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I combine manifestation techniques, self-discovery practices, and lifestyle changes to become the highest version of yourself and finally create the life that you dream of.


Ep. 5 5 Lessons You Must Learn to Have Success with Manifestation (Part 2)

By Heather Ione

Hello and welcome back to the Wild Manifestations Podcast. I’m your host Heather Ione. I am a spiritual life coach and manifestation mentor from St. Petersburg, Florida. And in this podcast, I talk all about manifestation and the law of attraction. I talk about self-help and self-discovery practices. I talk about lifestyle and wellness practices to help you raise your vibration. I talk about all sorts of things in this podcast, new age spirituality, all sorts of stuff. Basically, I created this podcast to provide you with the tools and the insights that you need to help you step into your highest self, step into your power, live your life’s purpose, and become a deliberate creator of your life. Rather than being at the mercy of other people, situations, being at the mercy of, you know, your negative emotions that come up and just sort of watching your life unfold before your eyes and thinking that you can do absolutely nothing about it.

I want you to come away from this podcast, knowing that you are a deliberate creator of your life. You are here to create the life that you want, and you are here to fulfil your life’s purpose. And in the last episode, I talked about five lessons that I had to learn in my whole manifestation journey that helped me become basically a master manifestor or whatever you want to call it. It helped me have success with the law of attraction and manifestation. And I had to learn all of these lessons on my own. It took me, oh my gosh, like a total of 15 years to learn all of these lessons for myself. Because when I was first learning about the law of attraction, I didn’t know that there were books on the topic. I thought that this was like a completely new thing that people didn’t know about.

So, now I’m sharing with you, all of the lessons that I have had to learn along the way to help you on your manifestation journey too. To help you make those subtle mindset shifts and help you have a deeper understanding of the law of attraction and help you apply it to your life. So, in the last episode, that was basically part one. I went over five lessons that you need to know to have success with the law of attraction. And this is part two, and this is probably going to be a three-part series. But I’m sure, you know, the more this podcast goes on, I’ll have even more lessons to share with you. So, when I was first creating this list of lessons that I learned, that helped me with my manifestation practice lessons that I had to learn on my manifestation journey. I wrote a total of 15 items, and I talked about one through five in the last episode. And right now, I’m actually jumping ahead to my 11 through 15, even though this is part number two, because the last five are just so juicy and so powerful and so potent and so freaking helpful that I was just so excited to talk about them. So anyways, let’s get into the podcast.

So, the very first lesson that I want to talk to you about today is that if you doubt your worthiness, you are going to sabotage your manifestation practice. And I encounter this with clients of mine all the time, I’m noticing, they just don’t realize their worth. They don’t realize their value. And they think that everyone else around them has worth, has value to give to the world, all of their friends, all of their family. But when it comes to themselves, they do not believe it. They’ve been programmed to believe that they are not worthy of having what they want. And there’s a lot of different reasons for this, but sometimes if you’re doing a manifestation practice and it’s powerful enough and you’re committed enough, you can overcome it. But there are some times where people just can’t and it’s usually like, which one is stronger. Is it your feelings of unworthiness or is it your feelings of faith? Right.

So, it’s really hard to tell if it’s going to completely sabotage your practice or not. But I have seen it completely sabotage people before. So, like I said, there’s a lot of different reasons for this. Some of the reasons could be, you know, I have to be productive in order to be worthy. I have to do this in order to be worthy. I have to serve that person. I have to show up to church to be worthy. I have to make X amount of money in order to be worthy. I have to look this way in order to be worthy. I have to weigh this much in order to be worthy, things like that. I have to eat this diet in order to be worthy. People set these rules and expectations for themselves based on what they see in their external environment. Based on all of these messages that they’re receiving throughout their life, from family, from friends and just from society at large, from media, from magazine covers, whatever it may be.

They have all of these different expectations that they set for themselves based on what they see is sort of like the appropriate way for living their life, their appropriate way for being. And they think, okay, if I can just look like that and be that way, then I will be worthy. But of course, you can never reach that expectation that you have for yourself in your head that’s been built up from all of this different conditioning and societal messages. It’s just not possible. You can’t just pretend to be something that you’re not. So, people have a lot of different reasons for feeling like they’re unworthy. But I really think that that is the main one. They think they have to be a certain way and because they don’t measure up to it, they don’t believe that they are worthy.

But here’s the thing. Here’s the message that I want to ingrain in your mind right now that I want you to come away from this podcast episode, hearing, God, the universe, whatever you choose to call it. Everyone calls it something different, I choose to call it the universe. That’s fine if it doesn’t resonate with you. Let’s say that you use the word God. God did not decide that every single human being on the planet is worthy and deserving of joy and bliss and abundance and happiness, except for you. There is no rule book that says that God did not make every single person worthy, except for you, you know. God or the universe did not say every single human being on planet earth is worthy of love and abundance and joy and bliss and happiness, except for Abby, for Michigan and Dan from Florida.

That’s not how it works. Worthiness is your birth right. You are worthy just because you exist right now. You don’t have to prove that worthiness in any way. You don’t have to be a certain size, a certain age. You don’t have to get a certain amount of things done on your, to do list, to make sure that you’re worthy to make it. So, you are worthy just because you are. And if you have any messages in your head right now that are telling you that you’re not worthy, it is not true. 

No matter how loud that voice is in your head, that tells you, you are not worthy. That is nothing but a conditioned and false belief. It is not true. You are worthy just because you exist. So, oftentimes you have to get to this point of understanding that you are worthy of what you want, that you are worthy as a human being to bring the things into your life that you want to manifest into your physical experience. Because if you don’t feel worthy, if you feel guilt and shame and whatever it may be, for having material possessions or for having abundance, you’re almost like repelling it.

It’s almost like you’re like, ooh, get it away from me. Like, it’s going to make me feel horrible you know. No matter how much you want to manifest a certain amount of money, a certain job, a certain title, material possession, whatever it may be. If you have these deep-seated feelings of unworthiness and you have these feelings of guilt and shame around being happy, being abundant, having money, you know, like receiving anything that you feel like makes you luckier than the average person. If you have those feelings of guilt and shame, then you are not going to be able to manifest because you think that it’s wrong. So, you are subconsciously repelling the things that you actually want. And I know a lot of people they’re kind of familiar that they’re doing this in their head. But it really takes working through that deep level of unworthiness and understanding that you can have the life that you want.

You are worthy of having the life that you want, the material possessions, the money, the title, the soulmate, whatever you want, you are worthy of having it. And if you can just make that little shift in your mind and tell yourself that worthiness is your birth right, and you do not have to feel guilty for being abundant for having the things that you want. You don’t have to check certain boxes in order to be worthy of receiving it. If you can make that shift in your mind, then you’re going to be able to notice that you are able to manifest with a lot more ease. You’re able to manifest much faster. A lot of people, this actually prevents them from completely manifesting at all. So, if you can work on that deep level of unworthiness and address it and get over that limiting belief, it’s going to be a game changer in your manifestation practice.

So, lesson number twelve that I learned and I had to learn it the hard way that is so important to learn right now, if you want to have success with the law of attraction, is that everything that you are trying to manifest right now, you are better off keeping it a secret. You are better off keeping it to yourself and I talked about this a little bit in one of my last podcast episodes. I think it was when I was talking about how I manifested my dream life episode, number three. I talked about this a little bit, but I was saying that if you are trying to manifest your dream life, it is best to not tell anyone else. Because other people’s doubts and other people’s energy can impact you, just like how you are a creator of your life. And you are putting energy out to the universe and you are manifesting what you want.
You are a deliberate creator, so are other people. So, if someone really doesn’t like you, if they really doubt you, if they really doubt manifestation and the law of attraction, whatever it may be, they don’t want you to have those things. It is a good idea to not tell that person. It is a really good idea to keep those things that you’re trying to manifest to yourself. Because you don’t want someone else’s energy being put out into the universe and impacting you. And I didn’t realize just how freaking profound this actually was until I was just on a client call this past week. And I was talking with somebody who said that she wanted to start using manifestation a little bit more. She wasn’t really sure how to do all these things. She’s brand new to all of these different concepts that I talked about.

And she just wants some coaching and support along the way. And she was talking about how most of her life she’s been scared of manifestation. And I was like, what do you mean you’ve been scared of it? And she’s like, well, I had someone in my family who was into like black magic and had a really dark and like scary approach and like a really terrible way of using manifestation. And I was like, well, what do you mean? And she was saying how there was someone in her family that hated someone so much that she would manifest horrible things happening to that person. And I had no idea that it was possible and that people would take it to that level of an extreme of actually manifesting something bad for another person. And I don’t want to say that to like scare you or something.

And if you’re constantly fearing that and like worried about that, then you are actually going to manifest that into your experience. But I say that just to tell you that people’s energy can actually impact whether or not you are successful with the law of attraction. And I remember back when I was in high school, I really would tell everyone like, hey, I’m into the law of attraction. I’m trying to manifest this. At one point, I was doing this exercise, it was like an icebreaker exercise in class, in high school. And we had to do like this bingo game where every single person wrote down a fun fact about themselves and you’d have to go around the room and like find each one of the people. And I don’t know it was something like that. So, as my fun fact, I said, I’m going to win the lottery one day.

And I literally had a room of 35 people shitting on me and telling me like, oh my God, that’s not going to happen, you’re crazy. And that’s when I realized, oh, like, this is not something you should just tell other people and put out to other people verbally. Because like other people can impact you and other people’s doubt and negativity and feelings about it can change the physical world too. It’s not just you and me who are deliberate creators of our world. Right? It’s other people too. 

So, after that point, I started to really take that lesson to heart and realize, okay, if I want to manifest something, I have to just keep it to myself. And I realized that it’s also really important because we all have limiting beliefs, right? We all have doubts. We all have things that we struggle with, you know. It can be hard for all of us to have faith in something outside of ourselves, especially like a universal law. Something that you can’t see that you can’t explain, that you can’t touch, that you can’t feel that you’re just sort of having faith is there, right.

It could be really hard to put your faith in something like that. So, the things that we’re trying to manifest can be really delicate. Because we’re trying to deal with all of that as just imperfect human beings. So, I didn’t want anyone else’s energy, making it any harder for me to manifest what I wanted. Because I’d had experiences with my family, not believing me with these things. And I’ve had experiences with friends, not believing me with the law of attraction. So, I really adopted this lesson, like, okay, you have to keep this to yourself. And then after a while, now that I’m in my twenties and I’m going to networking events and all sorts of stuff, I started to realize that there is actually a time and place. And there are moments when it does actually make sense to verbalize what you want. But you just have to use your discretion and be really careful about who you tell these things to.

Because even someone who like claims to be your best friend could have like deep seated feelings of jealousy towards you, or like want to like be better than you or one up you or something like that, you know? So, you really have to be careful about who you vocalize these things too, that you want to manifest into your physical experience. And you kind of start to learn, the more you are into manifestation, you start to learn like when is the right time to tell people these things. So, there were times when I started vocalizing what I wanted to manifest to certain people and it helped. Because it helped me get things like collaborations and connections with other people and events and all sorts of stuff, you know, especially when it comes to like creating a business. It makes sense to tell people like your business goals and what you aspire to happen. Right.

But certain things just like your dream car, like maybe you don’t need to tell all of your friends that you’re trying to manifest it with like a vision board and stuff like that. Like maybe you keep that to yourself. So, I think it’s super important to make sure that anything that you’re trying to manifest, you really just use your discretion with who you tell these things to, and you kind of just keep it to yourself. And normally what happens is after I’ve been doing a visualization practice for a long time, and I start to feel like I can really feel it. I can feel the shift. I know what’s going to happen. 

I know I’m starting to draw it into my energy because I’ve gotten a little bit more sensitive to it. I can start to feel that shift happened in my mind where I’m like, okay, I know this thing is coming to me. I have faith. And at those times, sometimes I will then be able to vocalize what I want because I’m like, I feel comfortable putting this out into the world now. Because it’s not some brand-new visualization or dream that I have that I feel like is really delicate and susceptible to other people’s energy. So, I hope that makes sense. If you have more questions on it, you can always reach out to me too.

So, lesson number thirteen, which is the third in this podcast episode that I learned from this manifestation experience. This manifestation journey that I went on, that I think is really to understand before you get into all of this: is that when you start using manifestation and you start really opening up to it and you start having faith in it, and you actually start to manifest things into your physical reality, you start to see the evidence of it this is actually going to send you on a spiritual journey. Because I actually, I wasn’t even spiritual at all before I started this. And it was my manifestation practice that made me spiritual. 

Because once you realize that there are universal laws at play and you actually witnessed the power of your thoughts creating your reality. It’s going to send you on a spiritual journey. It’s just so profound. It’s so powerful. You’re going to have so much faith in a higher power after this. And you’re going to start to be hungrier for that new age spiritual content. And it was all because of my manifestation journey that I started to believe in a higher power that I started to believe that I had a soul’s purpose. I started to believe that my dreams were actually meant to be fulfilled. I started to learn about yoga. I started to learn about chanting, meditations, affirmations, wellness practices, mindfulness.

I started to learn about how to open your third eye. I started to learn about how to connect to spirit guides. I started to learn about things like oracle cards and even holistic medicine and things like essential oils. It really just sent me on this entire spiritual journey and also a personal growth journey. Because I witnessed something that was so profound that it really gave me sense in a higher power. It really made me want to evolve. It made me want to find my passion and made me want to find my purpose. It made me really hungry for more spiritual content and self-improvement content and self-development content. I wanted to better myself. I wanted to expand. I wanted to grow. And a lot of people see this change too. They start out being super interested in manifestation and the law of attraction and then all of a sudden, a couple years later, they’ve gone on this crazy spiritual journey. And they’re doing spiritual retreats in Bali and journaling every day and doing yoga and juice cleanses and all this stuff, because it just opens up this whole other world to you.

So, once you start seeing success with it, do not be surprised if your interests change, if your passion changes, if you want to surround yourself with different people. If you’re noticing that you are being a slightly different person, honestly, because this is going to give you so much faith in a higher power, that it’s going to actually encourage you to go on the spiritual journey. It’s going to encourage you to better yourself. It’s going to encourage you to grow. So, this can be such an eye-opening practice too. And that was not something that I was expecting when I started my initial interest in manifestation. When I first started, I was like, oh, I’m just going to use this to like, get what I want, you know. It was all ego based. And now that I’ve actually gotten those things, my attention has like, kind of come away more from just the basic, like material possessions.

And now my attention is really focused on spiritual growth and evolvement. And I’m sure that the more I do this podcast, you’ll start to maybe see more of that content coming in there a lot more stuff about spiritual growth and evolvement. Because I’ll have, you know, more shifts and more insights and more tools to give you on that journey as well. So, that is something that I want you to kind of keep an eye out for. I don’t want you to feel any pressure to go on a spiritual journey if you’re brand new to manifestation. I don’t want you to feel scared that like manifestation is going to like change you into a completely different person, or you’re going to like step away from your current spiritual beliefs. I just want you to know that this is going to open you up to a lot more possibilities. And it’s probably going to open you up to a lot of personal growth and spiritual growth in the future, which I just think is so beautiful. It’s such an unexpected and wonderful part of this universal law.

So, lesson number fourteen, or number four in this podcast episode that I really want to share with you is that sometimes I am super in to manifesting and other times I am not. And sometimes you will be super into manifesting and other times you won’t be. And I think it’s so important to express this because I want you to know that it is okay if you stop for a while. It is okay if you lose your interest in manifestation for like a week or a couple months or something like that. Because we all go through waves, we all go through cycles. We all go through phases. I don’t do my visualizations and actively work to manifest all of the time. I kind of go through waves with it.

Sometimes I stop for a while. Sometimes I’m focusing on more spiritual stuff instead, like right now I am super immersed in spirituality, in channelling and oracle cards and all sorts of stuff like that, that I won’t get into right now. But I think that this is important to share with you because I recently got asked a question, how do you stay motivated all the time to do your visualization practice? I’ve actually been asked this a couple different times, which I just think is so funny. It’s such a humorous question to me because the truth is I don’t. I don’t stay motivated all the time. I am a human being just like you are, obviously I’m not motivated all the time you know. We’re not human doings, right? We’re human beings. So, I am not going to be motivated 24/7. I have phases. I have cycles. I have waves.

I get obsessed with certain things one minute. And then all of a sudden, my attention shifts and I’m obsessed with something else for the next week, you know. That just happens to me sometimes. So, I’m sharing this with you because there are going to be moments where you lose interest in manifestation. There’s going to be times where you’re super immersed in it and you’re reading all the books and you’re watching videos about it. And maybe you’re like binge listening to this podcast and you’re like, oh my God, give me more, Heather I want to learn about manifestation. And there’s going to be other times where you sort of like lose interest a little bit and you move onto something else. And maybe your attention shifts to your health or your relationships or travel, or your business, your career, whatever it may be. 

And that’s just going to happen. It’s completely natural. But I see people, you know, they get into manifestation and then they don’t stick with it every single day. And they think that because they’re not doing it constantly because they’re not visualizing constantly. It’s not going to work. And then they get really hard on themselves. And then they think like, oh my gosh, I just can’t manifest, like, it doesn’t work for me. It works for other people, but it can’t work for me. I’m never going to manifest, you know, X, Y, Z, whatever it is that they want. Right. That’s never going to happen for me because I just can’t manifest all the time. I’m not motivated. And I want you to know that that’s not true. That is not the case. You can still manifest your dream life, even if you’re not constantly doing your visualizations every single day for like a year or something like that.

Even if you just like you know, you get obsessed with it for like a month or two here and there. Even if you just do it like three days a week, or you have like a practice, like, okay, once a week on Saturdays, I’ll do it. Or, you know, even if you’re not perfect about it, even if you still come back to it every once in a while and you know, reinvest yourself in it a little bit more.`GT25 And just kind of like stay up to date with some manifestation content, keep yourself inspired from time to time as you feel like it. It’s okay. You do not have to be super into manifesting. You do not have to do a two-hour long visualization meditation like I did every single night, you know. Manifesting can still work for you, even if you’re not perfect. You do not have to be a perfect human to make this work. 

I am far from perfect. Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am not a perfect human being. And yet the law of attraction and manifestation still works for me. So, I know it can work for you too. So, please be gentle with yourself, do not set rules and expectations for yourself. Like I have to make a new vision board every three months in order to have success. And I have to do a visualization meditation in the morning and in the night, and then beat yourself up if you don’t do it or something like that, this can change. And also, I think it’s important to share here that your manifestation practice can change too. Mine has actually changed quite a bit. Sometimes I am super into doing my visualization meditations. And other times I start to shift a little bit. Sometimes I start to do more journaling, more scripting, you know.

Your manifestation practice can take on different practices, different ideas, different techniques. It doesn’t always have to stay the same. Because you’ll find that certain practices might work better for you at certain times in your life and other times they don’t. Like, for example, in my story, when I was talking about like how I was able to manifest my dream life, I talked about how one of the things that I did was I made a digital vision board on Pinterest. And I would look at it all the time throughout the day when I was working. But since then, since that summer, I’ve constantly tried to make digital vision boards on Pinterest and do the same thing that I did, but I can’t do it. I literally cannot remember to go on and look at a Pinterest board on my phone throughout the day. It just doesn’t happen.

I don’t know why. I can’t remember to do it. So, that technique doesn’t actually work for me anymore. Now I have to use a different technique. But I still create different digital vision boards. It’s just in a slightly different way. So, do not set rules, do not set expectations for yourself. Like I have to do it this way. I have to do manifestation at this time and I have to do it this frequently. It can change, your manifestation practice can be very fluid. It can change based on your interests, based on your lifestyle. The important thing is that you just continue to come back to it every once in a while. But you do not have to be perfect in any kind of way to make manifestation work for you.

So, the last lesson that I want to share with you today, that is so profound, that can really help you when it comes to using the law of attraction, I mean, it is huge, this is a big one. This is why I was so excited to record this podcast episode today, because I mainly wanted to talk about this. The last lesson that I want to share with you today is the importance of tapping into play, pleasure and a joy when you are trying to manifest things into your life. And this is actually a brand-new lesson for me that I literally just learned to embody. I just made the shift in my life. And I just started to integrate this in my life this freaking week, just this week, or was it last week I don’t know. It’s been like less than a week since I started to embody this practice, but it is so powerful. It’s so profound. And it took me so long to actually make this change in my life to actually tap into play, to tap into pleasure, to tap into joy in my daily life.

Because here’s why, I was raised and I’m, I know there are probably a lot of people out there who are raised very similarly, especially if you were raised in a very, you know, religious household too. I’m sure there are many people who share this experience in one way or another. But I was raised thinking that me experiencing pleasure and experiencing happiness was wrong. Because it made my parents so angry when I was growing up when my sister and I were just really happy. I mean, if I was taking a bubble bath, if I, it was like sitting in our hot tub and like watching Netflix. Or if I was like eating too much chocolate or taking naps or going shopping, or if I was pampering myself, it made my parents furious. Because honestly, they had a really hard life and I don’t blame them for feeling this way at all, because my dad had to grow up much faster than I did.

And he had to, you know, get a job like right out of high school. And he had to support his wife and his child. And he had to grow up super-fast. And my mom lived in a runaway shelter when she was a teenager and she had a super hard life too and a really traumatic childhood. So, they had it really rough and I’m sure that it was super difficult for them to see how quote easy my sister and I had it in life. It just made them so angry because if we were just ever like being super happy, super relaxed, super blissful, joyful, like we were just like chilling out, having a good time, doing whatever the fuck we wanted to do. We were just happy. It was super triggering for them. I mean, even if I would get a facial or get my nails done, even to this day, it makes my mom livid. It makes her so angry.

When I was a teenager, I actually got grounded for two entire weeks because I got acrylic nails put on. And even last year on my birthday, I’m about to turn 25. But last year, ON my birthday, I was turning 24. My mom called me to tell me happy birthday and she asked what I was doing to celebrate that day. And I told her that I was going to get massage and her response. I will literally never forget it as long as I live. She goes, oh, Heather Kardashian over here, that was her response. She was so mad. I mean, 24 years old, I got a massage on my birthday with my money and it made her mad and it made her angry. And honestly, I find it humorous now, but I did not use to find it humorous when I was in high school.

This used to drive me crazy and it made me, you feel so bad. And it made me feel angry that like me taking a bubble bath or getting a facial or like painting my nails could infuriate someone so much. Because then I would get angry because I was like, why are you getting mad at me for just living my life and doing what I want? And it was so upsetting for me, but now I’d honestly, I just find it funny. But the point is when I was a child, I had been through all of these experiences constantly. I mean, every single day, every single week, I had been conditioned to believe that me being happy, me being blissful, me being joyful, me just pampering myself or anything like that was wrong. So, even as an adult in my own house that I share with my boyfriend, I’m a business owner. I’m a home owner. 

If I sunbathe in my backyard or if I take a bath or anything like that, I feel this overwhelming sense of guilt. I feel like it’s wrong. I feel like I should feel shame and guilt. I feel so badly about it. So, even though I’m like, like slightly enjoying myself, it feels so uncomfortable. It feels so wrong. So, I just was not able to tap into these feelings of just pure happiness and just pleasure in my daily life. Because I just felt that incredible feeling of guilt and shame around it. Right? So, I also have, I have my own coach and my own mentor, which is super important. Honestly, everybody should have a mentor in their life, but I have my own life coach too. And she is a huge advocate for tapping into play, tapping into pleasure, she’s honestly all about it.

Like that is her number one message that she constantly hits home with to everyone, on her social media, all that kind of stuff. So, she’s always talking about how you need to tap into play, tap into pleasure. She was always telling me this, like, how are you feeling pleasure in your life and that kind of stuff. And I was really struggling with this for a long time. Every conversation I had with her, like, it just felt wrong. Like, it wasn’t sinking in. And it actually got to the point where I had no idea how to feel pleasure. Like I knew how to like relax and stuff like that, but I had no idea anymore how to feel joy and how feel pleasure because it felt like it was so wrong. So, it really took me realizing and acknowledging that I felt guilty around experiencing play and pleasure in order to finally feel that play and pleasure. Because finally it made that switch in my head where I was like, oh, wait a second, it’s not actually wrong to experience pleasure.

It’s not actually wrong to be joyful. It’s okay. In fact, it’s actually normal to feel those feelings and that belief that I have in my head is nothing but a conditioned belief. So, after I made that little shift in my head, then I started to experience joy and pleasure more in my day to day life. And I was doing things that just made me feel good and it just felt so incredible. And another thing that helped to make this shift in my mind too, was on our recent coaching call that we did my coach, reminded me of how different emotions actually have different vibrations and different energy. And that can actually be measured. I’m not exactly sure how they measure it. It has been a long time since I learned about this, but they can be measured.

It can actually be proven. And there’s actually something called an emotional guidance scale that was created by Abraham Hicks. I don’t know if you guys have read anything from Abraham Hicks or watched any videos from Abraham Hicks. But it is a group of spiritual guides that is actually channelled through this woman, Esther Hicks. And Abraham Hicks has this emotional guidance scale that actually shows the progression of these different emotions and how they sort of measure up to others. 

And the higher emotions on the scale, the emotions like joy and appreciation and empowerment and freedom and love and all of those things are actually lighter, energetically. They actually are less dense whereas the emotions that are lower on the scale, those lower vibration emotions, like the insecurity, the jealousy, the fear and stuff like that those are actually super dense. So, the lower on the scale, all of those feelings that you’re encountering down there, those feelings like anger and jealousy and rage and despair and fear and all of those types of emotions, those are super dense.

So, when you are feeling that way, your energy is super dense. So, the reason why I’m bringing all this up is because the higher emotions on the scale, the lighter emotions that we feel, they actually allow things to flow into us and flow into our life much easier. So, the closer we are to joy, the closer we are at the top of the scale, the more easily we actually attract what we want. And this is why I don’t know if you guys have heard the phrase before that you need to be an energetic match or a vibrational match to what you’re trying to manifest. That’s what it means. Your emotions have to be high vibe. They have to be higher up on the scale so that they are in the same frequency as what you want to manifest. And so that you feel lighter and that you are better able to draw those things into your life and things can flow more easily into your life.

So, I’m going to quickly read over this scale for you. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s a scale of 22 different emotions. The first one, the highest up the lightest emotion, where you want to be is emotions of joy, appreciation, empowerment, freedom, and love. You want to stay mainly in those because the higher vibe you are, the more you’re going to manifest. So, if you can stay in that feeling of joy, that feeling of freedom, then you’re going to be able to draw in the things that make that part of your reality even more that match that. You’re going to be able to draw in those things like money, the lifestyle that you want, all that kind of stuff. So, number one is joy appreciation, empowerment, freedom love.

Next up, number two is passion. Number three is enthusiasm, eagerness, happiness. Number four is positive expectation and belief. Number five is optimism. Number six is hopefulness. Number seven is contentment. Number eight is boredom. Number nine is pessimism. Number ten is frustration, irritation and impatience. Number eleven is, overwhelm. Number twelve is disappointment. So, you’ll notice we’re starting to like get further and further into those like really unpleasant emotions. And each one is a little bit worse than the others. 

So, number twelve is disappointment. Number thirteen is doubt. Number fourteen is worry. Number fifteen is blame. Number sixteen is discouragement. Number seventeen is anger. Number eighteen is revenge. Number nineteen is hatred and rage. Twenty is jealousy. Twenty-one is insecurity, guilt and unworthiness and twenty-two is fear, grief, desperation, despair, and powerlessness. So, if you are experiencing these lower vibrational emotions and you’re feeling like you’re really stuck. It can be very hard to leap from things like fear, grief, desperation, all the way up to joy and appreciation, right? 

So, if you do find yourself getting stuck down there in those denser emotions, that’s going to be harder for you to manifest. What you want to do is you want to reach a little bit higher on the scale you want to slowly sort of crawl your way back up until you can get into those higher vibrational feelings. So anyways, I share all of this to say that one of the important lessons in this manifestation practice that is really going to help you. If you can learn to embody it, is to tap into play and pleasure in your life to actually make joy and play in pleasure, a priority in your life. In the past I used to sort of make this a priority when I was actually doing a manifestation practice. Because I felt like it wasn’t real, right. I was just doing a meditation.

So, I didn’t actually feel guilty for feeling that way in, you know, my manifestation practice because it wasn’t real. But when I was actually going about my day to day life, I felt shame for experiencing those feelings. But that is going to sort of repel what you want to manifest. And it’s going to take you longer to manifest that way. So, you want to make sure that you’re tapping into those higher vibrational emotions every single day. And I know that this can be hard to do because we’re so used to prioritizing our checklist. We’re so used to prioritizing our errands and what we have to do and what we have to do for other people and what we quote should be doing every day. Right? But people so rarely make it a priority to just be happy. They so rarely make it a priority to tap into their feelings of pleasure, to tap into happiness, to tap into joy, because it seems sort of unnecessary.

It seems sort of childish. It seems sort of like ridiculous and like almost immature I think a lot of times too actually make it a point to feel joyful. But if you can do that all the time and you can start embodying feelings of joy, appreciation, empowerment, freedom, love, passion, enthusiasm, happiness, eagerness, positive expectation, and belief, optimism, and hopefulness into your daily life. You are actually going to manifest much quicker and much easier because you will be a vibrational match to what you want to manifest. You will be in the same frequency and your energy is going to be lighter. So, those things will be able to flow into your life so much easier. Whereas if you’re coming from this really dense, low vibrational place, it’s going to repel what you want. So, I know that number fifteen was super long. The last lesson, and this was so long, but I think it is so important because I know that this took me a very, very long time to embody.

I only was able to embody this tapping into play and pleasure in the past week and from working with all of the other women who my coach works with from having other conversations with like my clients and my friends, I noticed the same pattern. It wasn’t just me. It wasn’t just me that felt guilty for being happy, who felt guilty for feeling blissful, in feeling joy and stuff like that in their day to day life, which is such a shame. And I know that this is a feeling that particularly plagues women. So, if this is you, I need you to please allow yourself to understand that it is okay for you to experience, play and pleasure. It is not wrong. And if you have that belief stuck inside your head, that it is wrong for you to do what brings you happiness and joy for whatever reason, because your parents don’t want you to, or your spirituality says that, you know, you shouldn’t experience happiness and pleasure or whatever it may be. That is nothing but a conditioned belief. It doesn’t mean that that is true.

Just because another person told you that does not automatically make it so that you cannot feel pleasure. It doesn’t mean that they are right. So, I want you to come away from this podcast episode, understanding that one of the big takeaways is just allowing yourself to feel those emotions all the time. You don’t have to feel those emotions only when you are doing a manifestation practice. In fact, it is way more powerful and way more helpful if you allow yourself to feel good all the time, every single week. And you do whatever it is that brings you joy in your life could be a yoga class. A lot of my girlfriends, they’re obsessed with dancing and they love to evoke feelings of joy through dance. For me, it’s bubble baths and sunbathing.

It could be meditation, oracle cards, whatever makes you feel super blissful and makes you really happy. Let go of the guilt, let go of the shame, let go of the to do’s and allow yourself to tap into those feelings of play and pleasure and bliss right now. So, that you can start manifesting even more of that into your experience. So, anyways, I hope this podcast episode helped you. My hope is that you can just take a couple little nuggets from this podcast and introduce them into your daily life. And I hope that it also helps to create a subtle mindset change here and there. I hope that one of these insights, one of these lessons can really stick with you and you can start to embody and believe and make that mindset shift in your daily life so that you realize that you can have success with the law of attraction.

And so that you realize that you can step into your power and become a deliberate creator of your life. So, I truly hope that one of these lessons helped you and was something that you maybe hadn’t heard of before, or maybe hadn’t thought of before. If you have any questions, please shoot me an email or connect with me on Instagram. My Instagram is @Heather.Ione I O N E. And my email is Heather@heatherione.com. You can always reach out to me for one on one coaching, or you can reach out to me if you have any questions, any comments, any content ideas. If you need more explanation on a topic like this, I would love to get in touch with you real quick. Before I take off, though, I do want to go over these five lessons. One more time in case you might’ve forgotten them.

The first one that I talked about today is that if you doubt your worthiness, you are sabotaging your manifestation practice. If you feel like you are someone who is not even worthy of having the things that you want to have, then you are basically repelling it. Because you’re telling the universe, oh my God, I don’t want this. I shouldn’t have this. I don’t deserve this. So, you’re putting those thoughts out into the universe. And a lot of times, for some people, it is actually powerful enough to completely override their manifestation practice. Because their belief in their feelings of unworthiness is stronger than their beliefs in their manifestations and stronger than their faith in the law of attraction. So, I want you to know that God, the universe, whatever you call it, to not make this rule, that every single human being on the planet is worthy of having abundance enjoy and manifesting the life that they want, except for you.

That rule does not exist. So, the first lesson was, if you doubt your worthiness, you might sabotage your success with manifestation. So, you have to address those feelings of unworthiness first. The second lesson that I went over is that it is best to keep what you are trying to manifest a secret, especially if it’s sort of a new visualization that you’re starting to incorporate. It might be something that you’ve been dreaming of for a long time, but you just now started to really use manifestation practices. If you are new to this, it is best to not just exclaim to everyone that you’re trying to manifest, you know, however much money or, you know, your dream car or whatever it is. Because you don’t want other people’s energy and other people’s beliefs and opinions projecting out into the universe and determining what could happen to you.

So, it’s best to really just protect that energy and keep it to yourself. Of course, there are times that you can vocalize these things, but it’s just best to wait a little bit and then use your discretion with who you vocalize these things to. The third lesson that I went over today is that the law of attraction and manifestation, particularly once you have success with it is going to send you on a spiritual journey. Because once you have proof in the law of attraction, once you actually witness the power of it in your life. 

Once you actually see that there are universal laws at play, it opens your eyes so much and it gives you so much faith and a higher power in something outside of yourself, something bigger than yourself. So, I talked a little bit about how once you start having success with manifestation, all of a sudden you might be going on the spiritual journey too, and you’re wanting to change your habits. You’re wanting to change your health and wellness practice, you know. You’re learning more about your Dharma, your soul’s purpose, you’re doing more self-discovery, you’re experiencing or exploring meditations and different things like that.

So, don’t be surprised if this manifestation journey that you’re going on, sort of starts to lead you into the spiritual journey as well. The fourth lesson that I went over today is that sometimes you will be super into manifesting and other times you won’t. And I want you to understand this because there are going to be times where you sort of fall off the wagon and you don’t do your manifestation practice as often. And maybe your attention focuses on, you know, your business or your career or your relationship or your health or whatever it may be, a certain hobby that you’re learning, a certain skill that you’re learning, right? 

So, it is okay if you lose interest from time to time coming back to it is what’s important. But just because you step away from your manifestation practice does not mean that it is no longer working. I promise you; I am still manifesting things into my life that I was trying to manifest years ago. So, just because you let it go a little bit, just because you stopped focusing on it so much right now doesn’t mean that it won’t work. And the last lesson that I shared with you today is the importance of tapping into play and pleasure.

Because if you can tap into those feelings of play and pleasure and joy right now you will be in the right frequency to manifest what you want, because those emotions that you’re experiencing are lighter. So, things are better able to flow into your life. You’re attracting them like your energy is the same energy as what you’re trying to manifest and you’re aligned with them. So, not only does it help you like attract those things to you, but they also are able to better flow into your life because you’re not resisting them so much. Whereas if you’re feeling lower, vibrational emotions, emotions like fear, grief, desperation, jealousy, anger, revenge, hatred, rage, all of those types of things, you are going to be super dense. Your energy is going to be so dense and it’s going to be harder for you to attract what you want. 

For some people it’s enough to completely cancel their manifestation efforts for other people. They still are able to do it as long as their faith in the law of attraction is strong enough. But it does slow down the process. If you are feeling that way, I can definitely guarantee you that. So, those are the five lessons that I really felt called to share with you today. Now, this episode is actually part two in this little series that I’m doing, teaching you about the lessons that you need to embody in order to manifest the life that you want. There’s going to be a part three coming out right after this. 

I really want you to understand these, all of these different lessons. Because if you can just start to incorporate them, I promise you it’s going to be a game changer in your life, and it’s going to make you a manifestation master. So, make sure you stay tuned for that episode. My part three of the lessons that I’ve learned from my manifestation journey, I really believe that this content is so helpful and so life changing. But anyways, thank you so much for listening today. And I will talk to you in the next episode.

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