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I was a part of the 3-month coaching program with Heather and could not be happier with the growth I experienced! 

When I first started working with her, I was facing a number of challenges, limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and a scarcity mindset - overall, I felt lost... we were able to uncover a lot of root causes for these issues I was facing and she helped me better understand how to not only challenge them but to move towards alignment. With the growth work assigned in between calls, I was given the tools to reflect, uncover my inner knowing, and make breakthroughs to propel me forward in my journey. Heather is truly an amazing, grounded, and magical person. She is so wise, offers meaningful support, and challenges you to step into your highest potential... In the three short months I had grown immensely, more than I had anticipated...

Erin D.

Heather really takes the time to listen, she digests the situations and gives solid feedback. 

She really is listening to everything I have to say, she follows up, she is very wise, and genuinely really cares about my progress. She cares about your well being and pushes you to grow in more ways than one. Heather is very quick with responding and is always so professional.  If I could give her more than 5 stars, I would. I love that she is knowledgeable in essential oils and connects them with our mental health. She is so non-judge-mental and really accepts you for who you are. I’m very happy with my sessions with Heather and look forward to many more in the future. If you’re considering booking a session, this is your sign to do it. ♥️ You won’t regret it! Thank you, Heather!

Kourtnee J.

Heather has a way of inspiring, leading, and cultivating such a beautiful growth mindset.

Heather is well spoken and so in alignment with the work that she is doing. Heather's energy is present and inspiring. Whether I am tuning in to Heather's Wild Manifestations podcast, looking at the high value content that she shares on instagram, or working with Heather in person, the positive transformations are electric. The lessons shared are so grounded and relatable. In the manifestation community it is so easy to hear the same lesson over and over again. Heather approaches manifestation from a practical, relatable point of view. Heather was a manifestation come true for me. I am inspired, growing, and so very grateful. I highly recommend Heather and her soul-led services!

Risa A.

From the moment I met Heather, I knew she was an answered prayer!

I've been working with her for a little over a month now and can already see the impact of her coaching in my life. She's attentive, insightful and her approach to identifying mental barriers is remarkable. Every time we speak, she continues to release me from limiting beliefs. I highly recommend Heather's coaching if you're looking for a fresh perspective on self-discovery and manifestation. She's the coach you never knew you needed!

Jaqueline W.

I am so grateful I met Heather and that she introduced me to her unique system for manifesting my dreams! 

Heather is so easy to talk to and really breaks her system down in a way that feels easy to implement and approachable for someone who is new to the whole manifesting process. I have started implementing her system and look forward to watching my dream life start to unfold! I would 100% recommend Heather for anyone interested in learning more about manifestation, she is the real deal!”

Kara C.

Since learning from Heather, I have been able to create a consistency with my practice,

....Where it doesn't feel like a chore or obligation, but like a reward that I Get at the end of the day. I have never had that mindset around manifestation before Heather’s coaching. I have also created a manifestation visualization that I have grown very connected to; I am literally feeling my future surround me.  Thank you Heather, for giving me the tools I need to achieve success.

Laura J.

I thought I knew a little bit about manifestation, but after experiencing a workshop held by Heather, a whole new world has opened up to me!

Her explanation and personal experience of manifestation was so inspiring, and the event gave me so many tools to easily apply manifestation and visualization into my daily life. So grateful I had the opportunity to attend her workshop, and I can’t wait for more opportunities in the future!

Cierra D.

Before talking with Heather, I was holding on so tightly to the outcome of my business.

Heather’s help with surrendering to the universe and letting go of the outcome has completely transformed my life over these past few weeks. After releasing control, I have noticed a huge shift in my mindset and results. I have felt so much more creative, and new ideas flow to me easily. I also have a more positive outlook and feel grateful for the results I am now getting even if they differ from what I originally thought I wanted. Thank you Heather, so grateful for your advice!

Kara C.

Heather has such a beautiful and grounded approach to manifestation!

Her embodiment of the work she shares with others can be felt just by being in her presence. I took away so many nuggets from working with her… She’s your go-to person if are wanting to learn how to implement a practical manifestation practice (that actually works!) in your day to day!

Lauren V.

I just finished my first Reiki session with Heather, and all I can say is...wow. 

I am not a person who has ever really been into woo-hoo kind of stuff - but this was a very real and very powerful experience. I am so glad that I decided to give it a try! I felt her energy cradle my head and move it around, and she zeroed right in on a neck injury that I have had for years that I have never told her about. Up until this point it has been very easy to dismiss other people's stories about similar experiences, as I truly believed they most likely wanted to feel something so badly that they did, but in their own minds. Now that I have had the experience for myself, I can truly say - it is real, it is incredible, and now I am so hungry to learn more!

Holly R.


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