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Ep. 9 Intro to Essential Oils – Everything You Need to Know to Get Started

By Heather Ione

Heather Ione: Hello and welcome back to the Wild Manifestations Podcast. If you don’t already know me, I’m your host, I’m Heather Ione. I am a spiritual life coach and manifestation mentor as I call it from St. Petersburg, Florida. And in this podcast, I talk all about, you know, manifestation and the law of attraction. I talk about different universal laws. I talk about overcoming limiting beliefs. I talk about raising your vibration through lifestyle and wellness practices, doing self-discovery work to get in touch with your highest self. I created this podcast because I wanted to give you all of these tools, all of these insights that you need to become a deliberate creator of your life. And you might not know this, but I also am a DoTERRA wellness advocate. I don’t mention that on this podcast a lot, but I also sell DoTERRA essential oils. And what I do is I actually work with people on a regular basis to help them improve their health and their physical body and their mental wellbeing, their emotional wellbeing, and all of that stuff through essential oils.

So, people come to me and, you know, they pop into my DM, I set up essential oil consultations and stuff. And I work with them for a period of time. And they ask me questions like, how do I become more focused? How do I get rid of headaches and migraines? What can I use for this digestive problem that I’m having? And I just work with them over a period of time to help them figure out what different products and what different supplements can help them in a holistic way. For those who are interested in holistic healing and making essential oils, a part of their lifestyle, and really improving their lifestyle through using different products and supplements that are healthy for them, instead of just reaching for those drug store options that are available. And I wanted to create this podcast for a really long time, because I know that most of my audience is brand new to essential oils.

Most of the people who follow me, they are familiar with essential oils, but they don’t really know what they are. They don’t really know how to use them. They don’t really understand how it can improve their health. They have no idea that there are tons and tons of different essential oil options to help them with different health ailments that they’re having. So, I wanted to create this podcast as an introduction to essential oils. And this podcast is set up interview style with a good friend of mine, Jennifer Gillman. She is actually the person who really introduced me to essential oils and changed my life with essential oils. I’m not kidding you.

So, before this podcast was even really a podcast, back when it was just an idea in my head, and I didn’t even have a name for it. I sat down with Jennifer and I was like, will you be on my podcast? Can I interview you on my podcast? I didn’t even have a podcast yet, but I knew I was going to have to interview her. So, Jennifer is a diamond DoTERRA wellness advocate. She is a master herbalist and a certified aromatherapist. And I have not met anyone as passionate as she is about holistic health and about helping people with their health, through using these essential oils and herbs and supplements. 

And at this point she’s been working with DoTERRA selling DoTERRA for six years, and she has worked with hundreds, I mean, honestly, thousands of people at this point to improve their health through using these oils and she’s so incredible at what she does. And I met her more than a year ago because we were both students at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. And she reached out to me on Facebook one day and was like, hey, Heather, I’m having a really hard time keeping up with all the homework, all these lectures and stuff and I’m just wondering if you want to meet up for coffee and become accountability buddies and do health histories and stuff together.

So, I was like, sure, let’s do that and we started meeting up and because we were always meeting for coffee and naturally talking about health because we were studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, becoming certified coaches, we would naturally talk about health. And I would tell her about these different health ailments and different concerns I was having. And I was having major health issues, I felt like they were major that I was going to different doctors for, for a year and a half, and none of them were able to help me. So, I was just opening up to her about everything that I was dealing with. And she just started offering me these different essential oil options and roller bottles and ways that I can use them and diffuse them and recipes I can make and supplements that I can use to help me heal my body.

And I’m going to be honest, at first when we first met each other, I did not realize that Jennifer was this successful at what she does. I did not realize she was this knowledgeable. I did not realize that essential oils can help you. I really didn’t. So, back when I first met her, I started buying oils through her because I really just wanted to support my friend’s, small business. And I just wanted to kind of make her day and be like, yeah, sure I’ll buy an oil from you. Like, I really just did it to make her happy. like, I just didn’t think oils would work. I don’t know.

And all of a sudden, like eight months went by and she completely changed my life with essential oils and it worked and I could not freaking believe it. I really could not believe all of the change that I saw in my body through working with her and through using those essential oils, it was freaking mind blowing. So, now since then, I’ve also become a DoTERRA, a wellness advocate so that I can work with people in the same way that Jen worked with me and help them through these different health issues that they’re having. And together figure out like, okay, what oil is going to be the oil that helps you with this? What recipe can we use? What little routine can we create for you to help you in a holistic way so that you don’t have to reach for these manmade options at the drug store and stuff like that.

So, now I’m doing the same work that Jennifer is doing, but I wanted to bring her on this podcast because she’s so knowledgeable. And every single time I sit with Jennifer, I always learn something, every single time. So, I knew that she was just such an incredible person to have on this podcast. So, in this podcast we’re going to talk all about essential oils. We’re going to talk about what essential oils are, how do you use them? How do you know if you’re using a good quality essential oil? We’re going to talk about why DoTERRA is the best and the safest essential oil that you can possibly use. Because I also learned a fun fact that 95, 96% of the essential oils on the market are completely synthetic. So, she’s going to talk about that. We’re also going to talk about different health concerns and little things that might pop up throughout the day that you can use essential oils for. How to save money on essential oils, how to become a DoTERRA wholesale customer.

What that means, how to save money with those oils by being a wholesale customer. What the difference is between a wholesale customer and a wellness advocate. A wellness advocate is what me and Jen are. So, we’re going to talk about all of this stuff to really open you up to the world of essential oils. So, I hope that you like this podcast episode. And I just want to say that the links to every single thing that we talk about in this podcast episode are going to be in the show notes. So, any resource that we mention, any book we mention, any oil that we mention is going to be super easy for you to find in the show notes. And a lot of the links are set up like shopping cart links. So, if at any point you’re like, ooh, I really want to buy a frankincense. I really want to buy peppermint or lemon or lavender. You can immediately just hit that link and it will take you to the shopping cart, or you can also find the kits and stuff to them.

You can find links to become a DoTERRA wholesale customer. You can browse the site through my.DoTERRA.com/heatherIone. You can see all of that stuff down there and if you want to really work with me on a regular basis to help you heal your body with these essential oils and learn about, you know, what products can help you naturally in dealing with whatever health concerns or ailments you want to address, you can also set up an oil consultation with me they’re completely free, and there’s a link to it. It’s a Calendly link in the show notes as well. So, I believe that’s everything, but let’s get into this podcast episode today because it is so magical. I’m so excited to share this with you, and please reach out to me if you have any questions in the future. Anyways, let’s get into this episode. Welcome Jen, to the Wild Manifestations Podcast. I’m so excited to have you here today.

Jennifer Gillman: It’s so good to be here. I love it. Thanks for inviting me.

Heather Ione:  Yes, yes. You’re welcome. I haven’t thought of other interviews and stuff that I want to do yet, but I knew as soon as I was going to have this podcast, I was going to have you on to interview you because you know, so much about essential oils. And you’ve really taught me everything that I know now about essential oils. You’re so knowledgeable about it, and I’ve never seen someone as passionate as working with the oils as you are. So, I am so happy that you’re here right now.

Jennifer Gillman: Thank you. I just love, you know, part of my passion is watching people go through their journey and it’s just such a pleasure seeing you really find how these oils work for you. And that aha moment, you know.

Heather Ione: Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: Like oh my God, the power of these.

Heather Ione: Yes, exactly.

Jennifer Gillman: So, that’s what heals me.

Heather Ione: I know, I’m so happy that like, you got me to that moment because I did not have that feeling before with essential oils. So, I knew that you were just the perfect person to have for this interview. But before we get started, you know, this podcast is all about manifestation and universal laws and becoming a deliberate creator of your own life and overcoming different limiting beliefs and all this kind of stuff. So, the main theme of the podcast is really these different tools and insights that people can use to become that deliberate creator of your life. So, before we get into all that, I wanted to ask you, what is the wildest thing that you have ever manifested?

Jennifer Gillman: My current husband, because boy did I have a lot of not so good ones, right? {Inaudible 11:55} they’re all husbands. So, I’ve been married before, but I count in there all the boyfriends I had and I kept attracting all these like really not good people, I’m sure you guys can all relate. And finally, I just went to work on like, what do I want to attract? And I wrote it down, I had a list, you guys. And I really focused on like, I’m no longer going down the old path. I am bringing in someone new that serves me well and crazy, crazy that’s exactly what happened. My current husband, my husband now, he fits all those things on my list. And guess what?

Heather Ione: What?

Jennifer Gillman: He did a list too. We didn’t realize that until a few months after dating. He did a list too because he had the same thing. So, it’s not just us women, but he was tired of attracting the same type of woman. So, he made this list. We both read the list each other.

Heather Ione: Right.

Jennifer Gillman: And we’re just like, it’s pretty cool {inaudible 12:57}.

Heather Ione: So, you both had descriptions of the other person?

Jennifer Gillman: Yeah.

Heather Ione: Wow. That’s so crazy.

Jennifer Gillman: {Inaudible 13:06} How they looked, how they treated people. I mean, you name, it was on it. It was multiple pages for both of us.

Heather Ione: Wow.

Jennifer Gillman: Yeah. It was pretty powerful.

Heather Ione: Did you save it?

Jennifer Gillman: I did.

Heather Ione: Yeah. That would be so cool.

Jennifer Gillman: Yes, he did, I didn’t I have to ask how I’m going to get back home.

Heather Ione: Oh my gosh. That’s so cool. I’ve actually heard that story quite a few times from people too. You’re not the only person who has scripted their, you know, future husband or anything like that. So, it’s a really powerful tool.

Jennifer Gillman: Yeah.

Heather Ione: It’s amazing. Oh my gosh.

Jennifer Gillman: Sometimes you need help, you know, and really just getting help from you and just some tools, you know, that can help you really manifest. That was key for me is I use, I really sought out some help and having the right tools to be able to be confident to even do that list {inaudible 13:53}.

Heather Ione: Right because I think a lot of people, they believe in the law of attraction, but they’re like, well, what do I do? How do I use it? How do I draw in that person? You know, it can be kind of overwhelming.

Jennifer Gillman: And you probably find some people, they don’t feel they deserve it. So that was my case.

Heather Ione: Yes.

Jennifer Gillman: It’s like, well, what do I deserve? You know?

Heather Ione: Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: So, I have to work at a deeper level first.

Heather Ione: Right. Yeah. That makes sense. So, now shifting gears into essential oils, the reason why we’re here today. So, first I wanted to ask you, you know, I’ve never met anyone who is this passionate about holistic health and wellness that didn’t have a story. So, I feel like you must have your own wellness story or essential oil journey that got you here today. Can you share that with us?

Jennifer Gillman: Absolutely and you’re right, everyone in holistic they tried other things and usually holistic is often the last resort for some people where they maybe saw family members go through, you know, the modern medicine and decided they never want to do that. So, usually one of those paths and for me, I was that sick kid growing up, you know, is the kid that always had the sore throats and getting the flu and all of this stuff. And doctors, you know, what they do, they just put you on this antibiotic and not really any explanations, never once conversations about how I could take care of myself. Never, it was just writing out another script.

Oh, now she needs her tonsils out, take them out, you know. So many of you listening might have a similar story and I didn’t know what was wrong with me. So, finally in my mid-twenties, I decided that’s it, I’m going to start learning. And I started working on me and for years I worked on me and I started getting some really good wins, figuring things out and actually learning about gut health, you know, probiotics, how important that was, how important water was, getting a good night’s sleep, all those kinds of things that nobody told me about. That was crazy.

Heather Ione: Yeah that makes sense.

Jennifer Gillman: But that’s what led me on this path. And I had a great career in doing something else. But one day I just thought, you know, I don’t want to continue doing this. I wonder what the next chapter of my life is about. And I started exploring options and I decided to become an herbalist and went full force into plant medicine.

Heather Ione: Wow. That’s amazing, oh, I love that story. Yeah. I feel like everyone, every single person has a story like that. But another thing I wanted to ask you is I’ve been to a lot of your, you know, essential oil parties and education and stuff like that at your house. And what I’ve noticed from conversations with other DoTERRA wellness advocates and, you know, just wholesale customers is that every single person, seems to have a magic oil that like all the sudden the light bulb went off and they found this, you know, soulmate of an oil that fixed a symptom that they’ve had for years and years and years. For me, it was actually Deep Blue because I had so much tension and knots and pain in my back.

And I would get massages all the time. I would lay on a hot pack for 45 minutes every single day. And I had dozens of different pain relief creams. I was using every single topical pain relief cream I could and nothing was working. And then I found Deep Blue and that all went away and I no longer have to buy those creams. And I’m not laying on a hot pack every single day. And so deeply, it was my magic, you know, light bulb oil for me. Did you have an essential oil like that, that really changed your mind too?

Jennifer Gillman: Absolutely and I’m curious, do you love the scent or the aroma of Deep Blue?

Heather Ione: Oh my gosh. Yes.

Jennifer Gillman: Yeah. What does it mean to you when you smell it?

Heather Ione: I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s like cooling and comforting and refreshing to me. And I don’t know why I get this feeling, but when I smell Deep Blue, I’m just like, it’s okay, you know.

Jennifer Gillman: Because it’s taking away the pain.

Heather Ione: Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: It’s a perfect example of realizing first you get the benefits physically and then your mind and your brain remembers that this brings relief.

Heather Ione: Oh wow.

Jennifer Gillman: So, it’s totally emotionally connected so now this is a positive trigger for you when you smell that aroma immediately and your body is saying, it’s all, okay, you’re going to be fine.

Heather Ione: Wow.

Jennifer Gillman: Well, how do you even apply it? The mind is so powerful. So, that’s what happened to me with On Guard. Okay. Now my path was a little different because I started as an herbalist. I had my business going and I’m still working on my health you guys. You know, I had some wins, but nothing was locked in. I was still on a journey. So, I started bringing the essential oils into my business and I’m helping all these other people and I’m using the products and all of a sudden, I notice I’m not getting sick anymore. And boy do I really like diffusing that On Guard for some reason. And then I look back, it’s so funny when you’re helping other people, you finally realize what happened to you.

Heather Ione: Right.

Jennifer Gillman: You realize, oh wow. I haven’t had a sore throat forever. I am getting on planes and I’m not getting sick. I’m getting to the other end and I don’t have to patch myself up again. I was using the heck out of the OnGuard topically aromatically and when I diffuse it, it was like, I call it Christmas in a bottle. But it was bringing me joy and happiness. And I’m sure it’s because I’m well.

Heather Ione: Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: And that forever changed my immune system. So, that was my oil and it’s a total connection of like just mind, body, spirit, everything.

Heather Ione: Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: So, when I smell that now I think of wellness, vitality because that’s what happened to me.

Heather Ione: Oh my gosh that’s amazing. I love that. I use On Guard to clean my bathrooms. I no longer use like the typical bathroom cleaner that I used to always buy. Now I make my own and I always use On Guard for it. And I love On Guard too, because it does smell a little bit Christmassy and like spicy. It reminds me of my child lattes.

Jennifer Gillman: Oh, nice.

Heather Ione: Because I love {inaudible 20:17} so much. Yeah. So, I definitely love On Guard. So, we have a ton of essential oil between us right now as always.

Jennifer Gillman: I love it. That’s right.

Heather Ione: So, whenever we’re around each other. Okay. So, right now I’m holding up a bottle of peppermint, right. And I’m looking at this bottle and there’s this liquid inside of it. Now what exactly am I looking at when I’m looking at what is in this bottle? Is it just, you know, they crush some leaves and mix it with a water? Because I know I did not understand what was in an essential oil when I first was introduced to them.

Jennifer Gillman: I love that you asked this question because people often skip right to how do I use it? And instead of really understanding what the heck is that in the bottle?

Heather Ione: Right.

Jennifer Gillman: I know what a plant looks like. You can’t tell me it’s a liquid now.

Heather Ione: Right.

Jennifer Gillman: So, I really appreciate being asked how does that plant become a liquid in these little tiny bottles, right? This is the aromatic compound in the plant. So, the best thing I can share with you is to envision a peppermint plant, you know. And if you’re not familiar with a peppermint plant, think of just like a small shrub growing in the ground and it’s got green leaves to it. And if you were to pick just one of the leaves, one of the peppermint leaves and you actually ripped it open, and now you take those two pieces and you hold it up to your nose. What are you going to smell?

Heather Ione: You smell that peppermint.

Jennifer Gillman: Yeah. You smell the peppermint because you’ve just released the aromatic compounds. You can’t see them but you can smell them. And it’s like the lifeblood of the plant. It’s the essence of the plant. So, you can smell them, but you can’t see it. And that’s, what’s hard for us to understand because we like to see things, you know?

Heather Ione: Right. Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: Well, the way to get those aromatic compounds off the plant is through steam distillation. So, you gather up lots of peppermint plants and you put it all in this stainless steel {inaudible 22:21} and you do a steam distillation process. It is a process and you can look up different videos to learn if you’re really interested in that. But when you steam distil it, it separates the essential oil aromatic compounds from the plant. And it’s amazing and then it ends up in the saline bottle, and in these little bottles. So, it’s pretty remarkable {inaudible 22:45} to actually extract that.

Heather Ione: Right? Oh, that’s so cool. Yeah, that makes sense because I feel like a lot of people, they just look at this and they think it’s just water in a way, you know? And they don’t realize, well, that brings me to my next question that I was going to ask you. So, what is the difference between all these different oils? Because there’s a ton of oils that are available now. And I mean, I see them at the grocery store. I see them at drug stores.

Jennifer Gillman: Do you see them at gas stations?

Heather Ione: They’re on Amazon for $2. So, like, what is the difference here? I feel like people don’t know, they think they’re all the same, right?

Jennifer Gillman: Yeah. Exactly, the first thing I would really encourage people is, you know, if you have ever taken medications, whether it’s over the counter or prescription, do you buy those from Amazon? Please don’t do that. Please don’t do that because there’s all sorts of sellers on Amazon and anyone can buy those resalable tops to an essential oil and take half of it out, throw some coconut oil in there, rebottle it and now, you know, they’re getting twice as much for it or whatever it is and now it’s adulterated. So, it’s easy to adulterate oil, not just on Amazon, but in other ways. So, there’s a lot of garbage out there. So, really, you’ve got to be careful. The FDA allows somebody to put pure essential oil in the bottle if there’s only 5% essential in the bottle.

Heather Ione: Wow.

Jennifer Gillman: 5, single digit. So, what is the other 95%? So, it used to be like 80% of the oils in the world were adulterated. Now they’re estimating upwards of a little more than 95% of oils are adulterated.

Heather Ione: Oh my gosh.

Jennifer Gillman: And that was the figure as of just last year. So, it’s getting worse.

Heather Ione: Right.

Jennifer Gillman: It’s really getting worse. So, you’ve got to really do your homework and make sure you’re buying from a reputable company that has passed all the tests, that has full disclosure, they’re willing to share everything with you.

Heather Ione: Yeah.

Heather Ione: And so that’s why I love DoTERRA because you can go to a site, a website it’s called sourcetoyou.com. So, source toyou.com and you can just plug in the number on the bottle of any DoTERRA bottle. And it’s going to give you reports, descriptions, everything. And that’s why medical professionals love DoTERRA because everything is full disclosure. Not only is it the most trusted and most tested brand, but everyone can see that and that’s huge.

Jennifer Gillman: Right.

Heather Ione: There’s no other company doing that.

Jennifer Gillman: Oh my gosh. That’s amazing and you know, another thing too with the essential oils is that I’m noticing some of them they actually, I’ve heard this from people who have reached out to me for consultations. They’ve bought oils in the past that had warning labels, like do not put this on your skin, do not ingest this, you know, and of course that’s because it’s not real essential oil. You know, if it was, you would be able to ingest peppermint, you know what I mean? And I think a lot of people don’t realize when they’re buying a quote essential oil, they could just be buying lavender perfume in a bottle with a tiny percent of lavender essential oil. And the rest is God knows what a random carrier oil there could be water in there. I know I used to, before I was familiar with this, I thought all essential oils were the same.

Heather Ione: And I started getting curious about them. So, I was buying them for $2 on Amazon. And I mean, I hate to say this now, but I would put them on my body and I would take them internally and all of the things, I was not aware. And I noticed when I started using DoTERRA, I went from $2 Amazon bottles to DoTERRA and there was such a huge difference. I didn’t realize like the lemon that I would get from Amazon, it was literal water in the bottle.

Jennifer Gillman: That’s crazy.

Heather Ione: Or some of them would be like greasy, you know, and like slimy and a real essential oil is not supposed to be like that.

Jennifer Gillman: That’s right, can I tell you a quick story about my Tea Tree?

Heather Ione: Yes, you can. So, my very first essential was Tea Tree and I mean, this has to be gone at least 20 years ago. Okay. So, I, thought this oil, I don’t even remember why I bought it because nobody came home from just {inaudible 27:12} telling me what to do with it. Right. So, I appreciate all the education that we give people because people are not for want. They don’t have to wonder how am I going to use this? We take care of that so, about my Tea Tree so I used it apparently years later, it ends up, you know, going further and further in the back of my cabinet. And years later I find it and I open it up and it’s all rancid, it’s disgusting. Well, the only thing that goes rancid is nut oils and nut oils usually after two to three years go rancid, it has that really nasty smell to it. So, I know now that that oil was adulterated, it was watered down, so to speak, not with water, but with a carrier oil, most likely like an almond oil maybe or something like that.

Heather Ione: Right. Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: And I could smell it, it was bad.

Heather Ione: Yeah. Oh my gosh, that’s so gross.

Jennifer Gillman: So, I just threw it away. But it just proved to me, I’m like, oh, there are so many different flavours out there.

Heather Ione: Yes. Yes.

Jennifer Gillman: So, many kinds of oils. And if you want a real medicinal grade that doctors and specialists trust in it’s DoTERRA.

Heather Ione: Right. Yeah. So, I was also going to ask you next, like you’ve told me in the past that different clients and customers of yours would come to you and say, Jen, we want to buy essential oils from you. You should be selling essential oils and so that really led you on this path of doing a ton of different research on the oils. Right. And then you said that you ended up going with DoTERRA because you felt like that was the best of the best. So, why DoTERRA, what was it that they were telling you? Or what answers were you hearing that you just knew. DoTERRA stood out among the others?

Jennifer Gillman: Such a good question. And when my customers, as an herbalist were telling me they wanted to buy the oils from me, I was hesitant to be honest with you because I knew the industry was so adulterated. I just didn’t know if I had the energy, frankly, the energy to actually research all this, to find a good company. But I didn’t want to align myself with anything but the best I knew that. I knew that that was my goal. So, I took about six months because I wanted to take time to call companies, to look up on the website, ask them questions about what are their analytical testing methods for testing these oils? You know, some of the answers were things like, oh, we don’t share that information.

Heather Ione: Oh, wow.

Jennifer Gillman: Well click I’m hanging up on them because that’s not good enough for me.

Heather Ione: Right.

Jennifer Gillman: To me it means they’re hiding something that they don’t want me to know. Or they just have no idea because a lot of the oils out there are bought from middlemen and they have no clue where it’s coming from, they’re just bottling it.

Heather Ione: Oh wow.

Jennifer Gillman: They’re being sold by the barrel from the middleman and that makes me madder now that I know what I know. Because the farmers and the people who are working their tail off to make sure that they grow it correctly, they harvest it correctly and get it to the distillation facility correctly they’re losing out because the middlemen are getting rich, you know? So, this was a bigger story is what I realized you know as I really delved in and I just contacted one company after the next DoTERRA answered everything, provided reports. I was able to find most of it online, to be honest, it was just out there open. And then I started talking to people who use DoTERRA. 

So, they were the clear winner for me and then I began and the first 18 months I introduced it to people still a little leery right? Because you start something, you’re like, all right, I did my homework, I think this is right. But you don’t know until you get the feedback. That 18 months later at this point I have worked with about a hundred people, clear winner. This was remarkable and not only were people having great results, they were loving it, meaning this was now a hobby. They liked working on their health. They liked loading up the diffuser every morning. They enjoyed, you know, making maybe a roller bottle here and there or making their own cleaning products. And that was a change for me, I realized now I can actually empower people and empower them with their health.

Heather Ione: Yeah. That happened to me too, I used to hear, you know, people would say like, oh, make a roller bottle or just make your own cleaner. And I was like, oh my gosh, I am not going to do that. I was like, no way am I going to make my own bathroom cleaner, you know. Like I am not a hippie. I’m not someone who’s going to do that, you know. But I’ve worked with the oils now so much and I saw how much that they changed my life and my body and made me feel so much better and then I started to become that hobbyist. And now I have it in the diffuser all the time and I’m making my own cleaners, which I cannot believe. I will never use some other store-bought cleaner again. And I remember I told you, I was like, I don’t like roller bottles and now I’m making roller bottle.

Jennifer Gillman: It’s funny how that when value goes up in your life and you see results. It’s a game changer in your health and then you enjoy different things. But don’t worry for those listening. If you’re like, nope. Still not going to ever convince me to pack my own stuff. They are premade things, that’s what I love about DoTERRA is they’ve come a long way. In the beginning it was truly just the oils and now, because of the demand, I mean, you got to figure, this is the largest essential oil company in the world. You don’t get there just because, but now they have met the demand of people who do not like to make things. So, there’s some premade rollers, there’s cleaner concentrates and things like that to make your life easier.

Heather Ione: Right. Yeah, absolutely. So, another thing I’m wondering about is, you know, we’ve talked about why DoTERRA at this point and the difference between the oils. But let’s say like there’s someone out there and they just have random essential oils at home. Right. They’ve bought them at the grocery store. They got one at a gas station. Maybe their family gave them random roller bottles or something in a stocking at Christmas. So, if they do have these sorts of random bottles sitting at home right now, how can they tell if one of them is quality? Is there a way that you can tell?

Jennifer Gillman: Yes, but I would encourage you to reach out, reach out to you and say, I want to smell a DoTERRA oil versus this. So, that’s really good. And just to ask you to say, listen, Heather, I would really like to smell one of your DoTERRA oils because I want to compare it with what I have, or I want to pour a drop in my hand.

Heather Ione: Yes.

Jennifer Gillman: So, that’s a clear tell-tale sign to be able to have an experience from you.

Heather Ione: Yes.

Jennifer Gillman: And so that’s one way, but they can easily just put it in their hands and rub their hands together. If it is greasy and it’s not absorbing, like there’s still a feeling of grease, there’s something else in there. Because essential oils are not greasy like that. It’s not like pouring coconut oil in your hand or pouring a lotion in your hand or pouring olive oil in your hand. It’s not like that at all. It will absorb directly in and leave nothing.

Heather Ione: Right. Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: So, that’s a really good way for just everybody and anybody to be able to look and not have to know how to read reports and all that other kind of stuff.

Heather Ione: Yes, absolutely. And I actually got my mother-in-law that way and to getting interested in DoTERRA, she actually just texted Matt last night. She’s like, can you have Heather text me? I need more oils. But she came over once and she’s like, I’m really curious about these oils. And she’s like, can I use a lavender? Can I use this? And I like put some on her hands and stuff like that and she was like, oh wow. She was so surprised by how it felt. And then she went home and she’s like, my lavender does not smell like the lavender you gave me. And I think that that’s like another huge tell-tale sign is when you use a bottle of like DoTERRA Peppermint, oh wow it is potent.

Jennifer Gillman: It is absolutely.

Heather Ione: It is powerful. You know that, that is peppermint. You can smell it from the other room you know and the oils that I used to use were not like that, you know. Because they were so diluted with whatever randomness they were putting in the bottle.

Jennifer Gillman: Yeah. I love when people have already used oils, because then it’s very clear.

Heather Ione: Yeah. Absolutely.

Jennifer Gillman: You know, using some, DoTERRA, there is no question that like, this is absolutely a superior product.

Heather Ione: Great. Yeah. They don’t even need to read a report. You can just tell immediately from feeling it.

Jennifer Gillman: It is the purest, absolute purist brand out there.

Heather Ione: So, another question that I have for you is a lot of people have used essential oils before, random ones maybe, but they’re used to just using them for the smell. Right. Because I used to only use essential oils because I like the smell of them. I was like, ooh, this is nice, you know. But how can they actually improve your life? Why is it that we are so passionate about these oils?

Jennifer Gillman: That is a really good question. And I have to say, it will vary for everyone because we’re all so different. We’re all uniquely different. But I’ll give you a couple of examples, really. Some people come to me and they want to work emotionally. And they tell me things, you know, and share because they just want help and support emotionally. And it’s amazing. They’ll start using those oils and I see a different person the next time I see them, you know.

 Heather Ione: Wow.

Jennifer Gillman: Or I even hear it on the phone. I can hear that they are so much more joy there that they’re beginning to have hope and purpose. And as they keep working with these oils, all of a sudden, they’re starting to come up with ideas about their life and what they want to do. That just doesn’t happen because I know it’s the power of the oils. So, emotionally is huge and the way that works, it goes into the nose, the olfactory bulb there, and it affects your {inaudible 37:25} system and that’s how that science-wise works.

Jennifer Gillman: And there’s something called the amygdala, there that’s the centre of emotions and feelings. The only way to get to it is through aroma.

Heather Ione: Oh wow.

Jennifer Gillman: That’s the only way to get to that part. Now, if you look at the flip side, drugs, you know, medications, pharmaceuticals, you can take those and you can affect change in your amygdala, centre of emotions and feelings. But you have to decide which path you want to go, you know, and I never put down modern medicine because there’s absolutely a time and place for it, absolutely. Especially if something is really hard, it’s a way to get through something. 

But then most people then decide, I want to go natural, I’m going to move towards that natural route. So, that’s one huge way and it’s not to underestimate that because emotional then often leads to physical, not the other way around really. Although people come to me and say, I want to work on this. I need less pain. I need less migraines. I need less allergies. I want a better night’s sleep, you know, things like that. And the oils absolutely help with those areas, remarkable stories at that. But then they start to realize there was an emotional aspect to it always.

Heather Ione: Oh.

Jennifer Gillman: When they start to realize, oh, I’m actually I feeling happier, I’m feeling more hope or purpose. These things end up coming out and it’s because the oils are helping you get well, you know, if being more clarity about what you want to do in your life.

Heather Ione: Right? Yeah. And I think we forget how closely linked our physical body and our emotional body is. You know, modern medicine makes it seem like those two things are entirely different, they do not exist together. But really, they are so connected. So, that’s what I like about using the oils is that like, I feel that emotional benefit, I feel better when I use them and then my body feels better. And those two things just kind of feed into each other, you know.

Jennifer Gillman: The last part I will tell you physically, because sometimes you’re like, well, I still don’t understand physically how they work. They work actually at a cellular level. So, if you think of, we’re made up of trillions of cells, everything, if there’s a disease within the body, it could possibly be inside the cells, right. Maybe it’s outside the cells well plant medicine, the essential oils can actually penetrate the cell membrane and go in and be like garbage collectors and clean up anything bad in there and then they can go back and repair the cells. So, the good news now is there’s a lot of literature now, finally on this. The last 20 years is just been ginormous of where you can find data and this, you know, the science on how that actually works based on various oils.

Jennifer Gillman: So, truly physically the evidence is there.

Heather Ione: Right.

Jennifer Gillman: Evidence is absolutely there.

Heather Ione: Absolutely. So, let’s say there’s someone listening right now and they’re like, okay like, I get it. I am interested in DoTERRA and all this kind of stuff. I want to get my hands on some of these oils, where do they start? Where do you typically recommend people go when they’re interested in experimenting with DoTERRA and learning more about the oils and you know, implementing them in their lives, seeing how it might make them feel better. Where do you initially recommend that they start?

Jennifer Gillman: Yeah. That’s a really good question. I get that a lot because they’re like, all right I don’t even know where to start. That’s often the question.

Heather Ione: Yeah, absolutely.

Jennifer Gillman: So, DoTERRA has a wonderful kit that answers that question. It’s called the healthy start kit. So, healthy start kit was designed with you in mind. You, that person that’s like, I want to get started, but I don’t know where. It gives you 10 oils. So, a nice amount to really get some great benefits, because I will tell you, by choosing to start with only one or two, you are really limiting your success, you know.

Heather Ione: Right.

Jennifer Gillman: You are really eliminate your success drastically. So, I like that they put this kit together and because there’s so much you can do with it. And then really making sure you purchase from somebody who’s going to help you. So, having that guide who really cares for you, and I know that both of us do that.

Heather Ione: Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: It’s really helping people because if you’re just going to buy something and not have a guide to help you and show you the best resources for you, of what you want to accomplish. And if that’s not good, that’s back to like my Tea Tree Oil, nobody came home from the store with me to tell me what to do with it.

Heather Ione: Yeah. Exactly.

Jennifer Gillman: So, it’s important to have that.

Heather Ione: Right. I agree. And that’s actually the kit that I started out with when I first enrolled in DoTERRA, because I was so interested in these oils and I was actually searching for them for a long time. But I didn’t know how to get a quality oil. And then randomly, I ended up getting invited to this essential oil party at somebody’s house. And I went home with the healthy start kit. So, I got to use all the oils and, oh my gosh, I had so much fun just getting to play with them and use all the different oils and use Deep Blue. And I remember like I would put it on and like the kinks in my neck would go away and I would put like Peppermint on if I had cramps and stuff like that.

Heather Ione: And it was so much fun to start to learn about them, myself.

Jennifer Gillman: Didn’t you feel empowered?

Heather Ione: Yeah, I did.

Jennifer Gillman: I could do this.

Heather Ione: Yeah. And the other thing that you were saying is, you know, a guide is so important. Because so many people, they buy oils and then they’re like, okay, like I’m just on my own with this, you know? And they sort of lose interest because they’re not getting that help. They’re not seeing how this could actually impact their body. And when I was initially working with someone from DoTERRA, she was not really interested in like helping me in that way. So, I grabbed the oils, I went home and then, you know, eventually kind of fizzled out and you were the person who brought my interest back into the oils because you made me realize how these oils can help and improve your physical health and your emotional health and all that stuff.

I remember sitting down with you and you were like, alright, let’s put together a little routine, you know, and you helped me come up with that stuff. So, I’m so thankful that I met you because you’re always pointing me to different books and resources. And I can text you at any point and be like, well, what do I do for this? You know, so I’m really excited to do that for other people too. And I’m really excited to help those people that are, you know, especially interested in sticking with it. You know, they don’t just want to like smell them once in a while and then that’s that.

Jennifer Gillman: And that’s what I love about you, Heather, is that you are such a good guide because there are some people out there that they want to be the hero of everyone’s story.

Heather Ione: Oh yes.

Jennifer Gillman: And that is not the way to take this on.

Heather Ione: No.

Jennifer Gillman: You want to be a guide because the person doing the work, the person using their oils for their own health, you are the hero of your story. You are the hero of your health story or whatever you set yourself up to do. But we all need a guide.

Heather Ione: Yes.

Jennifer Gillman: You know, when I need help with something, I find a guide right, whether it’s from my business, my health or whatever, I know I need somebody to help me. I can’t do things on my own. I need a person to help me. Where can I find this resource for that?

Heather Ione: Right. Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: So, you are so good that because you play that role so well for others.

Heather Ione: Thank you. That’s how I feel about coaching too. Like I always say every single person in the world should have a life coach.

Jennifer Gillman: Yup.

Heather Ione: I constantly say it.

Jennifer Gillman: Absolutely.

Heather Ione: Because imagine how much happier we would be if we all had a guide like that, that was constantly rooting for us and cheering us on. But I think you hit on something that was really important too. I noticed in the coaching industry, there’s coaches that are really a guide for people. And then there are coaches who want the ego boost and who want to be able to say that they changed your life. And that is not how you go about changing someone’s life by saying like, I’m going to be the hero of your story right now.

Jennifer Gillman: And it’s pretty apparent you see it in their writing, you know, which type of person that is.

Heather Ione: Yeah, I think so.

Heather Ione: So, now let’s say someone got a healthy start kit, right? How can they actually use the DoTERRA essential oils? Because I know I’ve had several conversations now with people on Instagram who reached out to me and wanted to learn more about the oils. And they are really scared to use them at first because they have come across so many that said, do not put this on your body. Like, warning don’t put this on your skin. Don’t put this on your face. Don’t ingest this internally. So, people are like, oh my gosh, what am I getting into? And it’s funny, like one girl, she asked me over and over again. She’s like, are you sure I can put this on my skin? Are you sure I can? I was like, yes you can. So, can you tell us how you can actually use the DoTERRA essential oils?

Jennifer Gillman: And I actually asked you the question. So, besides Deep Blue, which one of your favourites here that are in front of us?

Heather Ione: The peppermint.

Jennifer Gillman: And how do you use the peppermint?

Heather Ione: I diffuse it in the morning. So, that helps me like wake me up, Matt and I also both use it before we go work out. So, I always put some in my palm and then I like take my finger and like I’ll dab it around my nose. I’ll rub my palms together and like breathe it in. And that like opens up your, what did you call it once a bronchial dilator?

Jennifer Gillman: Yes.

Heather Ione: It like opens up your chest. So, we actually noticed that we get more oxygen and we are able to work out longer and harder and like run farther and lift more weight. It’s like, oh my gosh. It’s like magic. It’s so crazy. And it makes me feel better, it makes me happier, you know? So, whenever I need like motivation or I just need a boost, I’m always breathing in Peppermint oil or like applying it to my skin.

Jennifer Gillman: That’s awesome. I love that. So, you’ve just answered some questions and I’m going to point out now for the listeners to be like, oh, that’s what it is. There’s three ways to use DoTERRA aromatically, by smelling it in. The second one is topical and then this is for DoTERRA only, it’s internal. Okay. If you have other brands at home, like Heather said, you’re going to see on the bottle it says not to be ingested, don’t use this way or that way. Well, most of the DoTERRA oils, you can actually ingest because they are pure. I say most because some the way they are the chemical compounds, not chemicals, manmade, but the way the plant is naturally made, some of them are high in something like phenols or other things that you shouldn’t ingest it because it’s so potent. Right?

Heather Ione: Okay.

Jennifer Gillman: So, that’s the only reason some oils can’t be ingested. But most of us can be.

Heather Ione: So, can you give us an example?

Jennifer Gillman: Wintergreen is a perfect example.

Heather Ione: Okay.

Jennifer Gillman: So, there’s Wintergreen gum, but that’s not essential oil in there. That’s really just a plant extract and which is maybe about15, 18% more powerful than the plant itself. Essential oils are 50 to 70 times more powerful than the plant itself.

Heather Ione: Oh wow.

Jennifer Gillman: So, when now you have such a potent potency of Wintergreen, then we can’t ingest that. It’s just not one that we would want to ingest because our body can’t handle that much of a potency.

Heather Ione: Okay.

Jennifer Gillman: So, what I love about DoTERRA is the bottles are clearly labelled, very clearly. As a matter of fact, you’ll be really happy. There’s so much information on there.

Heather Ione: Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: You know, versus just a couple of words or a sentence, you know?

Heather Ione: Right. Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: So, again, most of them you can ingest. So, back to your Peppermint story, now we know we can use them aromatically, topically, and internally. You’re using peppermint aromatically in the diffuser to create more energy, probably a little more alertness, right. And then topically you’re using it.

Heather Ione: Yeah. I also take the peppermint capsules I forgot. I take that and it helps with digestive issues and IBS.

Jennifer Gillman: So, you use peppermint all three ways.

Heather Ione: Yeah. I’m a big fan of Peppermint.

Jennifer Gillman: Peppermint’s really good. I love that. And I have to tell your Peppermint just because I just love hearing your story about Peppermint.

Heather Ione: Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: There’s this great book. You guys, so you can ask Heather where to get this. But it’s all about the emotions and essential oils and peppermint. I’m just turning a couple of pages to find it exactly. But peppermint, emotionally is all about a buoyant heart. Okay. Peppermint brings joy buoyancy to the heart and soul and invigorates the body, mind and spirit or reminds individuals that life can be happy and they don’t have to be controlled by fear. Isn’t that awesome?

Heather Ione: Yes. I love that.

Jennifer Gillman: We all want to live like that.

Heather Ione: Yeah. It was so funny. I was with your friend Tina, one day she did a zyto scan on me and she’s like, do you feel like you’re really drawn to certain oils? Because she wanted to see if what I told her was going to show up on this zyto scan too. And I was like, oh, I just can’t get enough Peppermint. I’m constantly smelling it. Like, I’ll take the bottle out and smell it. I’ll put it on my hands. Like I’m always using it. She’s like, oh, I know why. And I was like, what do you mean? And then I got the book and I was like, oh my gosh. That’s why, I didn’t realize I was actually drawn to the emotional benefits of the Peppermint. But of course, I had the physical benefits with working out and stuff like that.

Jennifer Gillman: Yeah.

Heather Ione: But I didn’t realize the reason why like I couldn’t get enough of it was because I needed that emotional support that peppermint gives you.

Jennifer Gillman: Yeah. It’s so good. I love that you’re getting more endurance from your workouts because you discovered something that a lot of professional athletes have as well. And in DoTERRA we follow our professional athletes, people who are Olympians, professional sports teams, like with the NFL or tennis or basketball, whatever, they use DoTERRA products. And one of the most popular is Breathe and Peppermint because it gives them more endurance. It helps exactly the way you say.

Heather Ione: Oh my gosh.

Jennifer Gillman: Absolutely.

Heather Ione: It’s so crazy.

Jennifer Gillman: And then Deep Blue is a huge favourite.

Heather Ione: Of course.

Jennifer Gillman: Because they need to stay well.

Heather Ione: Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Jennifer Gillman: So, they write about it all the time. They’re constantly {inaudible 52:07}

Heather Ione: Oh, that’s so cool. I thought I was the first person who was on to this.

Jennifer Gillman: You’re just a professional athlete.

Heather Ione: Right. I didn’t realize I was onto something.

Jennifer Gillman: Isn’t that cool?

Heather Ione: Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: Oh, that’s awesome.

Jennifer Gillman: Yeah. Good company.

Heather Ione: And Matt too, he didn’t use essential oils before we started dating. And it’s so funny because now the more I’ve been using them and showing him how to use them. He’s always like, I need Peppermint. Like he always uses peppermint before he runs because he knows he can run so much farther and he’s always like, oh, I need Deep Blue. I need Serenity. And it’s funny because now if I don’t have those, those are all like examples of oils that we have like three bottles on hand at a time. But if for some crazy reason I don’t have those oils in the house, he’s like a little bit upset and kind of annoyed about it. And I just think it’s so funny to have gotten a man to that point where he like has a little hissy fit if I don’t have that oil.

Jennifer Gillman: I love that. And your brain remembers, your brain will remember what is good for you.

Heather Ione: Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: It remembers what’s bad for you and sabotages you, but we could change those patterns, you know? You can, you can work on changing those with a coach like yourself.

Heather Ione: Yeah. That’s so cool.

Jennifer Gillman: Yeah.

Heather Ione: So, the next thing that I want to ask you is, you know, I feel like a lot of people, they get oils for the first time, but they don’t really know how to use them specifically for their physical health and stuff like that. So, I really want to just like throw different examples at you of different physical problems people might encounter throughout the day that they can use these oils for, and then you tell us how to use them. But by the way, I just want to mention to everyone listening that every single oil, product, book, something that might be mentioned, all of the links are going to be in the show notes.

So, if you know, hear us talking about a certain oil, Frankincense, Peppermint, whatever it may be, you can always get the links right below in the show notes. And a lot of them will be put in a shopping cart automatically for you. So, you can just buy them without having to browse the site or look for them. So, the first one that I want to start with, I was not planning on starting with this one, but I feel like given the current situation, I definitely have to ask this. So, right now we’re in a global pandemic and I think everyone is really concerned about their immunity right now. So, what can someone do with the oils if you’re looking to boost your immune system? My favourite oil, On Guard. On Guard and Oregano actually is what I’m going to tell you about.

Jennifer Gillman: Okay. On Guard and Oregano, basically we would give you recipes for making that like roller bottle and ways to put that on in the morning and at night where to put it, you know, bottoms of the feet and spine are really great areas. So, rather than, I don’t want to get into too much detail, but I want to give you the solutions and then basically how you would use it. So, Oregano is one of that goes after like really some serious things basically, and coupling that with On Guard that has five different plants in it, that’s a really good way to do that. 

So, we would teach you how to use those two oils and you could be making mouthwashes. You could be making your own hand soap. It’s very effective hand sanitizer, counter, top cleaning spray. And by the way there’s free recipes on my YouTube channel. So, my YouTube channel is the herbal cabinet. So, once you get your kit from Heather, then you can always go to my YouTube channel and see some of these, they’re just five-minute videos of how to put together your immune system kit, you know?

Heather Ione: Right. And I saw your sanitizer, homemade sanitizer there and stuff like that.

Jennifer Gillman: Yeah, so easy for pennies you can put this together. And I liked that because now you just keep making it over and over again. But it’s important that you are, you know, using that On Guard hand sanitizer on the inside of your mask, you know, a couple of times a day as you’re out and about, so that you’re constantly working on killing anything that’s trying to enter your body.

Heather Ione: Yeah. I use the sanitizer spray, the On Guard DoTERRA sanitizing spray. And I had sprayed it on my mask too.

Jennifer Gillman: Yes.

Heather Ione: I didn’t actually think about it as immune boosting. I just like the smell of it.

Jennifer Gillman: That’s so good.

Heather Ione: Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: But the Oregano just a quick warning, make sure, you know, whatever you get, make sure you get back with Heather so she can teach you how to use these. Bring you into our essential oil community, which is rich with so much information and self-paced, learning, and group learning. But the Oregano needs to be diluted. So, you would never put that directly in your skin. So, I just want to make a note of that.

Heather Ione: Yes. I actually learned that the hard way. I did not know about that before I used to Oregano. Because that was actually a bottle I kept around for years when I first got it when I got my healthy start kit and no one told me about that. So, I think it was last year, I was like, ooh, Oregano. And I put it on my skin and it started burning, you know? So, yeah, definitely don’t do that.

Jennifer Gillman: It’s too strong to not be with a carrier oil. So, the most effective is to put it with a carrier oil. We can help you with the dilution amounts and all that. I know you said your listeners often say, I just don’t know how, and that’s when we found that we have continuing education in our community. That once you’re a member, it’s free continuing education. It happens twice a week. If you’re more of that self-paced person that just likes to look at stuff on your own, we have self-case learning modules. We have four different ones in our community that you can take yourself through. And they’re fun videos teaching you how to do things.

Heather Ione: Yes.

Jennifer Gillman: But you never have to worry about how to use things and how much and you know where to put it and all that kind of stuff.

Heather Ione: Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: Our community {inaudible 58:15}.

Heather Ione: Everyone who becomes a wholesale customer, they automatically get my cell phone number to text me whenever they have questions. I do like free consultation calls to help people use the oils. And then as soon as they become a wholesale customer, they also get access to that Facebook community. So, there’s tons of education on there and you guys are so great about educating people on the oils.

Jennifer Gillman: It takes a community and we all do.

Heather Ione: Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: It’s really nice is you get to learn from a couple of thousand people altogether, you know. Because every one of us have different experiences.

Heather Ione: Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: So, you don’t have to feel alone when you say this is what’s happening to me. Is there anyone in the community that I can reach out to?

Heather Ione: Right? Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: It will be because we all deal with different things.

Heather Ione: Right. Exactly. Yeah. And even if I don’t have the answer, I can contact you or other uplines or go into the Facebook community. I mean, that’s what I love about it is there’s never going to be a time when you can’t get an answer to how to use an oil or what you should use, you know.

Jennifer Gillman: It’s a community of caring, absolutely.

Heather Ione: Right. Absolutely, so the next question that I want to ask you is what if we’re already sick, we’ve already come down with a cold or flu or something. What do we use then?

Jennifer Gillman: So, you want four oils and the fortunately I’m really glad these four oils are in that healthy start kit because they are critical. The On Guard and the Oregano you’re going to use very frequently now. But in addition, you’re also going to use the Lemon and Tea Tree Oil. So, those four oils together, On Guard Lemon, Oregano and Tea Tree Oil when they’re combined together like that synergy takes over and can really go after, you know, anything that’s going on in your body. Because sometimes let’s face it, we don’t know if it’s a virus, a bacterial fungal infection, what is it? And you don’t have to worry with those four oils it’s going after all of it. So, we would teach you how to use it aromatically, topically, and internally, and how often, like the internally, you know, every four to six hours, you’re going to be doing something internally.

And so those kinds of things start taking over and with natural, anything natural, it’s about the consistency, keeping up with doing things regularly and that it just worked so well. Everyone that does this, I mean, everyone says they get through things so much quicker.

Heather Ione: Wow.

Jennifer Gillman: Where in the past, maybe it took, you know, four, six weeks to fully get through the flu.

Heather Ione: Right.

Jennifer Gillman: All of a sudden, you’re like five or six days, you’re feeling that much better, it’s remarkable. The first couple of times it happens you’re like, what just happened? Was that a fluke?

Heather Ione: Right. Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: Did that really happen or it must have been a first-time thing, you know.

Heather Ione: Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: And then it happens again or whatever. Maybe you end up getting sick again, but over time you find, you really don’t get sick. You’re just not getting sick because you’re recognizing the symptoms quicker and you attack it with the oils right away.

Heather Ione: Oh, okay. Wow. That’s so cool.

Jennifer Gillman: Then because your brain is remembering, always, remember your brain is working for you. So, then it’s like, oh, I have this slight sore throat. I know what works On Guard, before you know it, you’re already gargling with On Guard. So, you’re never going fully into sickness.

Heather Ione: Yeah. And you know, what I do is I actually have those On Guard beadlets and I take those whenever I travel, I always get sick when I travel. So, I’m constantly popping a little beadlets all day long.

Jennifer Gillman: It’s good for kids too because they’re so tiny.

Heather Ione: It’s true and they’re fun to take too. Yeah. I love that stuff. So, another thing that I wanted to mention too, you know, you mentioned being consistent about it. I think that that’s a really important thing because I think a lot of people expect the oils to be like a magic pill where they do it once, you know. But it is something where you don’t just like, you maybe use it in the morning, you know, you continue to use it. It becomes more of a lifestyle and more of a routine. And that’s when people notice that change in their health too.

Jennifer Gillman: Absolutely and I think that’s just healthier in any way, because if you think about it, a foundation of health is having daily healthy habits. Right? So, drinking water every day is healthy. Eating good food is healthy. Being out in the sun, you know, having a little bit of vitamin D is healthy, same thing with this plant medicine. If you have a little bit each day, you’re going to be better.

Heather Ione: Right. Absolutely. So, the next one I wanted to ask you about is anxiety. I feel like every single person I know on Instagram and every person who reaches out to me is telling me that they’re dealing with anxiety and they want a holistic remedy. Not everyone wants to take, you know, pills or something that they get prescribed from their doctor. So, what would you recommend people use there?

Jennifer Gillman: And I’m so glad you asked this because this is number one right now. The last two months after with what we’re going through right now, you know, people can handle the first couple of months. But this long drawn out, you know, dealing with all of this anxiety already was a climbing situation coming up in people’s lives and now it’s there. Everyone from young children to in the nineties are dealing with anxiety. So, it’s very serious and having some tools that are going help is really critical. So, I really love using Breathe first on the stomach.

Heather Ione: Really?

Jennifer Gillman: Okay. So, Breathe is typically something you use so you can breathe better. But what happens with anxiety is it’s your digestion, all of a sudden, stops. It’s like that feeling in your stomach, everything just stops and it’s because you’re not breathing. You’re shallow breathing and you’re always shallow breathing now. And there’s just this anxiety. It just lays in there. It’s setting up camp. So, you need to remind yourself to breathe. So, I usually recommend people put some Breathe on their stomach and then also do some deep breathing work with the Breathe. 

I love meditation and yoga and anything that supports that kind of thing. But you can just simply do 10 deep breaths with the Breathe. So, Breathe blend is wonderful, but also using Frankincense and Lavender regularly. And you can use those aromatically topically and internally because helping your system, nervous system and everything, just to be more relaxed, not to be so stressed your body needs help. You know, you can’t do it alone. Most people cannot do this just alone. They need some help. So, that Lavender and Frankincense are really good helpers.

Heather Ione: Absolutely.

Jennifer Gillman: I love that.

Heather Ione: I use them on my skin together too.

Jennifer Gillman: Side benefits to all of this, that’s why I love it. You know, a lot of other stuff have side effects.

Heather Ione: Right.

Jennifer Gillman: With essential oils it’s side benefits.

Heather Ione: Oh that’s so true, yea I actually, I follow this one girls and she started using the oils and she started putting frankincense on her skin every day and has these deep, deep like dark acne scars that have been there for years and she just started applying these to her acne scars and they’re all gone now. After 2 weeks of using frankincense that’s so crazy, use it for scaring, it’s amazing. 

Jennifer Gillman: Frank needs to be in everybody life.

Heather Ione: Oh my gosh, yea absolutely it’s the best.

Jennifer Gillman: It’s a booster for everything it’s with too. So, whatever you put it with it’s just going to make it better.

Heather Ione: Right, yea that’s what I like about it you can just mix it with anything and it make it more powerful. It makes it work better. So, the next one I wanted to ask you about is what about improving our creativity and our motivation. Because I think we all need this being stuck at home right now and especially when it comes to you know creative and entrepreneurs and stuff. We always need something to give us that, you know that extra boost so what would you recommend for that?

Jennifer Gillman: So, one of the things that we have to look at is what actually prompts you to be more creative. And typically means you had a good night sleep. Often it means that your brain it working better it’s a little more focus has maybe some oxygen in it to think right and jut more energy. So that’s what we look at, that like making sure your using oils to help you sleep well and then that energy. So, we go back to peppermint, which is something that you use, you know you told [inaudible 01:44.55] [???] how I use the peppermint. I like to teach people my little, it’s my version of red bull of DoTERRA and my version of red bull with DoTERRA is 2 drops of lemon and lemon is the oil of focus and concentration.

Brings joy it’s uplifting and then the peppermint which you all know about now. So, 2 drops peppermint, 2 drops of lemon in a shot glass with a little bit of water and you kick it back. You are going to get some great energy, oxygenates the brain and you’re just like ready to go, you know. Immediate I really like that a lot but you might also need to use the Breathe. So, just depending on if you’re also experiencing, we go back to the Breathe again. Because if you’re not breathing fully there’s no way, you’re attracting that ability to think creatively and having motivation you need to some deep breathing and bring that into your body. 

Heather Ione: Yea I’ve heard a lot of people like to diffuse wild orange and peppermint together for motivation and creativity, yea. I did that a couple times too do it in my office and stuff like that it’s so nice. 

Jennifer Gillman: Wild orange.

Heather Ione: I don’t even light candles anymore. I just use my diffuser for everything because I know it’s going to like benefit me too not just smell nice.

Jennifer Gillman: Exactly.

Heather Ione: So, what about just energy in general with essential oils would you recommend the DoTERRA Red bull to us?

Jennifer Gillman: Yea, the peppermint and lemon and always remember you can diffuse that. So, diffusing it you can put it on topically, I usually, I like to how to make a water bottle with that with some fractionated coconut oil and then you would put it on the back of your neck and behind the ears. Because those are areas that it goes into the blood stream very quickly and see it’s right next to your brain you know. So that’s where you’re going to get that immediate energy depends on where you’re putting it.

Heather Ione: Okay.

Jennifer Gillman: So I really like that a lot, you can use orange instead of the lemon, but the peppermint and lemon they actually come in that kit which is perfect, because you hear now we haven’t even gotten into all the things but you’re seeing that you have multiple uses for these oils. And that’s the power of this kit. You cannot go wrong getting healthy start kit.

Heather Ione: Yea, your options that are just sort of limitless what you can do with them, I love that about it.

Jennifer Gillman: Yea, it’s a good value a good deal when I spend on like I want to feel like I got such a good deal. I’m going to get so much from my money and this is the kit. 

Heather Ione: Yea and they actually added a diffuser to the kit too. When I enrolled, I didn’t get the diffuser and now people I was so bumped.

Jennifer Gillman: I know it’s so exciting like they just getting things better and better.

Heather Ione: I know, yea that’s what I love about DoTERRA too they actually want to improve your life and give you what you’re paying for. They’re not trying to scam you and like make you pay some outrageous amount for their oils. So another thing that I wanted to ask you about too, is about just breathing easier in general because I’ve had quite a few people come to me and they say what they have allergy or they have asthma it seems like those are 2 really common things that people deal with all the time. 

Jennifer Gillman: Yea absolutely, this is anxiety comes up a lot obviously but allergies and asthma is right there because there’s so many people dealing with it. And one of the things that we can help you with is to look at what’s in your home and what’s happening that maybe possible cause that. We can help you just start switching over, you know products personal care products that might be causing more problems. You don’t realize it, because you might say I use their dryer sheets for years, it can’t be them. Or I used that skin care system for years or used that lotion or that bath bar or that laundry detergent or these cleaners for years. That’s how those work you guys.

Little by little they creep into your endocrine system and they creep into other parts of your body and over time they create problems and they sneak up on you. So that’s how that works. So, the sooner you can begin to not using some of those things that maybe you have in your home and switching over to something natural the better. I know that’s what I used to buy those dryer sheets I was like, “buy one get one free, get those lavender dryer sheets”. I did that and now I think about it makes me sick I didn’t know. When you don’t know you have no idea what it’s doing to you. And then I’m like before I know it, I’m like going to allergist I’m going to an allergist. 

I’m like what is wrong with me I never had allergies before. And then he’s like “you kind of had asthma too because you’re breathing through that thing very well. And then they test you for that. And then they put me on a prescription medication I’m like what the heck is happening I’ve never had these problems. Where is this coming from?

Heather Ione: Right.

Jennifer Gillman: And then I started to get rid of these stuff I’ve been off of that for years. I’ve never had to take that stuff again, ever. So, the oils you’re going to use for this there’s 4 oils with the allergies and they do work really well together. Just like the 4 oils for you know cold and flu. There’s four oils for allergies and it’s lemon, lavender, pepper mint and franky baby, okay. Remember frank helps everything work greater. 

So, lemon lavender, peppermint we’ve already mentioned all these oils. So, again we’re getting like multiple uses out of something. And basically, you use them in your diffuser regularly make a roller bottle you learn how and where to put those. And then you can also do an allergy shot instead of some of those over the counter medicines by putting a drop of each into a little shot glass with a little water and you can drink that and that’s your allergy shot. It works pretty quickly. 

So, if you’re dealing with something right away, whether it’s environmental food whatever I’m not saying don’t use your epipen. If you need an epipen, use your epipen, but many people find that they have their epipen and now all of a sudden, it’s years later they still haven’t used it it’s because not their working proactively on this. So, it’s pretty remarkable I have 100 of stories about allergies it’s so many people that I’ve had such great success. Asthma is really Breathe is one of your best oils and then frankincense helps it. So, using that aromatically and topically.

Heather Ione: Yea.

Jennifer Gillman: It’s wonderful and many people find that they’re just using their inhalers less and less and less and less.

Heather Ione: It’s funny you should say that I actually had someone reach out to me and she said she doesn’t have to use her inhaler anymore because she uses a Breathe roller topically all the time now and she just starts to apply to her chest when she normally would reach for her inhaler and she doesn’t have to use it anymore.

Jennifer Gillman: Yea and that’s great because the inhalers are steroids and so overtime that’s really not good for your body. So, and most people know that most people realize but when you can’t breathe, you can’t breathe. You wanting to breathe. So, little bit little we start creating this daily habit of using something then your mind again will remember and be like now I want to, I’m actually craving using that because I know it helps me.

Heather Ione: Right that’s true because now I don’t have to think about using these things, I just automatically crave the deep loo and the peppermint or whatever it might be.

Jennifer Gillman: Just takes a little time to create those habits and that’s why you have a guide to help you. Once the habits are there there’s no going back. 

Heather Ione: Right, so what about pain relief and soreness. I know Matt could really use this right now. He’s working on converting a school bus right now into an RV. So, he’s sore all the time.

Jennifer Gillman: I’d like to see it you guys it’s so cool he bought this bus and he’s converting it I think that’s awesome I love it. So, you know that deep blue works really well, but sometimes it needs a little help. So, I like to teach people how to use lavender and frankincense with the deep blue.

Heather Ione: Okay.

Jennifer Gillman: And Frankincense is one of the best anti-inflammatories there is along with turmeric which we have turmeric essential oil too. But you can’t go wrong with those two for reducing inflammation and then lavender is actual an analgesic and a lot of people don’t realize that analgesic means pain reliever it is that and most people associate lavender to relaxing, which it does that too. But remember plants are pretty complex they can do a lot of thing and I love that; you know, you can have one oil and it does all these things.

Heather Ione: Right yea, so would you recommend putting them on topically or is there something you should take internally too?

Jennifer Gillman: Topically I would put that with some fractionated coconut oil or you can use deterra has a great unscented lotion I love it. The incented lotion was made first it’s pure no parabens, no phthalate none of that garbage but it was made. So that you make your own lotions. So, if you wanted a pain-relieving lotion you can make your own and put the deep blue and the lavender and the frankincense in it.

So, either you know I usually tell people or ask them first I’ll say would you like to put a lotion on or a cream or would you like an oil to put on? And they’ll say you know, let’s start with the lotion or they’ll say I like oils so then you know based on what they answer I recommend either the fractionated coconut oil or the lotion.

Heather Ione: That’s so smart that you do that I hadn’t thought to ask people that before like would you rather use a cream or an oil? Because that adds to the fun of the experience and then they’re more likely to do it again. 

Jennifer Gillman: And it needs to be something a little bit more familiar because pain is very serious and if it’s difficult for them to do, it’s going to be a little bit harder to create that habit.

Heather Ione: I never thought about that it’s interesting.

Jennifer Gillman: The lavender and the frankincense remember those can be ingested. So, now all of sudden you can give yourself a little lavender and frankincense shot you know meaning when I say shot, I mean shot glass of a couple drops of each with a little water and use that so. And there are additional oils Heather but that’s a very good place to start. I don’t like to go too deep into pain. Pain is a serious as sleep.

You know, sometimes we have to work with a little bit before we get your right formula and that is the only comparison, I will say of what oils are to pharmaceutical medications. Is, you know when you go to a doctor sometimes, they have to play around with the dosage to get the right fit. Same with oils sometimes we have to play around with oils until we get the right fit. That’s where the comparison ends though. You know, so those 2 things sometimes we have to do that with the oils.

Heather Ione: I agree with that, if you use something and you’re like well it’s not working for me. Don’t think that essential oils won’t work for you because we, like every single person’s body is so different there’s an element of bio individuality there. So, we have to sort of play with certain things before the right thing for us. I mean you and I worked on my digestion for 6 months and we’re like alright we’ve got it now. 

Jennifer Gillman: Quite a few products and sometimes you’re stuck in there and that’s the thing when people find a good guide that they appreciate being patient with them. They’re like, yes, I’ll keep trying I will keep trying because I want to be well.

Heather Ione: Right, yea.

Jennifer Gillman: So that’s the important part of having a good guide someone who’s going to stick there with you and not just give up after like you say to them it didn’t work. Well thanks for trying you’re like, you’re leaving me hanging here. So instead it’s like okay let’s try something else. Let’s figure this out.

Heather Ione: That was so helpful, I’m going to have Matt today take some Lavender in a shot glass when he comes in. Because we’ve been doing the topical stuff but I think it might help them internally.

Jennifer Gillman: A lot of the times you got to work from within.

Heather Ione: Because sometimes you have to figure out sometimes topically works better for some people. Sometimes internally works better, sometimes diffusing works better and sometimes you might need a combination of some of those things before it works.

Jennifer Gillman: Yup exactly, that’s right.

Heather Ione: So, what about headaches this is something I’ve dealt with for most of my life. What would you recommend people use with that?

Jennifer Gillman: Really the same we could work with that same pain you know combination deep blue, the frank and the lavender. I usually like to go directly to that. It’s first of all came in your kit so why not use it. But some people they actually really like frank incense. I’m going to show you something a little bit different. 

If you put a drop of frankincense on just the pad of your finger or the thumb and then put that in the inside of the mouth and hold it to the roof your mouth. And some people will do this with lavender. But most people have success with frankincense one drop, pad of your thumb, inside of the mouth. Hold it to the roof of the mouth for about 30 seconds and then boom just starts to dissipate the headache including migraines so that’s a really good place to start with that along with the topical. 

Okay topical, we need as close as possible around the head the neck behind the ears. Also always breathing those oils in. Sometimes people will add a little bit of peppermint to that mix. Peppermint and peppermint like oxygenates the brain so that’s always a good thing when it comes to headache or you could always put the peppermint on the roof of your mouth too. You know, just a little bit though, it’s not going to like burn it’s just going to be like wow.

Heather Ione: It definitely wakes you up. It’s very potent very powerful. Now what about sleeping better at night because I know this is something that a vast majority of people have problems with and we have all have our little you know what it’s called melatonin stuff like that. So, what can we use instead of all that?

Jennifer Gillman: There’s a lot of controversy in melatonin you know for short periods of time. You know I agree that that can be good but we were going to look at what’s a long term result you know, what’s a long-term thing that can use for better results. So, I like to start with lavender and frank again and again we’re talking about the same oils you guys, it’s all great you know they’re able to be used this way. Diffusing it for sure using it topically and internally so all 3 ways for sleep.

Now does it work sometimes just topically for people? Yes, I even know somebody who just lavender works for them you know I know a few people. Most people that’s not enough though. They need something more. So, what I’ll usually start with is the peppermint sorry not peppermint the lavender and the frankincense all three ways and see how that’s going for them many people that’s all they need.

Heather Ione: And where do you recommend, they apply it if they make like a roller bottle or they just use the drops.

Jennifer Gillman: Yes, this is I like to show them how to have a nice night time ritual routine and by the way, you know definitely revisit your sleep hygiene meaning like how is your room meaning like how is your room is it a cooler temperature do you have black out curtains there, is there no TV or is there a TV, you know? We want to look at the sleep hygiene of what’s the atmosphere as well as what’s your routine right before bed because there could be something disrupting it.

So, sleep is a big deal but there are some great parameters you can look at. But after you start, getting the diffuser going is I make the roller right and the roller you’re going to put in the palm of your hand and you’re going to 10 nice long deep breaths. We always want to help your body first by smelling it always. And it sends the signal to the brain it’s time to go to bed, it’s time to relax. And then you go ahead and put it on the back of the neck, behind the ears. Up and down the spine as much as you can reach and the bottoms and feet. So, it’s really by feeding it into the spine you’re putting it into the nervous system. Bottoms of the feet, it’s going into the blood stream. So, all those areas and you just make it a nice routine, that you’re taking care of your body. 

Heather Ione: Absolutely, I love that I’m going to start doing that I usually just use serenity but yea, I want like a night time roller bottle that I can use too.

Jennifer Gillman: And if you have kids, oh my gosh, this works so well because aroma and touch together is beautiful that is so healing. So now envision like someone who has kids and now they’re putting them to bed at night. Maybe, you have a bedtime story or whatever now all of a sudden you get the roller out and you’re rubbing their back with the oil and the bottoms of their feet. They will want that every night and now you created a beautiful routine and a great connection and you know your partner your spouse you can do the same kind of thing and that touch is a whole other element that is very loving and healing and you’ll sleep better.

Heather Ione: Yea, I completely agree, I help Matt fall a sleep at night with the serenity. I always put the serenity on his chest and I just like rub it in and I lift it up and like hold my palm up to his, you know nose and he’s always can you put some serenity on me.

Jennifer Gillman: He becomes a kid right.

Heather Ione: He acts like a kid it’s so funny. And you and I both learnt because we both studied at IIN that touch is so healing and a lot of times you know people reach for certain things like even affairs because they’re just craving an element of touch, you know. And I remember Joshua the founder IIN saying a couple times like imagine how many relationships would be saved if people just went and got a massage.

Jennifer Gillman: Isn’t that the truth human connection and touch is so important especially right now because you’re not able to touch everyone else out here so who’s ever is in your house you feel alone finding out that, that person people that can support each other to really have touch involved in some ways of hugging or something. 

Heather Ione: Right, absolutely.

Jennifer Gillman: That’s really important.

Heather Ione: Now what about when it comes to improving our digestion or our gut health. I know a lot of us have had our digestions ruined for antibiotics and stuff like that so what can we do?

Jennifer Gillman: Yea, there is one oil it’s particular that I love and it’s called digest Zen z-e-n. And digest Zen was formulated to really help with all digestive issues and I like that because it works so well. And it has peppermint and coriander in and a seed in fennel and all these things and ginger things are traditionally known to help with digestive anything. So, I like that a lot and you can use that internally and topically. 

The only time you really diffuse that is if other’s actually like something going stomach virus type thing going on in the air. And then you would definitely diffuse it in that case. So, one family member is getting it form the next you know that you better start diffusing it too. But normally you would just use that topically and internally and you know any time I have any kind of a rich meal I come home from that or if you know where ever and I take a couple drops put it in some water and drink it.

Here’s my husband’s version of digest Zen. He waits, and I’ll say I used to say like “do you want some too?” “no, I’m fine” 15 minutes later, 30 minutes later I should have used the digest Zen. So, he’s like then taking the digest Zen in the meantime I’m totally find because I knew that I probably wouldn’t feel very good because I was feeling full. So, used it preventively I’m totally fine. I think he’s in pain you know. So, now peppermint sometimes peppermint works better. And peppermint is really specific to like IBS and can be linked emotionally too. So, don’t hesitate peppermint comes in that kit start with digest zen sometimes the peppermint alone works better.

Heather Ione: I know I found my magic was the peppermint capsules that I used that worked for me so well. Oh my gosh, I don’t know what I could do now without the peppermint capsules yea they work amazing. So, another one that I’m curious about is cramps, because a lot of woman are going to be listening to this podcast. So, I know that this is something we struggle with all the time and it’s like something that is so painful and we all have our little rituals and stuff but it seems like they don’t completely work you know we still have the pain. 

Jennifer Gillman: So, there’s a couple of things and my daughter is 17 so we really worked hard on getting her cycle regular and a lot of women it’s like it’s all over the place. You get heavy periods; you get them whenever they’re not on a regular schedule and then you are just damning out for a couple of days. Those first couple of days and sometimes the whole time and not even mentioning right now the emotional impact that that has and the PNS is such a real thing. 

So, the best thing to work is trying to get things regular and not so heavy. Because that’s shown to then go through regular a little bit more normal cycle. If you can get it regular not so heavy you won’t have all those cramps that are so bad, you might have a little bit but not bad. And then also the hormone imbalance as far as the mood isn’t as bad so we need to work on getting regular. Now when you’re in the moment the pain roller is really good.

So, putting that pain roller on and then you can alternate warm and cold compresses even. And just be careful of not too long with the heating pad because it actually brings more blood flow to the area. So, you want to like what chases away heavy period is cold. And I know you don’t want to put anything cold on your stomach. But so, like maybe an alternating cold pack for 5 minutes and a little bit of warmth for 10 minutes just to help you feel better but that will also drive the oils in. By putting that, you know heat or cold it will drive it in more.

So just that lower abdomen, but also the lower back. Okay, so you need to treat both areas because oils can access from both sides. So, right about the tailbone area but also the lower abdomen so that’s the pain roller and you can take that lavender and frank incense internally too but long-term you want to start Clarycalm. Clarycalm is a roller that has 11 plants in there to help you regulate your cycle. And then what you’re going to find is you put that on the bottom of your feet and the inside of your ankles every night every night you’re going to find that each cycle gets better and better and better. 

Heather Ione: Oh, my goodness.

Jennifer Gillman: Yea so with my daughter, now it took several month moth and just a few month only because the first time she tried it’s not working here she puts it back to me. And then she starts I think it might be working and then like happens and she stops using it again. So, we’ve been through this for a little while, now it’s been probably about a year she does not, not use it because she’ been proven to herself that this works. And now she has like a normal really regular cycle just a little bit of cramping nothing major. 

You should have symptoms we’re women we’re supposed to we don’t want to erase all of that. But you don’t want to be crippled up not able to work and not even liking your own self you know; you don’t want to be there. So, yea and that is good all the way even through para-menopause and menopause by that Clarycalm roller, I’m now through para-menopause and then I just hit menopause so I’m using every night to minimize those symptoms too works remarkable.

Heather Ione: Alright, I’m going to start doing that now too I just got my ClaryCalm in but I wasn’t sure what to do with it yet. Because I just get multiple oils at a time sometimes it can be overwhelming so yeah, I’m going to start doing that tonight before bed.

Jennifer Gillman: So, I put my sleepy roller on and right afterwards I put my ClaryCalm. 

Heather Ione: So, you can put multiple, okay I got you.

Jennifer Gillman: Layering actually makes things better. You’re just building one right after the next you’re rubbing it in, so the transfer of heat from your palm drives it in further.

Heather Ione: So interesting, every time I’m around I learn more. So, what about weight loss because I know couple people have come to me and they told that they’ve put on the covid 10, the covid 15.

Jennifer Gillman: Quarantine pounds.

Heather Ione: Yes, exactly what can we do about that.

Jennifer Gillman: Yes, so when you want to work on it you know relay probably the easiest place is really using lemon in your water regularly and you can put a little peppermint into. The lemon is actually helping to suppress the appetite and the peppermint is driving your metabolism a little bit more. And driving metabolism just makes you have more energy to burn the fat. So that is excellent so using that lemon and peppermint and down the road you may want to try an oil blend that was put together for this.

It’s called slim and sassy. Slim and sassy has lemon and peppermint in it. But it also has cinnamon and ginger again helping the metabolism and then also some grapefruit which helps suppress the appetite along with that lemon. So that works really well I like diffusing slim and sassy because emotionally it helps you to kind of cut the cravings a little bit not be thinking about some of the sugar things like that. A lot of people don’t realize you can diffuse it and it works pretty well. 

Heather Ione: Okay, I love putting slim and sassy in my water I love the taste of slim and sassy.

Jennifer Gillman: Yea, some people don’t like the taste of it. So, you can actually get it in soft gels so you don’t have to taste it but it’s like a 50, 50. Half the people love it and half the people are like no I’m going to get the soft gels.

Heather Ione: Yea that makes sense, so now people have heard about the different physical symptoms and concerns that they can use essential oils with at this point. But how long I know you’ve worked with 100s and 100s of people at this point what is that journey usually for people when they’re like okay they’re initially interested in DoTERRA, they’re interested in the oils they want to improve their health and well-being. How long is it and what is that journey like before their like, oh my gosh, this stuff works oils have changed my life what is like for them?

Jennifer Gillman: I do get this question a lot people because are like, how will I find results? Because we’re all result driven. We don’t want to work on something unless we’re going to see results and that does go back to two things you being willing to try some things out and go back to your guide. If things aren’t working tell them right away, so that they can start tweaking things for you. And willing to really work on your health, I usually tell people I say put in your mind that you’re going to work hard on your health for 90 days. And if you don’t see any results you okay. But really think about it for 90 days most of us are thinking in our mind I need to see results in a week or today or today or within 3 days. 

We’re so short term, so if I set that precedence of let’s work on it for it 90 days automatically your brain is like okay, he settled in your mind so it’s important for you to think about that. The other is getting a good guide that is going to help you. You know of really making sure that when you come back to them and you say this isn’t working. They’re not going to oh thanks for trying. Instead they’re going to say okay we’re going to now amp it up a little bit, we’re going to do this now and then I’m going to check in with you a couple days see how it’s going, that kind of thing like you’re in this together. 

So that is really important. So, with that said we know your story right really connected after about 6 months you’re like, oh my gosh, I know love this, this and this it’s working this is like I’m onto something here. And what happened after that happened?

Heather Ione: I feel like I started getting like the other benefits from them, you know and all of a sudden I noticed that my initial reaction when things were going wrong like now I’m not like oh I’m nauseous I need Pepto-Bismol you know I go to ginger automatically. If I have a headache, I’m like I’m going to grab my peppermint you know the automatic reaction is now to reach for the oils so I feel like those were the major differences I saw with myself. 

Jennifer Gillman: And that’s exactly what happens to people it’s trying to figure out when is it going to be that they have their breakthrough? So, for you it was about 6 months is that right. 

Heather Ione: Yea.

Jennifer Gillman: Okay and I would say that’s it’s from the first like moment they use it that does happen. I know it’s funny to think like, is it for real somebody can use something once and they get an immediate reaction absolutely I know so many people that that happened too so. I’m going to say from zero days, one day to six months, maybe it’s nine months, you know, but that’s usually the timeframe. If you’re sticking with things and working on it, you can really cut that down a little bit. You know, it just, it just depends. You have to really have a desire to really want to work on your health, and being with that guide and being honest with them saying this is not working. There’s one person that I helped recently, it was one of my other customers shared, and this was so interesting to me. She shared 11 with her topically on her stomach for digestion, okay. I wouldn’t have chosen oil; I would’ve chose Digest Zen. When she called me to say, so-and-so told me to call you because she’s got her wheels from you; she shared with me lemon. It worked right away. I couldn’t believe it. I need to get some oils. This is all coming out on the phone. All I said was some {Inaudible 00:59}. For her immediately, she had a result. A couple of drops of lemon, rubbed topically into her abdomen.

Heather Ione: Wow, lemon. Huh?

Jennifer Gillman: From that day on, I continue to check in with her. She buys things monthly. She’s working on one thing after the next, the flood gates open and the last conversation; it was about 10 days ago with her. She said, “I still cannot believe what’s happening in my life.”

Heather Ione: Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: And she sounds so happy too. So emotionally now she’s in a really good place. She’s like; everything I try is just working. I feel better than I ever have. It’s just amazing. I can’t believe this. You know, so she’s bubbling over. We all wish we had that experience, but it doesn’t happen like that for everyone. So, the question is hard to answer in the fact that I never know when the breakthrough is going to happen.

Heather Ione: Yeah, exactly.

Jennifer Gillman: But I’m with you to help you, and you know you are. You know, Heather, you’re going to stay with them until that breakthrough happens. But, it might be a little bit; it might just take some time.

Heather Ione: I know. I remember I was talking to you and I was talking to my friend, Carla, too. She’s also a doTERRA wellness advocate. And I was saying like, I was just so frustrated because everyone who talks about oils is like; “Oh my God, oil’s changed my life.” And I thought they were crazy. And I was also partially mad that I didn’t have that experience.

Jennifer Gillman: You were like, what about me?

Heather Ione: Exactly. I was like, why can’t I seem to get it? And then it happened with me after like six to eight months. And it was funny, like that started happening right after I vocalized; I was upset that it wasn’t happening. And I’m like, Oh my gosh, I just want to use oils for everything. And now, it’s like that shift where whenever I have a problem in my life, no matter what it is, if I have anxiety, if I’m upset about the given situation in the world, if I’m feeling like I’m having a scarcity mindset, my first instinct is to now go to the oils; just so cool. Is it really just, you know, all of a sudden they start to impact your body physically, and then they have that connection to your emotions, you know, where they work together. How is it that an oil can help with something that is, you know, your mental state or your spiritual practice?

Jennifer Gillman: This is the hardest part really for a lot of people that understand, but it’s not physical; it is immediately mental. And now, mental wellness is so important to talk about now. And I’m so glad that more and more people openly talk about mental wellness. Because like I said, anxiety, panic attacks; this is a norm right now, you know, and depression goes with anxiety, so those go hand in hand. But, I’ll give you an example if anyone’s ever been in the hospital and had to go under for surgery. So they put this mask on you, and they’re putting basically what’s coming in there is synthetic man-made gas, right.

Heather Ione: Right.

Jennifer Gillman: And they tell you to count back from 10 and maybe you remember nine, maybe eight and you’re out.

Heather Ione: Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: You’re breathing that in. It’s hitting the amygdala; center of emotions and feelings and it’s relaxing your brain in a mega way. So, now all of a sudden when they put the IV and then they’re actually bringing you down further, that’s how that works. But it starts here; it starts by actually breathing that in. Now, that’s a synthetic gas basically, versus an essential oil, but it’s telling your brain to relax. It’s telling your limbic system to relax, so it is immediate. It’s immediately communicating with your brain. We can do that with oils, but whether we recognize it or not, it takes time.

Heather Ione: Yes, absolutely. And that’s why I want to keep like bringing this up too throughout this podcast episode is, I want people to understand it and get all of these different reasons why, so that they can make that connection. Because we are just so programmed to believe that our emotional body and our physical body are so separate. So, I’m glad that you brought that up for example because that might be the connection that someone needs to be like, “Oh, okay, I get it. I understand how that works now.” You know, it took me a lot of times of hearing it before I finally realized that oils can help with your emotions too.

Jennifer Gillman: It’s a big deal. You open the gates to that and everything is possible; everything because the mind is so powerful. When you begin to learn what wills are good for the frontal lobe, versus back here, you know, there’s actually a brain chart and you can look at it and be like, if you know anything about brain health. So there’s some people who specialize in that and they love this because they’re like, “Okay, I know now that the trauma that this person endured, it’s sitting in this part of the brain. So, we need to use these oils because that activates that part of the brain.”

Heather Ione: Oh, wow!

Jennifer Gillman: This is how the science is; it’s so in depth, so the tools are there. It’s just using them and being open to using them and working on them, and knowing that health is a journey just like life is. And I’m telling you, people take on that journey of their mental wellness with the oils, they never go back. They never go back to the old ways. They just want to learn more and go deeper into it. And then, they can’t help but tell people too because when you have a breakthrough emotionally and mentally yourself, you want everyone to know about it. You’re just like, “Oh my God, you guys; there’s other things out there. Like, you just got to try this.”

Heather Ione: It’s so funny, that’s like what I was sharing. I shared my manifestation story on the podcast, and I was saying like over and over again, how, as soon as I had that breakthrough, I was like, Oh my gosh, I just wanted to tell everyone about it. Like, this is a real because as soon as you have that experience for yourself, all of a sudden you want to scream it from the rooftops and you want it to benefit other people too. You just want them to have that experience as you, especially people you care about.

Jennifer Gillman: Absolutely, because you know how it is to suffer.

Heather Ione: Yes.

Jennifer Gillman: And suffering is not fun.

Heather Ione: No, not even a little bit. So, now moving on to how we can actually purchase these oils because I feel like some people might be really excited now. You know, they want to try doTERRA. They want to get their hands on it. But people typically, when they first use the oils, they often make a retail purchase. So, can you share with us the benefits of being a doTERRA wholesale customer, versus someone who just pops in for a retail purchase?

Jennifer Gillman: So yeah, I like that doTERRA, you can purchase a couple of different ways, but most people actually do become wholesale customers because you get 25% off the oils right away. And the thing that I see out there though, is that, option isn’t offered to a lot of people. They have no idea. They didn’t know. They can get that.

Heather Ione: Oh, I see.

Jennifer Gillman: I meet people all the times and like, “I bought this retail from a chiropractor I used to have, or whatever.” And then when I tell them about wholesale, like, “Why didn’t I know about that? Nobody ever told me I can buy 25% off.” So, once people see their options, then you could choose yourself. The wholesale membership is a win, win, win, win. There’s no obligation. You know, basically, you purchase your oils at 25% off, and you have your membership for the next 12 months. So, it’s kind of like a Sam’s Club or Costco, when you go in the store, you save, if you don’t go in the store, nothing happens, right?

Heather Ione: Yeah.

Jennifer Gillman: Same thing with your membership. When you decide to use it, you’re getting 25% off. If you don’t decide to use it; that’s okay, so I love that. Now, there are two ways; you want me to tell you about the two ways to become a wholesaler?

Heather Ione: Yes, please.

Jennifer Gillman: Okay, so becoming a wholesale customer, you can either purchase a kit that’s already loaded for you. And when you get an enrolment kit, which by the way, there are ones, anyone from anywhere from 105 to $575. So, all sorts of kits; that wave the $35 membership fee, so it’s a really good way to go. And with the healthy start kit, you guys, that’s only $160, one six zero.

Heather Ione: For basically all of the oils that we talked about today; the breeds, the wild orange, the lavender, the deep blue frankincense, all that kind of stuff.

Jennifer Gillman: 10 oils; you got your medicine cabinet ready to go, great day diffuser. And it includes the membership because you don’t pay for that for the next 12 months. So, I love that kit, but you do have an option that you can pay $35 for your membership and get whatever you want. And when you get whatever you want, remember you’re getting it at 25% off immediately on that very first order. I appreciate that doTERRA allows this flexibility so that you can choose for yourself what works best for you.

Heather Ione: Yeah, absolutely. I love that. Yeah, so the healthy star kit; how much was that again?

Jennifer Gillman: That’s $160.

Heather Ione: Okay

Jennifer Gillman: Can I tell them about; there is a special this month. And this month is July of 2020, in case you listen to this down the road. If you listened to this in the future, just make sure you ask Heather if there’s any special going on because we never know what doTERRA does. They sometimes have specials, but this one is pretty lucrative. So, if you get this kit, then next month in August, just a month from now, they’re automatically going to put 50 product credits in your account to use whenever you feel like it. So, 50, five zero, that’s equivalent to $50 in free oils. I wish this was available when I signed up, you know, so that’s awesome. You buy this kit for $160, knowing that next month you have 50 free bucks to use.

Heather Ione: And then on top of that, you’re a wholesale customer, so you save 25% on all the oils. It always makes me cringe when people buy retail because I’m like, oh my gosh, like I’m so used to buying them at such a discounted price that I would never ever buy retail again.

Jennifer Gillman: Why buy retail? To me, it doesn’t make any sense at all, when you know you can get this and there’s no, like we’re not making you do anything else.

Heather Ione: Right, yeah

Jennifer Gillman: You know, because that’s the hesitation, like, what’s the angle on this? And it’s good to ask those questions because unfortunately there are organizations and companies out there that get you into something and then all of a sudden, you’re like, “What; I didn’t know this.” It’s good to ask those questions for sure. But yeah, we can send you this in writing and everything that there is no other obligation, except that you’re going to now begin having some great benefits to all of this.

Heather Ione: Exactly. And then from now on any oils, I recommend you can save a ton of money on them. And also, I’m wondering if people are putting together a little cart or they click on, you know, a link to a cart I’ve already made for them, maybe the healthy start kit or something. Is there anything else you would recommend they add to sort of add to their experience and using the oils for the first time?

Jennifer Gillman: Absolutely. So, Heather seem to be giving you some recipes to make and you’ll want some empty roller bottles to do that and some fractionated coconut oil. So, at the bare minimum, get a six pack of empty rollers. It’s only $4 and 75 cents extra; get the fractionated coconut oil to go with it. If you’re interested in lotions, get the unscented lotion so that you can make your own lotions. So, any of those are good, but, bare minimum, get the fractionated coconut oil and a six pack of rollers; it’s a great place to start.

Heather Ione: And then once you do become a wholesale customer too, make sure to go to my Calendly link in the description box and we can set up a consultation together. So, that’s how you can get extra information and recipes if you want it. And if you’re interested, I can continue to work with you and help you figure out what works for your body type and all that kind of stuff. And I always have access to Jen to ask her more questions.

Jennifer Gillman: Yeah, we have a whole community; it’s great.

Heather Ione: Yes, exactly. And can you also tell us the difference between a wholesale customer in doTERRA and us; the doTERRA wellness advocates because I get asked that sometimes.

Jennifer Gillman: Now, I’m telling you, if you are thinking about building an income that’s going to be around for a long time. And what I mean by that is, you know, you have your day job and maybe, you know, when you go to work, you get paid. If you don’t go to work, you don’t get paid, right. So, that’s called active income. So, you have a stream of active income, which is great, but do you have residual income in your life? Have you started working on that? Would you like to learn more about residual income? And that means, when you put basically some effort in over a period of a few years, and then over time it starts paying you back, okay.

So real estate, it could be potentially an example of that. Residual income is what doTERRA does best. As a wellness advocate, you’re working on residual income, and we’re really good at teaching people how to do that effectively versus spinning your wheels. So, really helping you to put that effort in, to work on your doTERRA business and get the income that you want, depending on what you want. So being a wellness advocate means, you run business, your doTERRA business, whatever way it fits in your life. If you want to get your oils paid for; well then, three to five hours a week is going to be just fine, you know, working on your doTERRA business. If you want supplemental income; we’re looking at five to 15 hours a week, okay. If you want to replace it and go all in, well then, it’s probably going to be about 15 to 30 hours a week. So, you just tell us where you’re at and we’ll have to support you with where your goals are, okay.

So, wellness advocate means you are now working your doTERRA business and teaching other people about natural lifestyle. And some people will ask like, “Well, is it the right thing for me?” Which, I would invite you to another conversation, where we can have myself, you and Heather, we can get on a three-way phone call and just chat a little bit more about; is this the right thing for you? And we’ll ask you some questions about where you’re at, what’s your expectation; how much would you like to make monthly? And then we would set up a second call and actually present a business plan, something to get started with; a 30, 60, 90-day plan based on what you shared with us. So, that’s what I would invite you to, is another conversation.

These are just a couple of questions for you to ask, you know, before you decide to go ahead and say to Heather, let’s talk more, let’s set up that, you know, just a 20-minute phone call with you and Jen. So, do you like people; because you kind of have to like people, right? If you don’t, this probably isn’t the right thing for you as far as a wellness advocate. And then, are you looking for more ways to earn a monthly income? Is that yes or no? If it’s a yes, great. And the last question to ask yourself is, do you enjoy learning more about natural health because you have to have a desire about wanting to learn more about natural health. You can continue to work on your natural health while you’re helping others; that’s never a problem. But you have to have a desire for it, a desire to actually want to be more natural and figure out solutions.

So, those are the three things I always tell people if they’re like, “Am I a good fit for this?” Do you like people? Are you looking for more ways to increase your monthly income? And do you enjoy learning more about natural solutions?

Heather Ione: Yeah, absolutely. And that’s something that, you know, we don’t ever pressure people to do that. Whenever they feel called, you know, usually it’s after people have that aha moment where they’re like, Oh my gosh, these work. And I know you talked about the possibility of becoming a wellness advocate a few times. And it was after I had that moment where I was like, oh my gosh, I want to share this with people. You know, and that’s usually when that passion sort of comes in and you want other people to know about these oils, and get their hands on them, and have the same experiences as you. So yeah, that’s always a possibility in the future. If you want to create a business and share these oils all the time like we do. Before you head out, I have to you, Jen, do you have a favourite essential oil?

Jennifer Gillman: Oh my gosh; Sandalwood. I love Sandalwood.

Heather Ione: Sandalwood, really, wow.

Jennifer Gillman: So eventually, I call it my spirit oil, and at some point, during your journey, you’ll probably have one too. And sometimes people say, well, how do I know if it’s my spirit oil. And it could change over time. Like, it could graduate to something else, all right. But, it’s that oil that as soon as you smell, like, you’re just like “Oh God, I love this oil. I just want to use it.” Well, that’s what it is with sandalwood. I just want to use it. I want to smell it. I want to like put it on my third eye, around my eyes, back of the neck; I use it like in just such a nurturing caressing way. I love sandalwood, so that is my spirit oil.

Heather Ione: Oh my gosh, I didn’t know spirit oil was a thing.

Jennifer Gillman: I have a relationship with Sandalwood.

Heather Ione: That’s me and Serenity. Oh my gosh. Okay, so Serenity is my spirit oil; that’s why I get so hyped up about it.

Jennifer Gillman: It’s like another lover.

Heather Ione: Exactly, that’s why I buy like three bottles at a time; can’t be without it. Yeah, I have this relationship with Serenity now.

Jennifer Gillman: That’s your spirit oil.

Heather Ione: And lastly, where can people get in touch with you in the future if they want to learn more?

Jennifer Gillman: Everything’s really on the Herbal Cabinet. My company is called the Herbal Cabinet, and so its theherbalcabinet.com and everything’s there. Under the learn tab, you’ll find a bunch of free learnings. There’s the blog, cooking area, and my YouTube channel. So, yeah, but you can also see, you know, browse that area; take a look.

Heather Ione: And on your website, you’re always offering different classes and stuff like that that people can sign up for. Do you do some of them on Zoom or are they mostly phone?

Jennifer Gillman: Those will all be zoom. So, under the learn tab, you’ll see virtual workshops and I teach every single week, and I’ve got different topics.

Heather Ione: Yes, so people can still learn about this even in quarantine.

Jennifer Gillman: That’s right, and many, many are.

Heather Ione: Yes, exactly. Well, thank you so much for being here today, Jen. I really appreciate it. You know so much about oils, I learned more and more from you every single time I see you. So, thank you so much.

Jennifer Gillman: Thank you so much for having me.

Heather Ione: Yes, we’ll definitely have you on again.

Jennifer Gillman: Thank you.

Heather Ione: I really hope you enjoy today’s podcast episode with my good friend, Jennifer Gilman in my now up-line, I should say. I really hope that you enjoyed this episode and I hope that it introduced you to the world of essential oils and answered any questions that you might’ve had, or just got you excited to explore these oils and holistic healing now and in the future, I’ve become so excited about essential oils, obviously since I’m working with Jen. She helped me with so many random health ailments and issues that I was having. 

Because I do not know what happened to me, but literally as soon as I moved to St. Pete, the day after I moved to St. Pete, I started having all of these crazy health problems, and my body was just so screwed up for some reason. I remember I was thinking that it was like the air. I was changing air filters. I was like trying to change water. I was changing my diet. I was working with a health coach. I was seeing different doctors, and I just could not figure out what was going on with me. And I actually started talking to several doctors and different herbalists, and they actually would tell me a couple of times that they kind of thought I was lying and I was like making it up. And they didn’t really believe like what was happening to me.

And they’re just kind of like, yeah, I don’t know. And they kind of thought it was all in my head. And that got really frustrating for me because I dealt with that for a year and a half. And then, I ended up meeting Jen. And just through working with her, she helped me with all of the different health problems I was having. And I am so thankful that she came into my life. And now I’m so thankful for these essential oils and for the supplements from doTERRA. And you know, now, I’m to the point where I don’t have to reach for all of those other crutches and things at the pharmacy to help me feel better throughout the day. So, I’m just feeling so much better than I have in a really long time. And honestly, I’m very shocked to say this and now to be a doTERRA wellness advocate, because there was a time when I did not believe in essential oils. And I did not believe that they really could improve your health.

I thought that people really just use them because it was fun and they thought it was cool or trendy. I just didn’t really think that they did anything. And now, to be on the other side of it, having said that, you know, oils changed my life; it’s just so crazy to me. So, I want to help you have that exact same experience too, and I want you to have your life improved through using these oils too. And I wanted to talk about this and give you an intro to essential oils on this podcast. Because, I really believe that essential oils are a powerful tool to improve your health, your emotional state and your mental wellbeing, and by doing so, you are raising your vibration. Because remember, I always say that this podcast, we talk about lifestyle and wellness practices to help you raise your vibration. Well, this is it. This is one of those ways to raise your vibration.

Essential oils have become a huge part of this for me because I know that if I improve my health, if I am improving my mental state, if I am improving my emotions, and if my body feels better, my mind feels better. If I’m feeling healthier and happier, then I am more magnetic to what I want to manifest. And I just naturally feel better, I attract better things into my life and the cycle continues. So now, essential oils are a huge part of my life, they’re not just a part of my, you know, physical health routine and wellness practices. Now I use them in meditation, I use them in prayer, I use them in my manifestation practice; I use them in so many different areas of my life. They’ve really improved my life in a ton of different ways.

And I know that if they can do that for me, and if they can do that for the thousands of people that have worked with Jennifer, then they can do that for you too. So, if you’re interested in getting started with essential oils, I highly recommend enrolling and becoming a doTERRA wholesale customer with the healthy start kit. That is what I enrolled with when I became a doTERRA wholesale customer. And with that kit, you get lavender essential oil lemon, peppermint, tea tree, oregano, frankincense, which is incredible because frankincense is pretty expensive, deep blue for pain relief and muscle tension. Breathe for allergies, anxiety relief, asthma on guard, which is the immune boosting protective blend from doTERRA. Digest Zen, which aids in all sorts of different digestive issues that you might be having.

And also, they have added the Brevi Stone diffuser, and it has actually the same exact diffuser that Matt and I have in our bedroom, and we use it every single night. And that’s also another thing I wanted to say, the diffusers from doTERRA work so incredibly well. So, I definitely recommend this kit for that reason too because I used to buy diffusers all the time. I remember there was a point when I was on the hunt for a good quality diffuser, and I kept buying all of these like cheap diffusers and I would buy them on Amazon, I’d buy them at random places online, I’d buy them in Marshall’s, and Target and stuff like that; I got them as Christmas presents. I went on a hunt to find a good quality diffuser. And for whatever reason, I could not find one. And the oil like would not be; it just wasn’t a good quality diffuser. So, like the diffuser wouldn’t push the water and the oil up into the air, so you would smell it, so it was just like a huge waste.

And finally, I met Jennifer. And she was telling me about the diffusers with doTERRA. And I was really hesitant at first. And I was like, I don’t know, Jen, like, did the diffusers actually work because I’ve bought a lot of diffusers and it was such a waste. And she’s like, yes, they work really well. So, I got two diffusers now from doTERRA and they are incredible. We use them every single day in our house. So, that Brevi diffuser that’s in the healthy start kit is the one that we use in our bedroom. And at night we always diffuse Serenity or Lavender and ylang-ylang or something like that. It always includes lavender because I love lavender. And serenity is the restful blend from doTERRA. It is one of Matt and I’s absolute favourite essential oils. So that is another product that I would also recommend too.

If you want to add something on, just for the fun of it in your cart, I definitely would recommend serenity. It is so incredible. And I always recommend serenity to people because I know if I can get you hooked on serenity, you’re going to come back. You’re going to be like, oh my God, this is amazing. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like the smell of serenity. It’s incredible. So, every single person that buys serenity ends up coming back for like the lavender, the peppermint, eucalyptus and stuff like that. It is such a great blend and it’s their restful blend, so it’s also going to help you sleep at night.

Another oil that I would also recommend, if you want to just buy something, just for the fun of it. I love the rose roller bottle from doTERRA. I use rose all the time. I actually use it as my perfume and I use it in all of my spiritual practices. So, I use it when I pray, I use it when I meditate and I use it when I pull Oracle cards because it’s just such an incredible smell. I don’t know, something about the rose just feels very like divine and feminine and spiritual to me, I guess, in a way. I absolutely love the rose, so that’s another one I would recommend if you just want to add something for the fun of it. But I just wanted to remind you that if you do become a wholesale customer with doTERRA and you become a wholesale customer through us, you get 25% off all doTERRA products. You get access to our private Facebook community that Jennifer was talking about today. And you get a document with all of the different recipes and diffuser blends and roller bottle blends and stuff like that, that we talked about in this episode.

So that way, you don’t have to like go back and try and remember what we said, or write it down and random places or, you know, go back and listen to this podcast episode over and over again. If you become a wholesale customer through me, I can shoot you over a document with all these things that we talked about, so that if you ever need a quick reference, like, what do I use for allergies again, Heather? What do I use for anxiety? What do I use for headaches? You can automatically check that in your email and know exactly what to use, so that when you do get your healthy start kit, you are not confused once you have it, you’ll always know how to use the oils that are in it.

And then once you are looking, explore more oils, you can always come back to me and we can figure out what oil would be good for you to help you with a different concern that you might be having, whether it be physical or mental or emotional or anything like that. And for those of you who are interested, you also can get regular free essential oil consultations with me, which is essentially free holistic health coaching. 

Because Jennifer and I, we’re not the type of people that want to sell you an oil, sell you a product, and then leave you alone and leave you confused and be like, “All right, good. We got your money, now, that’s that.” No, we actually really, really care about helping people, and we want to see you transform your life in the same way that we did. So, if you are interested and really, you know, exploring this holistic lifestyle, and exploring essential oils and supplements that could help you, I do offer regular essential oil consultations. So, you can book that through the Calendly link in the show notes.

And I recommend grabbing your healthy start kit, setting up an oil consultation with me so that we can set up a little routine for you or something like that, that way you know exactly where you’re going from here. You feel empowered to use the essential oils and you don’t just make the purchase and then, you know, forget about everything that we talked about today. So, if that interests you and you would like regular guidance with me through using these oils, I definitely would be happy to help you. If not, if you are just interested in buying some oils from time to time, because you like the smell of them; that’s totally fine too. You’re not going to hurt my feelings, but just know that there is always additional help and support if you need it. But anyways, thank you so much for listening to today’s podcast episode. If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out to me, and I will talk to you in the next episode.

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