability to get you started and keep you on track.

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