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Ep. 8 How to Shift into an Abundance Mindset

By Heather Ione

Hello and welcome back to the Wild Manifestations Podcast. If you are not familiar with me, my name is Heather Ione. And I am a spiritual life coach and manifestation mentor as I call it from St. Petersburg, Florida. And in this podcast, I talk all about manifestation and the law of attraction, different limiting beliefs and mental blocks that can come up and prevent you from creating the life that you want. I talk about lifestyle and wellness practices that you can use to raise your vibration and become more in alignment with the things that you want to attract. I talk about self-discovery, self-help, self-improvement. All of the things that I believe will help you to step into your power, step into your highest self and become a deliberate creator of your own life, rather than just being at the mercy of whatever situation that you’re in and feeling like you can do nothing about it.

So, today on the podcast, I am talking all about adopting an abundance mindset. And the reason why I want to talk about this is because I think it’s important to talk about how we can actually adopt an abundance mindset. Because I know that it can be so hard to feel abundant when that is not your current reality, right? The life that you see right now is a result of your past thoughts and actions. So, if you’re surrounded by a situation that feels super constricting, that feels super scarce, and you see the limitations, you feel the stress of not having money, you feel the fear of not having money. It can be super freaking hard to just quote, feel abundant, right? That doesn’t exactly make you feel better when you hear it Because it can be so hard to suddenly just get past that and begin to feel abundant when you’re surrounded by different situations that are basically proving to you, that you are not abundant and making you feel like you should feel fear. You should be in scarcity mode and all that kind of stuff.

So, I wanted to create this podcast episode to help you through this. To help you work through that scarcity mindset and start to shift into an abundance mindset. So, today I’m sharing with you four points, I guess you can call them a mindset shifts or hacks or things that you can do that will help you shift into that abundant mindset. And I have been working on this in myself for a very long time now. I have been in such this crazy scarcity mode once I started to start my business and start working on my business. It just triggered a lot of fear, a lot of scarcity in me. So, I’ve been working on this for a long time, and I have tried many of the hacks and pieces of advice that I’ve received from people out there and they just haven’t worked for me. But these four have, they have helped me so much with my mindset and so much in adopting an abundance mindset that I know that they can help you too. So, make sure that you stay until the end. Because I know that if you apply these to your life, you are going to manifest the life that you want for yourself faster and more easily. So, without further ado, let’s get into the podcast.

So, the first thing that I want to share with you today, if you want to shift into an abundance mindset, the first thing that you have to do is get over that feeling that you have. That thought that you have. That belief that you have, that money is gross in money makes you greedy, or that money is bad or money is dirty or anything like that. You have to first get over that because let me tell you money doesn’t make a person greedy. If someone is a greedy person, they were greedy before the money came into play. They are just naturally a greedy person. It’s not the money that made them so. They were already that type of person beforehand. So, it’s not that once you all of a sudden get money, you touch money, money comes into your life all of a sudden it changes you and it makes you this terrible person, you know. That is not the case.

And I’m actually going to be sharing a super controversial belief that I have. And I know as soon as I say this, it’s probably going to trigger at least one person. So, please just hear me out, stick with it, let me explain. I do believe and it’s actually been proven by the way. I do believe that money can make you happy. Money can bring you happiness because money has the power to improve your life. Money has the power to add value to your life. Money has the power to improve the quality of your life in millions and millions of different ways. I don’t know if you guys have heard of the documentary on Netflix called Minimalism by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. I absolutely love them. But in that documentary, they were talking about how there was this one study that was done, where basically they figured out that money does have the power to make you happy.

And I think the point was at like $70,000, if you look at someone’s quality of life and level of happiness, when they are broke, they are not happy usually because they feel scarcity. They feel fear. You know, they have to worry about when they’re going to pay their bills. They have to, you know, worry about food and shelter and all of their basic needs. And the more money that people have, the happier they become because they continuously can improve the quality of their life that way. So, earning more money has the potential to allow someone, a safe place to live, have, you know, shelter over their heads to have a warm bed, to sleep in, to have food, to have a car, to get them to their job, to take them from place to place, to, you know, maybe go on a vacation once a year to buy certain things or certain experiences that add joy to their life.

Money does actually have the power to do that. So, if you look at these different studies that are done, you’ll notice that people do actually begin to feel happier, the more money that they make. But it does sort of cap off at a certain point. And then that one documentary, the study that they talked about was capped off at $70,000. Because people were able to improve their quality of life so much up to that point. And then after a while it sort of tapered off and they continue to stay the same level of happiness, even if they were continuing to make more money. And I want to share that this, because money can make money, huge difference in our life, right? Money can, you know, allow you the ability to buy a car. Money can allow you the ability to buy a ticket anywhere you want in the world. And, you know, see the sites that you want to see before you die.

Money can provide you with the ability to buy food, to buy healthy food, to buy organic food so that your body feels better. Money has the ability to get you medicine when you need it, because you’re sick or allow you to go to the dentist. You know, when you have a tooth ache or something like that, or to hire help in your business. So, you are not having to work 80 hours a week or to buy books or to see a therapist. Or to get an education or to buy yourself and your children, clothes. Money has the ability to improve our lives in millions of ways. So, of course it can bring us happiness, right? Money is freedom, money is opportunity and money is possibility. It’s not dirty. Just because you might know someone who has a lot of money and is a douchebag about it or is super greedy or super obnoxious about it and uses it for the wrong reasons.

Trust me, I know some people like this, that’s not going to change my mind about this. It doesn’t mean that that makes money dirty. It doesn’t mean that that makes money wrong, just because you have maybe seen people use it for dirty or wrong reasons or become greedy with it. Right? So, the way that I always liked to explain this to people was; imagine that there are two different people and they both win the lottery. They both win a jackpot of millions of dollars. Let’s say they win like 10 million or 20 million or 30 million, or, you know, something crazy like $50 million, right? Two different people win the lottery and win the same amount of money. One person decides to spend it on stuff. They first quit their job. And then all of a sudden, they start getting really crazy expensive cars that cost like $300,000 a car.

They get a bunch of ridiculously expensive shoes, maybe they’re getting Louis Vuitton’s. You know, they put in an infinity pool in this giant mansion that they bought, they buy a bunch of diamonds. They buy a helicopter. They’re eating steak for dinner every day. They go buy a second house somewhere as a vacation house. Everything that they buy has to be the best of the best, right? It has to have a label on it. Even just basic things like sunglasses. It has to be something super ridiculous and expensive. And then they have to get another car and another car and another car, right? Every single thing that they are doing, they’re basically buying because it’s fulfilling this need for a status symbol for them, right. They’re just itching to buy something with a brand name. They’re itching to buy something that makes them feel important, right?

So, one person chooses to spend their money in this way. And that’s why a lot of the people who actually win the lottery end up losing it all. Because they just get like super excited and spend it on stuff. Right. Now, imagine that there is another person who gets the same amount of money. And they quit that job that they absolutely hated and decide that they’re going to use that money to start their dream business. And they buy a home for themselves, right? They buy a normal house, not a mansion, a normal house. And they get themselves a slightly better car, maybe one that they’ve been wanting for a long time. They use the money to fulfil dreams that they’ve had for a long time. Dreams like starting a business and going back to school and getting a certification that they may be couldn’t afford but they always wanted to do.

They invest that money in themselves. They invest it in their health. They invest it in their business. They invest it in coaches and therapists. They donate money to causes that they truly care about. They travel to places that they always wanted to see, and they start actively checking off different bucket list items that they’ve always wanted to fulfil. You know, maybe they surprised their significant other with something that they’ve always wanted or dreamed of. You know, they use the money to take their friends and take their family to concerts and to experiences so that everyone can enjoy them together. You know, they use the money to make, you know, experiences and memories and maybe they go get some massages or acupuncture, body work or whatever it may be. Okay. So, person number one spent the money on material possessions and the other person spent the money on fulfilling their dreams, making memories and adding value to their life. Right.

So, do you see what I mean? Money can make you happy if you use it correctly. If you use money to fulfil lifelong dreams and give back and make memories, I honestly believe that money can make you happy. And money is not a bad thing. Now, that is not to say that money will always make you happy. I mean, I’m thinking of certain people that have, you know, had a lot of money, but suffer from clinical depression or something like that, for example. So, I’m going to leave it at that you know. I know that there are situations that happen where just because someone has money, it doesn’t guarantee them happiness. But I do think that it has this potential to add this tremendous value to your life. To provide you with freedom. To provide you with opportunities. To provide you with things that you’ve always wanted and help you achieve your sole contract, your life’s purpose, whatever you want to call it in this lifetime. Right.

So, money can be a truly amazing thing and you have to understand that before you can shift into this abundance mindset. Because if you think that money is disgusting, money is wrong. Money is evil. Money makes you greedy money makes you a bad person. Then you are basically putting out this energy to the universe oh my gosh, I don’t want this, this is gross, you are repelling it. You are pushing it away from you because you have all of these beliefs that it is wrong, and it is nasty. And you don’t want that evil in your life or something like that. So, first in order to become abundant, to adopt that abundance mindset, you have to understand that money is a good thing. Money can be a good thing. Money can add value to your life and can add value to your family’s life. To the people around you.

Money can give you the ability to fulfil your lifelong dreams, to fulfil your life’s purpose. So, I really want you to understand that first. And I know that this is something that you have to work at a little bit sometimes. But sometimes when you just hear a certain phrasing like that, and you just hear it explained to you, you start to realize, oh, that’s true, like money isn’t an evil thing. When I first heard this explained to me, all of a sudden, I felt better about it. Because I grew up believing that money made you a really terrible person and you know, it was gross and I shouldn’t want it and stuff like that. And you know, it was all ego based and all that kind of stuff. So, when I heard this explained to me, it helped me shift into that abundant mindset too.

So, that is really the first thing that you want to understand, that first mindset shift, where if all of the sudden you just understand money in that way, and you see it as providing you with potential and limitless opportunities and all these things that you always wanted in your life. If you see it as a good thing, as a tool to create more good in the world to fulfil lifelong dreams. Then that will help you to shift into a more abundant mindset because you won’t be repelling the money that you’re trying so hard to attract, right? The universe doesn’t know to give it to you or not right now. If you are feeling like money is wrong, because it’s like, even though you want it, you’re also pushing it away from you energetically. So, that is the very first step that you want to make that very first mindset shift that has to happen.

So, the second thing that I want to share with you today, that’s going to help you adopt this abundant mindset is you have to make a decision to be abundant. Now, you might be thinking like this is BS upon first hearing this, right, but hear me out. It’s one thing to want to be abundant in your life, right? It’s another to actually decide to be abundant. And this is something that I very recently learned. I did not understand that it was a decision, right? I realized that I didn’t make a decision to be an abundant and successful person in my business. In the last two years, even though I knew that this was my passion, I knew this was my calling, my life’s purpose. I didn’t make a decision to be successful doing this right. In my mind I just kept telling myself I’m going to do this for as long as I can.

And then after my website comes out or after my podcast comes out, or the recordings for sale or my oil blend or whatever it may be after I check these boxes of things I’ve always wanted to fulfil, then I’ll get a corporate job again, or I’ll get a part time job or a full time job, whatever it may be. And I’ll just, you know, put myself back into, you know, the corporate cycle again. I’ll just put myself back into a normal job once I fulfil these dreams first. Right. And I’m just going to hang on as long as possible, as long as I possibly can and just hope for the best and hope that this works out. On a soul level I didn’t have that faith. Right. I was approaching my business like a dream, like a hobby and like, it was something that was going to come to an end at that point.

I went into this hoping for the best, but simultaneously I was actually planning for what would happen and what would I do if I failed at this? So, I sort of had these two different outcomes in my head. Right. And okay, this is what my life would look like if things actually take off and successful. And this is what my life would look like if I don’t end up, you know, becoming a success at this, if things just don’t work out right. And because it not working out felt more realistic to me, I actually was more planning for that outcome of what if it failed, right? I was planning for that worst possible income or that worst possible outcome. I was still continuing to update my LinkedIn. I was scrolling through Indeed from time to time. I was planning that part time job or that full time job I would get so that I can continue doing this in my spare time so that I could keep afloat.

I was just planning like, okay, what month am I going to start looking for a new job again? And I was like, literally like planning for things to fall apart. And what am I going to do to get myself back on track and to pay bills and keep supporting myself. Right? So, I was planning for that more. I wasn’t allowing myself to plan for, hey, what if it becomes successful? What if things actually go well? Because I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but what is the very first thing that people say to you when you’re trying to start a business? Or even if you’re just talking about people starting businesses, right? What is the very first thing that they say? 80% of small businesses fail within the first year. Have you recognized that? People automatically say that and people would say that to me all the time. I’ve heard it thousands of times throughout my life.

And every time I hear it, I’m like, wow, thanks guys. That’s super encouraging. That’s super helpful. It’s just a knee jerk reaction from other people. It’s just a shitty thing that people say, because they’re just in the habit of saying it because they’re also a victim of that same societal conditioning and their life too. And they want to quote, protect you or help you. So, people were doing that with me. So, because I heard all of this messaging of like, this is what happens when you fail. Businesses are bound to fail, all of this kind of stuff. It seemed like, well, that is what’s bound to happen. And I was planning for myself to fail because I was like, well, odd say I’m going to fail. Right? But I was not planning for that success. I was not planning as if it was inevitable. I was instead planning for things to go wrong.

So, very recently I had to make a decision that this is what I’m going to do period. I had to decide that I was going to be quote, successful in my business, right. That I was going to be abundant and that whole getting a full-time job, again thing, that was not an option to me. So, if you’re telling yourself, well, I might not be able to do this forever. I won’t be able to support myself doing what I love. I should just keep going to that job that I hate, maybe someday. You haven’t decided that you are going to be abundant. It is a shift that you have to make. It as a mindset shift that you have to make. Abundance is actually a mindset. Abundance is not a physical thing. And I know that right now, when you first heard me say that, you’re probably thinking of all of the things that money can buy right now.

So, your brain is screaming like that is not true Heather, but it is. Abundance is a mindset because you can be a millionaire and have a scarcity mindset. Or you can have a thousand dollars to your name in your chequing account and have an abundance mindset. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen people with over a million dollars in the bank who are constantly terrified that it’s all going to go away. That something bad is going to happen. And they’re living in this feeling of scarcity and lack, right? Because they probably, at one point experienced, you know, severe scarcity and lack. So, no matter what, they just can’t see that they can feel abundant, right? Because all they have seen in the past is this fear, is this scarcity, is this lack. And no matter how much money they have, no matter how many Louis Vuitton bags they have, or nice cars or a bigger house or whatever it may be nothing on the outside can provide that validation that they’re safe and that they’re abundant.

So, they hold onto that feeling, right? Abundance is a mindset thing. You can feel scarce even as a millionaire. And I know this because even after I received an unexpected, large amount of money out of nowhere, I manifested it into my physical reality. I still felt scarce. So, I am actually proof of this, too. Even though I had plenty of financial abundance, I felt scarce. So, I had to realize that it was a mindset thing and that it wasn’t the outer world that was making me feel abundant, it wasn’t. It didn’t matter how much money was in my bank account. It didn’t matter what material possessions I had. I, you know, still didn’t feel abundance sometimes. And it was coming from that place of lack and scarcity and I know a lot of people do this too. And honestly, it’s best to get a hold of this before you become successful.

Before you make the six figures, the seven figures, the eight, the nine or whatever it may be. It really is because you do not want to manifest something and work super hard to bring something into your physical reality: and do all of the mindset practices and do all of the hard work in your career or in your business or whatever it may be only to discover that you still feel scarce. Only to discover that you’re still taking it for granted. You will not be able to enjoy it. You really won’t, so then you’re just going to feel like, oh, I need more and it’s never going to satisfy you. Okay. So, the next thing that I want you to understand is just that abundance is a mindset and you have to decide that you are going to feel abundant right now. And then, because by law of attraction, like attracts like, you will then start to receive more things that make you feel abundant and then the cycle continues.

So, lesson number three, the third thing that you can do to start shifting into an abundance mindset today is to feel abundant right now, and to witness the abundance that you have right now. So, one thing that I like to do to practice this in my life is I actually like to sit in my house and look around and notice everything that I have and everything that I’ve received. And also think back in time and think about all of the things that I’ve manifested with the law of attraction too. And I make myself just cut some time out of my day, every once in a while, and make myself look at the abundance in my life and allow myself to feel how abundant I am right now. And anybody can do this. You do not have to be a millionaire to look around at your home, look around at your life, look around at your relationships and witness abundance in your life right now.

You don’t. They actually talked about this on The Secret documentary too. I don’t know if you’ve seen the documentary, The Secret. If you haven’t, it is on Netflix and I highly recommend it. But in that documentary, they talked about how you need to begin to feel grateful now for what you have. You need to begin to see the abundance in your life now, because if you can feel that way, then that’s going to attract more abundance to you. And a lot of people are so stuck in this mode of, oh my gosh, well, I don’t have the things that I want and I need to get this, right. We’re so used to looking at the things that we don’t have and looking at where we have a lack and where we have scarcity in our minds and where we have scarcity in our life.

That is just how the human mind works. And I think that it was necessary that we had that as we were evolving, there were definitely times where we had to pay attention and, you know, look for what was going on and protect ourselves and stuff like that. But that is not really necessary anymore. We’re just so caught up in this feeling of what am I missing? What am I lacking? What am I needing? You know, this survival mode that is unnecessary. And it is so deeply ingrained in people that a lot of times, if I even say, just feel abundant right now, I’m sure there are some of you out there listening that are feeling triggered by me saying that. Because you’re thinking, well, Heather, I don’t have this. I don’t have that. You know, here’s an example of why I’m not abundant right now, right?

I’m sure there are people who want to give me a piece of their mind and tell me why they’re not abundant right now. And in the documentary, The Secret they were saying, you do have things to feel thankful and feel abundant for right now. And there was one quote where they said, it might just be that you have the eyes to watch this or the ears to hear this. I don’t know if I got that quote exactly right. But that was what they said. It might just be that you have the eyes to watch this. So, if you are listening right now, I know that you have things in your life to feel abundant about and to feel grateful for. If you have the luxury to take an hour out of your day and listen to a spiritual life coach, talk about adopting an abundance mindset. I guarantee you that you have plenty to be grateful for and plenty to feel abundant for in your life. Right?

And that is not to say that you’ve had a spectacular or easy life or anything like that. It is just to say that I know that you have things in your life that can prove to you right now that you can be grateful and you can be abundant. So, for example, right now, you know, you might be listening to this on your smartphone and you may be even driving in your car right now, going to work or going to see a friend or whatever it may be. So, you’re listening to this on your phone, in the car. Those are two pretty abundant things, pretty spectacular things that you can be grateful for, right. Or maybe you’re listening to this in the gym where you have a paid gym membership, or maybe you’re listening to this as you’re doing your hair in front of the mirror before you go to work, or maybe you’re listening to this while you’re taking a hot shower and your phone is sitting right outside the shower, and you’re listening to me, right? 

These are all examples of abundance. These are all examples of things that you can feel grateful for because many people don’t even have things that we just take for granted every day, all the time. There are people who want a car or want a phone so badly, and it can improve their quality of life so badly, or maybe even a hot shower that would just mean so much to them. And these are things that we just take for granted. So, if you want to shift into an abundant mindset, not only do you have to decide to feel abundant, but you really want to carve out time and your day, maybe after this podcast episode. Where you just look around and you just allow yourself to witness all of the examples of abundance in your life and every single thing that you have that most people don’t have and just allow yourself to sit with that.

Just allow yourself to absorb that, to just feel those feelings of abundance and gratitude right now. Because if you can feel grateful, if you can feel abundant for the things that you have right now, then that is actually going to put you as an energetic match with the things that you are desiring. And that is going to help you magnetize and draw in those things that you want to manifest right now. So, this is such an incredible tool if you can learn to adopt this, I mean, I do this. It’s not even a regular practice. I just do this every once in a while. If I feel those feelings of scarcity come up, because they’re always going to come up every once in a while, we’re human. If I feel those feelings of scarcity start to come up, I just make myself, you know, sit in my office, my bedroom and my living room, or maybe outside observing nature. And I just sit there and think of all of the things and look at all of the examples of abundance in my life. And it just pulls me out of that. So, I really encourage you to do that too.

So, the fourth thing that you can do to shift into this abundance mindset is to come from a place of helping other people. And there are many different reasons why this can make you feel abundant and why this can actually help you manifest and I’m going to explain all of them. So, the first thing that I’m going to start out with is there’s this one book that I was reading recently. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it. It is a super popular book though. It’s called the Seven Laws of Spiritual Success and it talks about these seven different universal laws that can add to our success. It was a book written by Deepak Chopra and yes, there are other universal laws at play.

The law of attraction is not the only universal law that exists. And in this book, Deepak Chopra was talking about the law of giving and receiving because the universe actually operates through a dynamic exchange. Okay. So, you can’t have one without the other. There is a give and take in the universe. There is harmony, there is balance and things do not just flow in one direction, right? So, if you start giving to other people, it doesn’t just have to be in a business. It can be in your daily life. Things will begin to flow back into your life and that is why one piece of advice that I hear over and over about in the law of attraction. I’ve heard so many people talk about this, is if you want to manifest more in your life, donate money. Because if you are donating or if you are giving, then things will start to flow back to you.

But something that I feel like I really have to add here, because I didn’t understand this concept until much later, was that if you want to sort of start manifesting more in your life: if you want to practice this law of giving and receiving, right, you have to give from a place of happiness. You have to feel good about doing so. When you give money, it has to make you feel good. It has to make you feel blissful. It has to just uplift you in some way. You don’t want to be doing this from a place of resent that you are giving or resenting that you are spending money, right? You shouldn’t be giving if you’re feeling bad about it, if you’re upset about it, if it’s triggering more of that fear and lack inside of you, then it actually doesn’t work. It doesn’t actually encourage manifestation in your life. It doesn’t encourage that abundance mindset at all.

But this is actually why I’ve noticed dozens and dozens of other coaches out there who I follow, who I’ve met in the Tampa area and the St Petersburg area. I was talking to them and almost every single one of them always tell me that they ask this one question, how can I serve? Because if you are coming from a place of giving and you are coming from a place of helping other people, it often reminds you of your own abundance and it reminds you of the limitless potential, right? It reminds you of how much you do actually have to give to other people. And then not only will you feel abundant, but then by law of giving and receiving, then you will manifest and receive those things into your life more too. So, it’s kind of like the law of attraction and the law of giving and receiving are at play here.

So, this is going to make you feel even more abundant. And then the cycle continues, right? So, one thing that you want to do, if you want to attract more abundance in your life is just start giving and start helping other people, right? And you might have heard this one super practical piece of advice from people over and over. I’ve heard it from thousands of different content, creators and business owners over the last, like 10 years. I’ve heard this a million times, they always say, if you want to be successful, if you want to make money, you have to create value, right? Have you heard that before? Create value, create value, create value, create value. This is just a practical, real world example of the law of giving. And that is why it works so well because if you create something helpful and something valuable for other people, then they will spend money with you.

It’s the law of giving and receiving that’s all it is. So, one way you can apply this practically into your life is to create the thing that you wish you had five years ago, when you needed help with whatever it was that you needed help with. You know, we all have a story use, whatever your story is to create something of value that can help other people struggling with the same thing. Right? So, for me, if you’ve listened to my story, my journey with the law of attraction, it was getting out of my situation. It was getting out of that lack. It was getting out of that, scarcity, the depression, and creating an abundant life where I have the freedom to fulfil my dreams and live my life’s purpose. Right? So, now I create things that will help you with these things too, that will help you get out of that lack, that scarcity, that depression, whatever it may be and create the life that you want for yourself.

That is why I created this podcast. I created a website where you can read blogs about manifestation on HeatherIone.com. I created a download, a three-part video training series to help you manifest better. I created an e-book about how to implement a high vibe mindful morning routine. I created my wild manifestations roller bottle blend with 12 different essential oils that help you shatter limiting beliefs and visualize your dream life, and actually have success with manifesting. I’ve created coaching programs. I have single one-off sessions that people can book. 

I created two-hour intensive sessions that people can book. I’ve created three-month coaching packages that people can book. I’ve created guided meditation recordings that you can download. I created affirmation recordings to help you reprogram limiting beliefs that are stuck in your subconscious mind while you’re sleeping. I took the worst point in my life and all of the knowledge that I’ve acquired about manifestation, about self-help, self-discovery, universal laws, all of that stuff to serve you, to help you and to add value to your life.

I created those tools that I wish I would have had. The content that I wish I would have known when I was 19 years old and I was severely depressed and living in the state of scarcity and lack and feeling like I was never going to fulfil my dreams. And feeling like I was just a victim of my circumstances and a victim of other people, right? I created the content, the information, the products, the recordings, the downloads that I wish I would have had at 19 years old. So, that is how the law of giving and receiving works. And that is, you know, why people share that super practical piece of advice, you know. If you want to be successful, you have to provide things that add value, right? Because if I can provide things that will help you, then you will continue to come back and help me. And there is just this beautiful little dance, this beautiful little flow where we are both helping each other. Right.

And I also want to mention in all of this, that one of the things that usually comes up for people is when they hear this piece of advice about adding value and giving things away, creating podcasts and stuff like that is that they really worry about giving it all away. And I know I actually went through this too. I was super scared to start a podcast. It was like, I want to say a year and a half ago, two years ago, I was always scared of starting a podcast because I was afraid that I would give away all of my knowledge and all of my experience in like 10 episodes. And I would run out of things to say, and I would run out of ways to help people. Not true, that is not true at all. That feeling that we have of, oh my gosh, I’m going to give it all away. I don’t have enough. That right there is an example of a scarcity mindset. That right there is a limiting belief.

And I am here to tell you and to remind you that no matter how deeply you believe in a limiting belief, it is not true. It is not accurate. All of those limiting beliefs they are just a result of hardcore societal conditioning that you’ve been experiencing for decades. But it doesn’t mean it’s true. So, do not be afraid to provide value, do not be afraid to give because we live in an abundant universe and it’s not going to stop. You’re not going to stop receiving creative ideas. You’re not going to stop receiving knowledge. You’re not going to just stunt your growth and not have any more to give to people. That is just a limiting belief and you can reframe that. And you can reframe that belief by saying, okay in coming from that place of how can I help other people? How can I give? How can I serve?

You will feel better, the people that you help will feel better and it will allow you to feel abundant. Because it actually proves to you of all of the extra things that you have to give all of that abundance. You know, that abundance of knowledge, of time, of energy, of ideas, of support that you have to give to other people, right? And because are feeling abundant, then you can give to other people. And through the law of attraction, through the law of giving and through receiving you’ll then start to manifest with more ease. There’s actually another reason why this law of giving and receiving and why this point of, you know, helping other people and giving to other people works so well. And that is that if you can come from this place of how can I help? How can I serve other people? You are actually setting aside your ego.

And Your ego is what is coming from that place of fear, lack and scarcity, right? Your ego is thinking about, you know, what do I want? What do I need more of? What do I need to buy? What brand name thing do I need today to make me feel good, right? Your ego is what’s distracting you from manifesting with ease. So, if your mind is now focused on how can I help? How can I add value? How can I serve? Rather than how do I make money to fulfil my needs, fulfil my dreams, pay my bills, make my parents proud, afford that trip I have to take? Yada, yada, yada, if you can now focus on that, focus on helping people, rather than all of that other stuff. Your ego actually shuts off a little bit.

It’s not as noisy. It stops causing you as many problems. This actually happened with me too. So, for a lot of people just getting their ego to calm down by giving their mind something else to focus on, how can I help? How can I serve? How can I give? It allows them to finally have success with manifesting because those thoughts that you’re having those scarcity thoughts, those ego-based thoughts, those are actually repelling what you want and creating more of what you don’t want. Because that’s what you’re focusing on and that is the stronger emotion that is present, right? So, if you can get your ego to shut up and you can continue to, you know, come from this place of how can I help other people? You can continue to do your manifestation practice, in the meantime. Then that is a recipe for success with the law of attraction.

And by the way, there are many different ways that you can apply this law to your life, this law of giving and receiving. It doesn’t have to be by giving money. It can be donating. For some people they absolutely love donating to all these different causes. It can be through creating valuable content, creating books, blogs, podcasts, courses, downloads, whatever it may be. It can be creating products, doing acts of service, paying someone a compliment. It doesn’t even have to be anything business related. It literally can be something as simple as doing someone a little favour or paying them a compliment, right? And you can do this all day long, all the time. Deepak Chopra actually talked about in that book I mentioned The Spiritual Laws of Success. He talked about, one thing that you can do, is that whenever you come into contact with someone, you send them a blessing in your mind. And you send them this wish for a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life, or a happy, healthy, fulfilling day, whatever it may be, right?

Or you pay them a compliment you know. It could be as easy as that. It can be something that people aren’t even aware that you’re doing. In your mind when you come into contact with someone, you just send them a blessing. It can be something as easy as that. So, the law of giving and receiving does not have to be this stressful thing. It does not mean that you have to overwork yourself and make yourself a servant to other people. It does not mean that you don’t have to take care of your own needs, that you don’t need to take care of yourself. That you stopped doing all of your own wellness practices and taking care of your mind and your body. And instead taking care of other people instead of yourself, it doesn’t mean that, you know, because you can take everything to an extreme.

It just means that you do these little things throughout the day to give to other people, to create that beautiful little ripple effect into the world of positive energy and by law of giving and receiving it will come back to you. Right? So, I want to go over these four points one more, more time because I know I hate it when I listen to podcasts and they say all of this super helpful content for an hour, hour and a half. And then I turn off the podcast and I’m like, wait, what did they say again? You know, it was like, I forget everything because I get stuck in that very last point someone made. So, I’m going to go back. I’m going to remind you of the four different things that we talked about today that will help you adopt an abundant mindset.

And I promise you, if you listen to these, if you actually make these shifts that I’m talking about, if you actually apply these to your life, you will see more success with this. You will be able to see that shift in your mindset and you will be able to manifest faster and with more ease. So, the very first thing that I was talking about today is that if you want to adopt an abundant mindset, you first have to get over that belief that you have, that money is gross, money is dirty and money makes you greedy. If someone is greedy with money, it is just because they are a greedy person. It is not the money’s fault that that happened, right? So, I wanted you to understand today that you can use money to improve your life, to add value to your life, to improve the quality of your life.
And you can use money to fulfil your dreams and make memories and fulfil your life’s purpose and all of these different things. Money can be a tool to make you happier. It can provide you with opportunity. It can provide you with growth and limitless possibility in your life, you know. One of the main reasons why people want money is because it provides them with freedom. It’s not necessarily the stuff, it’s that it provides them with the freedom to live life on their terms and create the life that they want. So, if you want to manifest, you first have to get over that feeling of money is a bad thing and money is evil. Because if you do think that, then all of those thoughts, that deep seated belief, that limiting belief you’ve adopted and probably got reconditioned over and over in your mind for decades. That is actually going to be repelling money and telling the universe, I think this is bad. I do not want this. Get it away from me.

Because you’re disgusted by it. You don’t want it, right. And that’s what you’re focusing on. So, if you want to be abundant, you have to make friends with money. You have to be okay with money and you have to see all of the potential and the amazing things that money can do for you. So, the second thing that I talked about today that I want you to understand in order to adopt this abundance mindset, is that you can and have to make a decision to be abundant. And this was something that I learned very recently. I wanted to be abundant. I wanted to have a certain life for myself, but I hadn’t decided to be abundant. Right. So, I was sort of planning for, okay, the worst possible thing that could happen.

And I was almost like bracing for impact because I didn’t have enough faith. I didn’t have enough belief that I could in fact be abundant, right? Because we always hear people say things like, oh, 80% of small businesses fail within their first year, right? So, you have to make a decision to drown out all that noise from all of the other people, right? You have to make a decision; I am going to be successful. I am going to be abundant period. Because abundance is a mindset shift. It is not a physical thing. Okay. You can be a millionaire and still have a scarcity mindset, or you can have a couple hundred dollars to your name and have an abundance mindset. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it with myself. I’ve seen it with family. I’ve seen it with friends. I’ve seen it with random people on the internet. I’ve seen it in authors. I’ve seen people talk about it in lectures.
You can have an abundant mindset, even when you don’t have an abundance of money. And you can have a scarcity mindset even when you have an abundance of money, right? You have to understand that abundance is a mindset shift that you make and that you can decide to feel abundant right now. Which brings me to point number three, I talked about how you, you can begin to feel abundant right now. If you want to create that abundance mindset shift in your life, you want to sit down and carve out time to feel abundant in the present moment, to witness the abundance that you have in your life right now. Because we all have things in our daily life that we can be grateful for, that we can be thankful for. 

That provides us with abundance. That can make us feel abundant as long as we would just start to focus on that. Focus on what we do have to feel abundant for rather than focusing on, okay, what do I want next? You know, a good example of this too, is like when you buy a house and you’re so excited that you bought the house and you start decorating, and then, you know, every single time you come into a different room, you’re like, oh, well actually I need another pillow for that corner. And I need another couch. I need another chair and I need another lamp and I need a decoration. I need a piece of artwork here. Right? You just get caught up in this feeling where you’re like, oh, I need more. So instead, I want you to understand that you can begin to feel abundant right now by paying attention to the examples in your life of what you can feel abundant for.

And I was talking about how many of you listening are probably listening in the car or in a hot shower or at the gym. And you’re listening on your smartphone, things like that. So, make sure you pay attention to all of the things, even the tiniest little things that you have in your life, that you can feel abundant and grateful for. And the fourth thing that I talked about today, if you want to shift into an abundant mindset, you have to come from a place of helping other people. You have to ask yourself these questions, you know, how can I serve? How can I help? How can I add value? And I talked about the law of giving and receiving that you can read about in the book, The Seven Laws of Spiritual Success by Deepak Chopra. Because there are other universal laws at play here. Not always just the law of attraction, because there is a give and take in the universe.

There is harmony, there, there is a balance. Things don’t just flow in one direction. So, if you can begin to give and feel happy about it and you know, begin to give your time or your energy or blessings or valuable content to other people, then all of the sudden that opens up this void, right? And the universe does not like it when things are not in balance. So, all of the sudden things will start flowing into your life. Things like more money, for example. So, that’s one of the ways that you can shift into this abundance mindset is just start to give in little ways throughout the day. And you can also take a point in your life where, you know, things were not going well for you.

You can take that story that you have and use it to create something helpful for another person going through a similar struggle. So, I was talking about with me, for example, I was living in a state of depression and scarcity and lack, and I wanted to create my dream life. So, now I’ve created all of this different content for you guys and all of these different tools to help you get out of that period, too. If you are in that and to help you become the deliberate creator of your own life. And I have a lot of that avail available on my website too HeatherIone.com. So, if you’re wanting to see the different resources that I have for you guys, you can check it out on there. But that’s another example of how you can figure out ways to add value and give to people throughout your life.

And another way that this law of giving works is that by giving to other people, it makes you feel abundant. You are able to see your limitless potential. You are able to see the abundance in yourself. You are being able to witness how you can give to other people because you are abundantly provided for that. You have extra to give, it doesn’t even have to be money, right? So, it helps to trigger those feelings of abundance in you naturally, and another way that also helps, it helps to shut off your ego, shut off that noise that’s causing you all of those problems with manifesting by giving you something else to focus on. How can I help other people? How can I add value? How can I serve? So, I really hope that this podcast episode helped you today. I know that stepping into an abundant mindset can be very difficult, especially when we haven’t been using the law of attraction and we’re looking around or I should say we haven’t been intentionally using the law of attraction, right.

And we’re looking around and we’re seeing all these examples of things that we don’t have. We’re seeing the scarcity, we’re seeing the lack, we’re seeing the fear. It can be really hard to be like, oh, so I can just, you know, shift into an abundant mindset. I can just create more of this because right now you’re probably witnessing areas of that scarcity. Right? You’re witnessing those things that don’t make you feel good. So, you’re like, how could I possibly feel any other way? So, I know that this is a very tricky shift to make. But I’m hoping that you can take some of these nuggets out of this podcast today. I’m hoping that it helps you to start making that mindset shift so that manifestation can be a little bit smoother for you. Right. Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

You can always reach out to me on Instagram at Heather.Ione I O N E. You can also reach out to me through my email. My email’s, Heather@HeatherIone.com. And I also am available for one on one coaching too. So, if you’re still struggling with shifting into an abundance mindset and you know, you’ve tried these things, but you’re having a difficult time incorporating them. Please let me know, we can always do some one on one coaching together and help you work through it. I did just release a three month long coaching program called My New Beginnings Coaching Program, where I offer biweekly coaching. One week where we do the coaching together and one week to allow you time for integration of these different steps into your life so that you can start to actually move the needle forward. So, I especially suggest that to people who, you know, you listen to podcasts, you read blogs, you get all the downloads, you get the guided meditations.

But for some reason it’s just not clicking. And you’re feeling like, okay, I have the content, but I feel overwhelmed. I feel stuck and I don’t know how to actually make this change in my life. That is another way in which one on one coaching can be so incredibly helpful for you because it gives you a place to start. It gives you action steps. It helps you take action. So, you’re not just absorbing all of this content like a sponge. And then you’re sort of just stuck and paralyzed because you don’t know where to start. So, you can always reach out to me for coaching and guidance if you need support. But anyways, thank you so much for listening today. And I will talk to you in the next episode.

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