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“I Asked and the Universe Listened” | My Client’s Wild Manifestation Story

By Heather Ione

Client spotlight post by my beautiful client, Erin Dunne!

I have always made New Year’s resolutions of some sort, whether that be through goals, choosing a word for the year, making a list of intentions, or creating a vision board. The past couple of years though, I’ve been doing a little combination of all of the above – my favorite being my vision board.

I love that I’m able to take the intentions and goals that I have, both general and specific, and illustrate them through pictures. To me, it really helps me visualize what these achievements would look like and brings them to life! Setting these intentions, visualizing, and constructing an illustration is declaring to the Universe exactly what I would like and am ready for.

By connecting fully to these high vibrational states of love, success, fun, etc. I’m raising my vibrations and manifesting through visualization. The Law of Attraction is SO powerful and this is one way I show the Universe what I’m open to receive!

“10 Easy Steps for Creating a Vision Board that Actually Works.”

At the start of last year, I had one thing in mind – healing.

I had been recovering from a flare that landed me in the hospital and in that short period of time I was challenged physically, mentally, and spiritually. My main intention was to focus on healing my body, mind, and soul.

I was prepared to take part in deep inner work to reveal my true self, feel alive and vibrant more than ever. I wanted to grow in my career, relationships, spirituality, and in myself.

There were many challenges throughout the year, but I was given exactly what I needed to make breakthroughs and see the transformation I was intending come to fruition. 

After making my vision board, I put it up in my room where it was visible but not something I would obsessively look at every day.

For a while, I forgot a lot about it but every once in a while I would turn to it, remember my intentions, and smile at what had already unfolded.

Now, it’s the end of the year and as I was making my vision board for 2021, I really looked at my past board.

I was SHOCKED, in awe, and rather emotional about all that happened this year. I won’t share all of the details, but I wanted to share some key things that happened throughout the year to really show how powerful the Law of Attraction and manifestation is in our lives. 

Listen to episode #14 of the Wild Manifestations Podcast, “Action, Attraction, & Intuition (How Manifestation Actually Works)”

“Heal my relationship with food and broaden my diet.”

I had already mentioned that healing was a primary focus of mine for the year.

After being on steroids and gaining weight, my relationship with food and my body were rocky – the whole experience was very triggering from my past eating disorders and I didn’t know how to cope. I started to experience anxiety around food again, couldn’t look in the mirror, only wore baggy clothes, and wanted to exercise to compensate but physically couldn’t. 

I had gotten to the point of only being able to tolerate twelve foods and still felt like a stranger to my body.

I had hit a low and wasn’t sure how I was going to come back from it but I knew that it was something I was tired of facing. I had declared that I was surrendering and was going to really find peace with my body, with food, and somehow heal from the anxiety that had been building for years. 

This is when brain rewiring comes in.

I had mentioned all of these issues with my boss and she recommended a program she had gone through. I immediately wanted to join but couldn’t afford it.

I had written in my journal and spoken out loud that if this was something I was meant to do, it would work out. About a week after this moment of surrender, I had received unexpected funds that gave me just enough for the program.

I immediately set up a call, was interviewed, and I secured one of the first spots!

The following months, I was so excited as I started this new healing modality. There was a lot of resistance, I was forced to face some truths and stories that had been programmed and rooted in me for so long – but the more I opened up and shifted, the more I felt myself start to heal in areas I hadn’t originally focused on! 

Part of it was absolutely my determination to healing, I treated brain rewiring like a job, showing up every day for a whole hour. But at the beginning of the year, I wasn’t aware of the modality, that there were programs, how I would afford it, and how transformational it would be in ALL aspects of my life.

This program had appeared as it was meant to, and everything flowed from that point forward – it was almost effortless and was absolutely meant to be.

With this modality, I had shifted to a positive mindset, found confidence in myself, felt vibrant, had seen massive improvements in my chronic symptoms, my body, and in my overall mental health.

The thoughts that had previously left me feeling broken and unrecognizable, had become dimmer and are something I rarely face today. This is one tool of many that I was gifted in the year to heal myself!

“Dive into spiritual connection and open up to my spiritual gifts”

Another intention of mine was to really dive into my spirituality.

The year before, I had opened up to my beliefs and wanted to become more firm and confident in expressing them. I wasn’t sure exactly what this process was going to look like because I already had a practice set in place, but I was open to growth of any kind. 

I deepened my meditation and visualization practices as a result of brain rewiring.

As I began seeing shifts in my perspective on life, I began seeing more signs and receiving messages from the Universe.

I felt as though my vibration was rising as I began to feel more alive than I had in years – things really did just start happening to me.

The smallest desires would end up coming to fruition. People even started to comment that I was “the luckiest person” because things “just happened.”

I began strengthening my connection with myself, my intuition, and the Universe by seeking and listening.

The thing is that the Universe is constantly trying to communicate with us, but it isn’t until we are completely silent that we are able to receive. 

I noticed the BIGGEST shift when we went into lockdown during the pandemic.

I spent my time at home, walked in nature, and really challenged myself to rest and recover (another blessing from the pandemic was the time and space to HEAL). I started to meditate while I walked, openly talked and prayed to Source, and deepened my intuition.

In the first lockdown alone, I went from being frustrated with not feeling connected “enough” to openly receiving messages and signs all around me. 

Later in the year, I began receiving more guidance during my meditations. I was given answers to the problems I was facing, the next steps to take, and what was needed to be done as inner work.

Here are a few examples of things

I was divinely guided towards. 

1) Finding my new functional doctor.

I have never felt more seen and heard by a doctor of mine and I have seen drastic improvements in the few months I’ve worked with him. Again, I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay for services but the funds came unexpectedly. 

2) I had an overwhelming feeling to quit my job and was led to my life coach.

I felt off, unhappy, and it scared the shit out of me because I had already planned my post-grad year around that career.

My biggest focus was why was this happening and what the hell was I supposed to do now?

I asked for guidance, support, and was gifted a spiritual life coach, Heather Ione, that truly made me a better person and propelled me to step into my power.

Not only were our stories eerily similar but the synchronicities only heightened. I had spent the year transforming but the few months I had with her put me so much further in the right direction. 

When I first started working with her, I was facing a number of challenges, limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and a scarcity mindset – overall, I felt lost. Through working with her I was able to uncover a lot of root causes for these issues I was facing and she helped me better understand how to not only challenge them, but to move towards alignment.

With the growth work assigned in between calls, I was given the tools to reflect, uncover my inner knowing, and make breakthroughs to propel me forward in my journey.

Heather is truly an amazing, grounded, and magical person.

She is so wise, offers meaningful support, and challenges you to step into your highest potential. In the three short months I had grown immensely, more than I had anticipated.

You can check out her on her website & blog to learn more

or listen to her podcast, Wild Manifestations!

3) I received guidance to become reiki attuned.

It was something I always admired, loved getting done, but never considered doing myself.

Shortly after receiving this guidance, my coach, Heather, led me to a reiki master that was teaching virtual classes. Her class had opened up a spot for the following Sunday and I instantly booked it.

The days after have allowed me to connect with my guides, continue to heal myself, and connect deeper to the life energies. 

There are SO many more examples of how opening up spiritually truly impacted my year but these are some of the biggest. 

“Start a blog, become more involved with work, come into financial abundance”

Well, I think we all know how the first one turned out (; But really, this is something I’ve been wanting to do for years but was too fearful to actually follow through with.

As part of my promise to be authentic to myself, I went ahead and created my blog. I wrote all year long with the intention of “launching” but it never happened.

I talked myself out of it because I compared it too much to those around me and was intimidated. It was a passion project but the comparison trap always won.

When I hired my life coach, the goal was to figure out my next steps and receive guidance but I wasn’t expecting the focus being on preparing my blog!

One little step after another added up as I was instructed to make changes, brainstorm ideas, get in creative flow/feminine energy, and have fun with it.

It wasn’t a primary focus of our sessions together, but as I started to make emotional and energetic shifts through other growth work, my inspiration and creativity started to come alive!

I’m so excited to continue to share my passion project with you all.

I had mentioned previously that I had been faced with a challenge to quit my job because it no longer felt right/in alignment.

After making the decision to leave, I knew I needed to find another job (for income purposes) but had no clue what to do or where I would go.

Not even a week later, I was given the chance to interview at a local wellness studio. The owner created a position for me, allows me to teach classes (with my yoga certification), and allows me to have free reign on social media!

Where I go to school is a small town and not very involved in holistic wellness (to say the least) but this studio and the people I work with are my people.

We openly talk about things like energy healing, moon rituals, spirituality, and so much more that assures me this is where I’m currently meant to be! I go to work and come home feeling light, happy, and so grateful. 

Who doesn’t wish for financial abundance, right?

Well, I was originally hoping for abundance so that I can prepare for moving and living on my own after graduation in the spring of 2021. I also knew that I would have medical expenses and others to be paid off throughout the year.

I was tired of having such a scarcity mindset around finances – it caused such anxiety, I wouldn’t have the bank app on my phone. I knew that if I wanted to receive, I needed to start having an abundance mindset and once I started embracing this, more started to flow in. 

Listen to episode #8 of the Wild Manifestations Podcast, “How to Shift into an Abundance Mindset.”

You may have noticed in things I mentioned previously that I was worried about being able to afford them and unexpectedly the funds would appear.

I have no explanation for this, I didn’t physically work more or have multiple revenue streams contributing to my income. Some were put into my account, given back from ending in-person classes, some from stimulus, unemployment, etc.

But regardless of the how, the timing was most incredible out of anything.

I began making mindset shifts to appreciate what I had already, what was to come, and treated every purchase as a positive energetic exchange. I learned more about personal finance through a class and continued to reshape the “money story” I had grown up with. 

As I begin to shift into gratitude and higher frequency feelings, I notice an immense improvement in receiving financial abundance.

The best part is, that these feelings have started to become second nature to me and the more I come into alignment, the more I can appreciate and receive abundance in every aspect of my life!

I still have a ways to go before I make the move I would like, but I am significantly farther than where I started. 

“Learn to love myself, my body, and be confident in my authenticity.” 

This was huge for me because although I had been recovering from my physical eating disorders, I still experienced the aftermath of trauma that left me feeling small, insecure, and resentful.

I put pictures of women I admire for being themselves, owning their truth, and truly radiating because that was how I knew I could be and how I wanted to be. 

Brain rewiring helped begin to heal some false stories I had burned into my brain from the past – not being good enough, hating my body deeply, needing to be perfect and in control. Some had been so deeply ingrained in me, it took time, various modalities, and constant effort to reframe my mindset.

There were times I began to feel comfortable in my skin, confident, and at ease to be myself. Other times I had taken about five steps back and would shame myself.

Healing isn’t linear (are you tired of hearing it? it’s true) and I knew that the more resistance and steps back I faced, the more I was being challenged to overcome. 

As I physically healed my body, mind, and opened spiritually, I was able to move towards acceptance of myself.

I wouldn’t go as far as to say I fully love my body, I have my moments, but I have a newfound appreciation and acceptance for what it is.

When I surrendered, opened intuitively, and aligned with my highest self, I was able to appreciate all my body has done for me through the years.

I have both connected and separated her from my mind, allowing her to be independent and express what she needs from me.

I already feel closer, lighter, and an immense shift in who I am and how I express that.

I allow myself to simply be and the more I step into my power, the easier it becomes. 

“Get my ideal smile, have a ragdoll kitten, have an apartment that is cozy, aesthetic, and home.”

What’s a vision board without a little materialism, am I right??

One of the things I was determined to change this year was my smile.

Growing up, I never loved my smile, I had small teeth and showed too much gum (even my dentist said there was more showing than there needed to be). I had Invisalign to close the gaps but still wasn’t confident.

I was determined to change that and get the big, white, contagious smile I had always wanted!

My best friend was getting married in August and I announced I was going to have my teeth fixed by then.

I started putting away bits of my paychecks to help pay for the procedure but I had no idea how much it was actually going to cost.

I was able to get an appointment with one of the best dentists in my area, they gave me an estimate since nothing was covered by insurance due to being cosmetic work.

I had saved the exact amount listed on the estimated bill, almost to the penny!

I was shocked and a week later, I came out of the dentist with the smile I had always wanted.

Every time I looked in the mirror I wanted to cry, I was so happy – I was giddy and couldn’t stop smiling!

Another goal of mine was to make my first apartment as cozy as possible.

It’s my first apartment by myself and I had ZERO furniture to fill it with. But, like a lot of other things – I came into financial abundance that allowed me to furnish my entire apartment (it looks like an Ikea catalog but that’s my vibe)!

It’s full of neutrals, plants, and things that really make me feel at home – I love living here and am amazed at how (almost) effortlessly it came together. 

One of the best things that happened this year was getting my first kitten!

I have a family cat, but I knew that if I was going to live on my own, I wanted a little furry friend.

I have loved ragdoll cats ever since seeing them on Cats101 (anybody remember this?) when I was younger – they’re so fluffy, pretty, and CUDDLY.

I began looking but they were WAY too expensive and I didn’t love the idea of paying a breeder, I’d rather adopt or rescue.

I stopped looking and about a month later, before moving into my apartment, a contact came up that had ragdoll kittens they couldn’t look after.

Their cats had had more kittens than they were able to keep and had a few that needed a home. I received pictures and instantly knew that this was my cat – in videos he was playful, cuddly, and just had the sweetest face. 

I brought him home and he was instantly bonded to me. I’ve had him for four months now and honestly don’t remember what it was like without him.

We had our trials at first with some health concerns and many vet visits – only to find he has autoimmune conditions and requires a minimal ingredient diet.

YOU GUYS, of course I have a cat that has autoimmune and drinks bone broth with every meal!

He’s so much healthier now and brings light to my life every day. 

So there you have it, my 2020 vision board in review.

There are so many more amazing things that came into fruition this year and I am still in awe as I reflect. If you haven’t made a vision board before or haven’t made one for 2021 yet, I encourage you to do so!

I can’t wait to see what this coming year brings – it’s going to be a GREAT one!

Guest blog post by Erin Dunne.

Read more of Erin’s posts on here website.

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