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Ep. 3 HOW I Manifested My Dream Life

By Heather Ione

Hello and welcome back to the Wild Manifestations Podcast. If you don’t already know me, I’m Heather Ione. I am a spiritual life coach and manifestation mentor as I call it. And in this podcast, we talk all about manifestation and the law of attraction. We talk about things like limiting beliefs and mental blocks that can prevent you from creating the life that you want. We talk about lifestyle and wellness practices to raise your vibration. Self-discovery work self-improvement self-help exercises that can help you really step into your power. And all of the tools and the insights that you need to basically become a deliberate creator of your own life. Rather than sort of just being at the mercy of your thoughts and feelings and situations all day long and letting them sort of rule your life and decide what your life looks like. I want you to become a deliberate creator of your life, just like I have too.

So, in this podcast episode specifically, I want to talk all about how I was able to manifest my dream life. Because in the last episode that I recorded, I talked all about my entire law of attraction, manifestation journey, starting with being in middle school. And first to learning about the law of attraction and having just terrible success with it, like not having any success with it at all. Other than being able to manifest like small amounts of money up to the point of when I was 19 years old, I hit rock bottom and that was the turning point in my life. And that was when I really started to get serious about the law of attraction and apply the law of attraction to my life because I wanted to create a different situation for myself. I was so unhappy. So, I turned to the law of attraction really out of just like helplessness, almost.

I want to say, like, I have no other option. I need to do this. And I really didn’t even believe that it would actually work at the time. But I just fully immersed myself in it and would just allow myself to basically become obsessed with the law of attraction for a solid four months I committed to it. And then after that, I started to manifest every single thing that I wanted in my life. And ever since that moment in my life, I would say every like three to six months, I manifest something new, something big that I was trying to manifest back then at the time. So, those four months when I was 19 years old were incredibly powerful if I’m still able to manifest things from that point. So, I talked about my entire journey and basically like the series of events, like how everything started to roll out how I was able to manifest one thing at a time when these things started to appear into my life.
But I didn’t really go into the house and the details of how I was able to make this happen. So, in this podcast episode, I’m going to be sharing the top 10 things that I was doing to manifest everything into my life that I have now. That way you have a better idea of the how, and you’re not just like, okay, well, that’s great Heather, but what am I supposed to do with my life? How am I supposed to manifest what I want to manifest? So, I’m going to go over these top 10 tips, top 10 things that I was doing. And I really hope that this helps you as well.

So, I’m going to just first get into number one and I want to remind you that some of these things, they might be things that you have already heard of. But there is a reason why you’re hearing them so often and they really are so incredibly powerful, particularly these first three, you might have already heard of these before. But I’m going to basically tell you my take on it and what exactly I was doing to make it my own and put a lot of power behind each one of the practices rather than just following the basic sort of blog, post ideas and tips that people have. So, if you do these the right way, even though there’s something that you might have already heard of before, they will actually work for you and they are incredibly powerful.

Number one, the very first thing that I was doing, which I think is probably the most important thing that I was doing at this time was I was doing what I call heightened or intense visualization. And like I said, in my last podcast episode, every single night before I went to bed, I went into a two-hour long visualization practice. And what I would do was I would basically visualize everything that I wanted, sort of like one at a time. And I would sort of jump to like each thing at a time I would spend 10 minutes focusing on each thing that I wanted and maybe move on to the next one, maybe go back. And I would just allow myself to sit in this visualization meditation and see, and feel every single thing that I wanted as if it were already happening to me.

So, I would literally think of every single little detail that would be occurring. And I would ask myself, okay, if this was going on right now, what would be happening? What would I be feeling? What would I be saying? What would I be wearing? What would I be looking at? You know, I would get into the teeny, tiny little details of my environment and the feelings and every single thing that I would be going through if that were taking place right now. So, for example, I talked about how I was trying to manifest my dream car. And at the time my dream car was a hard-top Jeep Wrangler. And I would imagine myself being in the car, I would imagine myself like having just received it, being so excited, being so grateful and driving through this like windy road lined with Palm trees. And I would be sitting in there and I would be feeling the car sort of swaying, like feeling my body swaying from being on this windy road, just sort of lightly like feeling my upper body kind of sway, like what normally happens when you’re driving.

And I would imagine like the sun coming through the windshield and light reflecting off of my ring on the steering wheel. And I would imagine like the smell of the leather. And I would imagine like seeing how blue the sky was against the Palm trees and all of these tiny little details to make myself feel as if I was already living in that moment. And, you know, I also talked about how I was trying to manifest a trip to Costa Rica and specifically swimming under the waterfall Law Fortuna. And I would be swimming under the waterfall and sitting there, and I would be thinking to myself like, okay, what would I be seeing? And what would I be feeling if this was already happening to me? So, I was like, okay, I’m in front of a waterfall. I would be seeing like a rainbow kind of against the sky.

I would be feeling like the water against my ankles. I would be feeling this like mist from the waterfall against my face, against my skin. When I would dive into the water, I would feel like the water sort of like breaking, like over my head, over my neck, over my chest and going down my body. And I would imagine like the feeling of the bathing suit against my skin and all of these tiny little sensations that I feel like people typically don’t bring in to their visualization practice. Because they just sort of see the thing really clearly. But what you want to do is you want to pick up on all of the tiny little things in the environment, in your body that would be happening as if that moment were happening right now. Because in order for you to attract that into your experience, you have to literally feel like you already have it, like you’re already experiencing it.

And when I would do this visualization every single night, it would be so powerful. It would be so strong. I would literally feel as if it was already happening to me and I would just start crying. I would just have this overwhelming feeling of emotion. Because I made the visualization so vivid that it felt like I was teleported there and it was already going on. And honestly, me sitting in those visualization meditations felt even better than actually receiving the thing in real life. That is how freaking powerful they are. So, that was the very first thing that I would do every single day when I was trying to manifest. And when I was leading this manifestation workshop, teaching people how to do my eight step visualization meditation, I told everyone, okay, right now we’re sitting in a coffee shop and I had them sort of scan the room and see all of the little details of what was going on, what was happening, what we were hearing, what we were witnessing, being in that coffee shop.

And I was like, that is the amount of detail that you have to bring into your visualization meditation, you know. Like, I’m sitting here right now and I’m sitting in this like a leather chair. Okay. I can feel the leather chair. I can feel like the weight of my body against the seat and against the back of the chair. I can see my latte in front of me and it’s a blue cup and I can see the foam on top of the latte. And I can see how the latte is sort of a caramel colour and it’s really beautiful. And I’m hearing the sounds of latte machines going, and I’m hearing the sounds of people talking to each other, I’m hearing a laughter. I’m like seeing a Palm tree out the window, whatever it may be, you know. That is what I want you to bring into your visualizations too, because if you can get super specific about things like the environment and what’s happening around you and what you’re wearing that is going to be such an incredibly powerful visualization meditation. And honestly, like if you do this every single day, if you choose to only take one of these tips away from this podcast episode, that is a number one thing that you should start with. 

So,the next thing that I was doing tip number two. The next thing that I was doing when I was trying to manifest my dream life back when I was 19 years old, is that I would allow myself to feel this overwhelming sense of gratitude. And I would actually include this in the visualization practice. I wasn’t like doing a gratitude practice, like in a journal or something every day. But I would allow myself to sit with the feelings of overwhelming gratitude for already having that thing in my physical reality. Like as if it’s already there, I would allow myself to feel as if I literally just received that thing.

I just received that tour of Europe. I just received, you know, my dream house, I just received my soulmate. I just received my puppy, trip to Costa Rica, you know. Hardtop, Jeep, Wrangler, whatever it was, whatever I was focusing on at that moment, I would allow myself to feel as if I literally just handed it right now. And when I was trying to allow myself to feel these feelings of gratitude before it wasn’t really working because it felt forced. But once I started to ask myself, okay, like I’m imagining just received this right now. The car just pulled up in my driveway. I was just handed the keys. How would that feel if I literally just got this thing right now? And as soon as I asked myself that, that was really a turning point in my visualization practice and in my manifestation practice. Because then I was able to feel this overwhelming sense of gratitude for already having received that thing as if it was already mine.

And I would feel it just like fill up my chest. And it was just such this incredible feeling. It felt like my heart was expanding. It felt like I had so much gratitude in my body. It was like bursting out of my chest. And it usually would make me cry every single time I would do this, or I should say it did make me cry. Not usually, but it was just so strong. And that feeling of gratitude for already having that thing makes the practice so powerful and literally makes you magnetic for all already having that thing. And this is sort of a side note, but I’ve always been really irritated with the typical gratitude practices once I started to do this. Because I realized that a lot of gratitude practices that people preach about and that they talk about out there are just like, oh, like get a cute little notebook and journal like three things you’re grateful for, five things you’re grateful for, ten things you’re grateful for.

And it makes it seem like this chore. And it makes it seem like there is a magic number where if you just sit down and you journal three things or seven things or 10 things that you’re grateful for every morning, then you’re going to manifest what you want into your life. But that is not true. If you want to actually have a gratitude practice that works, you have to really feel a specific sense of gratitude towards this thing and just journaling down. Like my health usually is not strong enough to evoke those feelings of gratitude. You know what I mean? It usually has to be something a little bit more specific than that. Because it has to be this powerful sense of gratitude, you know, you want to get really specific about why am I grateful for my health? Why am I grateful for that thing?

So, when I was doing this gratitude practice and this visualization practice every night, I would allow myself to feel grateful for the thing that I didn’t even have yet as if it was already coming to me. And I made the feeling so strong and so powerful that I think that that was the energy that really drew it to me, more so than the actual visualization itself. I think that the visualization really amplified the manifestation practice and really sent that message out to the universe and started to align me with what I wanted. But I think that the gratitude practice for like feeling as if I already had it was what really was drawing it in. All of those emotions that I had towards the thing was what was drawing it into my physical experience. So that is tip number two. Number one is do that heightened visualization meditation, and number two is feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude.

So, the third thing that I was doing when I was trying to manifest my dream life was that I created a vision board. I know, see, I told you some of these things are a little bit basic. You’ve already heard them before, but we’re going to get into the nitty gritty ones once I get past these three. But I actually created a digital vision board at this time. Because when I was growing up, I was trying to manifest all these different things into my life. And I was making physical vision boards at the time when I was like in middle school and high school, early college, I was doing these physical vision boards and it just wasn’t working for me. And I wouldn’t look at it.

They would just sort of collect dust in the back of my closet. They wouldn’t really evoke these feelings of already having it. It just wasn’t specific enough because I think I was working with, you know, the magazines that I had at the time or whatever, like physical things I was able to get my hands on. So, it wasn’t super personal also. So, when I was in college, when I was doing this routine every single day, I created a digital vision board on Pinterest. And what I did was I spent a long time just going through Pinterest and finding images that completely represented the different things that I was trying to bring into my physical reality. So for example, I would go through all of these different photos of couples, for example. And I was trying to find one image that really evoked that feeling of having the relationship that I specifically wanted to manifest. That really symbolized what I was trying to draw into my life.

And one of them was I found this photo of a couple, it was a black and white photo, and it was, I think, like an engagement shoot in their house or something. And they looked like they just woke up in the morning, but of course they look super cute and she had her hair curled and everything. And they were making eggs in their kitchen together and they were smiling and he was standing behind her and she was making the eggs. And for whatever reason, as soon as I saw that photo, it immediately sparked that feeling of having what I wanted and symbolize the exact relationship that I wanted. Because I was coming from a super toxic relationship and super unsupportive relationship. And to me, when I saw that photo, that just was such a pure moment. And it looked like the perfect example of a healthy, supportive, loving, just normal relationship. You know what I mean?

And it really evoked those feelings for me. And I talked about in my last podcast episode, how using that specific photo helped me to draw in the relationship that I have now and draw in the partner that I have now. And how he’s super obsessed with cooking eggs and like breakfast food. So, as soon as I met him, I was like, oh my God, this is so crazy. He was like making eggs all the time. We would make breakfast in the kitchen together. And that visualization has since come true so many times because I found a photo that really represented the thing that I wanted. And I do have a blog post too, on my website, Heatherione.com if you’re interested, that teaches you more in depth, 10 different things that you can do to amplify your vision board practice and make it powerful so that it actually works. Because so often people create a vision board and they’re like, oh, this is fine.

Like, it’s a cute little DIY project when you’re, you know, you’re starting a new year or it’s your birthday or something, and you’re just wanting to create a vision board. And then all of a sudden you get done with it. You look at it for a day and then you throw it in the back of your closet, you know, and you never look at it again and it just collects dust. So, I want you to get away from that. And I want you to really amplify this vision board practice because it can be really powerful. So if you’re interested in seeing those 10 different tips on how to create a vision board that actually works, you can check it out on my website and my blog section. And there’s more in-depth details on that there, but that was one of the things I was doing at the time too.

I created this digital vision board. And then what I would do is I would look at this Pinterest board every single day, especially on my work breaks every single time. I think I got three breaks throughout the day. I would go like, sit on my phone and just look at these different photos and allow myself to just like, have that little feeling, that little spark inside of me, every time I looked at the photos. So, it was constantly like refreshing my mind, like, okay, this is what you’re supposed to be focusing on. This is what you want to draw in to your physical reality. And it just shifts me into a more positive mindset all day. It constantly reminded me of the things that I wanted to manifest. So, creating a vision board can be super powerful if you actually use it and you actually do it correctly, it can be a great tool.

So, the fourth thing that I was doing at this time was that I started to also change my environment. And this all started because around this time I started to get really interested in crystals and buying crystals and like covering like my room with crystals and my desk. And I just started to really get into that whole like Bohemian aesthetic. And I started buying books about crystals and learning about them a little bit more, just sort of like dipping my toes into it. And I started reading things about how surrounding yourself with crystals makes you feel more abundant, makes you feel wealthier. Because it’s almost like you’re surrounding yourself with this beauty and these like symbols of wealth and positivity in a way. So, I was reading all about the benefits of just seeing crystals in your room, in your workspace, wherever it may be.

And that sort of gave me the idea like, wait a minute, if just surrounding myself with crystals can really, you know, raise my vibration and make me feel more abundant and make me feel more positive and all that kind of stuff. Then what could happen if I started to change my environment a little bit? So, what I started to do was I started going around my bedroom at this time and getting rid of all of these things that triggered a bad memory. That maybe it triggered a memory of a falling out that I had with a best friend of mine. Maybe it triggered a memory of like a bad day I had with my ex-boyfriend. Maybe it triggered a memory of a fight I got into with my mom, or just like a weird time in my life when I didn’t feel really confident or happy or whatever it may be.

I even started getting rid of books that I would look at on my shelf that I knew I am never going to read that book, you know. It like sat on my bookshelf for five years. I never cracked the pages of that book. I never will. But for some reason, every single time I look at my bookshelf, I tell myself, I have to read that book and I would then feel guilty for having not read the book. So, it would just spark these like really negative feelings inside of myself. And I started to then fill up my space with things that really, I don’t want to say sparked joy, but that’s what I was doing before. The whole Marie Kondo thing, you know, came about before she had a bestselling book and a Netflix show and all that jazz, and everyone knew about this. I was literally changing my environment and making sure that everything in my environment sparked feelings of joy or wealth or positivity and made me feel good.

And I was getting rid of anything that reminded me of a bad memory that just me feel really crappy. And I think that this helped a lot because you don’t realize just how much stuff in your environment just gives off this energy and just triggers you in some way and makes you feel good, or it makes you feel bad, you know. Our possessions just have such this powerful hold on us and can trigger all of these things inside of us. All of these memories, all these feelings, you know, towards the world to ourselves, whatever it may be. 

And I think that this helped a lot because it really just cleared out all of that old energy and all of the things I was making me feel really crappy. And I started to replace my environment with just things that made me feel good. So, this was one of the things that I did that summer, that I never really see people mention. When I am a learning about the law of attraction, when I’m learning about manifestation, people don’t think to say, hey, change your environment a little bit, like declutter your closet, go through your desk, whatever it may be, because that can really impact how you feel.

It really does. And once I did that, I felt so much better being in my space and being in my bedroom again. So now I’ve really gotten into the habit ever since I was 19 years old. If I have a possession that makes me feel crappy, I’m getting rid of it. I’m not going to save it just because so, and so gave it to me. Just because my mom or my grandma is going to be irritated because I didn’t save things because they think I should save everything. I’m not going to hold onto something like just in case, you know. I’m only going to keep things in my environment that actually makes me feel good and actually makes me feel good about myself. So, I think that this is a really important step in the law of attraction process, especially if you’re coming from that place that I was at 19 years old, where I just felt like helpless and unhappy and like, oh my God, I want to change my life so badly. I think that really can help, particularly in those times.

The fifth thing that I was doing at this time was that when I was going through all of this, I made sure that I was constantly keeping myself inspired with manifestation content. Because it is so easy once you get started, like with anything, to be super excited about it in the beginning, and really start off on a good note. And then after a while you just lose interest. So, I was really trying to change my life with the law of attraction. And I knew that I no longer could just lose interest with this practice after three days, if I wanted it to actually work. So, I started watching and listening to all this different content about the law of attraction, in different stories from people to keep me inspired and keep me going and keep me motivated to want to use the law of attraction every day. And one of the movies that I would watch or documentaries I should say was The Secret. And that was what first introduced me to the law of attraction back when I was in middle school.

So, at this time, every time I would wake up in the morning, I would start playing a law of attraction like YouTube video, or I would start playing The Secret and I would listen to it all the time. I would listen to The Secret in the car. I would listen to the secret in the shower because I wanted it to constantly remind me of what I was trying to do and constantly keep that spark that way; one, I wouldn’t get bored, but two, I wouldn’t start to have all of these doubts about it again. Because I think what a lot of people do, is they first learn about manifestation and the law of attraction, and they get really inspired. And then after a little while, after a couple of days, all of a sudden, their, you know, normal ways of thinking all of their doubts start to creep back in because that initial excitement has worn off.
So, what I wanted to do is I wanted to constantly keep myself in that mode so that I would be able to manifest. And this wouldn’t just be like another time that I got excited about the law of attraction for a week or for three days or whatever. I was always listening to something that would inspire me. At the time I didn’t read books about the law of attraction or anything, because I honestly didn’t know that there were books on this subject. And I do think that really would have helped me. So, ever since that point, now that I am a spiritual life coach, now that I have immersed myself more in spirituality because of all of this. Now that I’ve had, you know, positive experiences with manifestation and the law of attraction, I’ve really dove into those books. So, some of the books that I like right now are books like Creating Money and Attracting Abundance.

What else is there, Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein. The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks, books like that are really motivating and inspiring during this time. And now I also listen to a ton of manifestation podcasts too. So, someone I like to listen to also, her name is manifestation, babe. So, I’m always sort of putting this into my mind now. So, that now it’s become a habit because we have spent, I mean, decades, listening to other people over ourselves, listening to all of this fear-based content, this scarcity mindset from other people. Listening to their values, their way of thinking their beliefs, their opinions. And it can be so hard to then shift and all of a sudden take on this law of attraction, manifestation, abundant mindset. Because it’s almost as if everything in your past experience has been completely the opposite of it.

So, it can be really hard to have faith in the law of attraction. So, that’s why I think it’s so important to constantly immerse yourself with this law of attraction content. So, that you don’t get bored and you don’t have those doubts creep into your mind. So, that was what I was doing and that’s something that people have since asked me, how do you stay motivated to use manifestation? How do you stay motivated to use the law of attraction? I don’t get it. I can’t keep myself in that mode. I just like get excited about it for a couple days and then I give up. That is one of the ways I constantly keep myself excited. I listen to audio books. I listen to podcasts. I watch YouTube videos. I read books before I go to bed on the subject. I meditate on the subject. So, that way it’s always in my mind and I’m not going to forget about it.
The sixth thing that I would do during this time to manifest my dream life was that I was actively creating a spiritual connection. And I think that this is really important because if you can create that spiritual connection, that connection to the higher power, whether you call it God or the universe, whatever you’re trying to manifest is going to work so much better. Because when I was growing up, I did not have any sort of religion that I believed in. I didn’t really have much of a spiritual connection at all. I wasn’t really into spirituality. When I grew up, my mom told me that she believed in reincarnation and she believed in God, and that was the extent of religion and spirituality in our house. So, I think that that’s another reason why at first, when I first learned to the law of attraction, I was not successful. Because I was trying to put all of my faith into this universal law when I didn’t even have any sort of like spiritual connection or spiritual background.

So, I was like, how can I possibly have faith in this? You know, it just didn’t make sense to me. But if you can have a sense of faith in something greater than yourself, then the law of attraction works so much better. Because now you’re not putting all of your faith into this universal law that you might not have even had any experience with or any success with in the past. You’re putting your faith into a higher power, a higher power that, you know, is all seeing all knowing a higher power that is listening to you that is capable of anything. So, it really creates that sense of faith. That sense of belief, that sense of feeling like the universe has your back and everything’s okay and it’s going to work out. So, that can really help to crush all of those doubts that you have. So, at the time I didn’t have much of a spiritual belief system or anything like that. But whenever I would look at the stars, all of the sudden I felt deep, spiritual connection.

And that is when I started to believe in a higher power. Because I just felt like there was something bigger than myself out there. Something that loved me, something that believed in me, something that can make my dreams come true. And I would look at the stars every night. And that was actually how I did my visualization meditations. I always would do this visualization practice while I was looking at the stars. And sometimes after I got super tired, then I would go lay in bed. But that was how I established this spiritual connection. And that’s what gave me the faith that everything that I wanted to manifest was actually going to come into my life. And that just made it work so much better, honestly. It made it feel as if it actually was going to happen rather than just me sort of hoping it would happen if I thought about this stuff long enough.

So, tip number six is create a spiritual connection somehow and tie that into your manifestation practice. Now, I can’t really see the stars where I live. I live in a city, but one of the things that I like to do to create that spiritual connection is by pulling Oracle cards or even just doing a prayer, you know. Something as simple as a prayer to create that spiritual connection can give your law of attraction, practice so much power behind it. However, I do want to mention that I’ve noticed in working with some clients in the past, that there are many people who grow up with very traditional religious beliefs. And they have grown up going to church every single week, reading the Bible all the time. And they personally have a very difficult time with the law of attraction and with manifestation because it is to quote ‘woo woo’ to them.

And it feels like black magic or something. And it feels like it is something that the Bible and God is against because they were always taught that these types of things are wrong you should not do them. So, I’ve met a lot of people that have really struggled with manifestation in the past because they’re like, it just completely goes against my spirituality because they think that the law of attraction, that universal laws are something so woo woo. So, out there that they’re just directly opposed to their spiritual beliefs. And because their spiritual beliefs have been with them for years or oftentimes decades, they’re not able to override that. So, what I always tell people is that all of this stuff, like whether you call the higher power, the universe or God, I usually call it the universe. No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, no matter what your background is, all of this lives in harmony, you know. 

God is not opposed to the law of attraction. He really is not. I can promise you that. All of these things can exist in harmony with each other. You can have faith in whoever your God is and still believe in the law of attraction. And it usually just takes sitting with it and starting to remind yourself of all of these different things and you know. It’s not evil and I’m allowed to have what I want, and God wants me to be happy. And reminding yourself of all of these things in meditation to then help make that shift in your life. So, that is something that I did with another client. I had him do this like breakthrough practice, where I was able to get him to realize that God actually wants him to be happy and he doesn’t want him to suffer. And that all of a sudden made that switch in his mind where he was like, oh, so I’m allowed to use the law of attraction. That makes sense, maybe God does want me to be happy. Because he grew up on this belief that he has to suffer and he has to be punished.

And maybe if he suffers and sacrifices enough, then God will reward him. So, that was how he sort of made the connection and found harmony between the law of attraction and also the God that he grew up believing in. Another person who I’ve worked with in the past told me that what really made the switch for her was that she started to go through the Bible and specifically look for everything that made a connection that reminded her of these different sort of new age spiritual practices. So, she said that she went through the Bible and like looked for evidence that people were meditating and looking for evidence of the law of attraction and all of these different concepts. Because she was sort of taught to believe that they’re completely separate. But once she started reading the Bible and actively looking for all of these different things that made a connection to these new concepts that she was just starting to learn about all of a sudden, she realized, wow, these two things can exist in harmony.

I can use manifestation and I can still believe in the same God that I always have believed in. So sometimes it’s not easy for people to make that spiritual connection because it feels like their spirituality, their religion is opposed to it when really it isn’t. It’s just something that people have made themselves believe over time. It’s just a false belief that these two things cannot exist together because maybe at some point, the church thought that this was wrong or it was witchcraft or something like that. But really these two things can exist together and you can manifest the life of your dreams and still go to church and still believe in whatever God that you believe in. So, it does help once you get to that point, because then you can incorporate that spiritual connection into your manifestation practice too, however it works for you.

For some people it’s like sitting in front of an altar for some people it’s doing Oracle cards or tarot cards, it’s praying, it’s whatever creates that sense of faith and that sense of connection for you. Because if you can have that faith in the higher power, then you can have that faith in that visualization, manifestation or meditation that you’re doing in your bedroom. You know what I mean? Does that make sense? If you have any more questions on this too, and if you are really struggling to get over that issue of that spiritual connection, you can always reach out to me on Instagram or send me an email. I do offer one on one coaching and I can always help you work through this topic too. So, that was really just a long-winded explanation of number six, my number six tip my number six thing that I was doing at this point in my life to manifest the life that I wanted was by creating a spiritual connection. But all that is to say, I know it can be kind of hard for some people. But that was another thing that I did to give me faith in my manifestation practice. And that helped draw it into my experience much sooner.

So, number seven, the seventh thing that I did to manifest my dream life at this point was that I would always do my visualization practice at night. And there’s two different reasons for this. Number one is because we have a subconscious brain and a conscious brain, right? So, we have a subconscious mind and that is where all of our thoughts, our beliefs and our values are actually stored. They are stored in our subconscious mind. That is where 99% of all of your thoughts, all your beliefs, everything exists in your subconscious mind. And that is why like, you’ll notice you have a lot of beliefs and a lot of values and they are just there, right?

It feels like you can’t really change them. They’re so powerful. They’re so strong that you can regurgitate all of your values and all of your beliefs as if it was just on autopilot. You don’t even have to think about it at this point. It’s so ingrained deep in your subconscious mind and the way that you change a lot of the limiting beliefs, a lot of beliefs that you have a lot of values that you have. The way that you make changes in your life is by actually influencing that subconscious mind and this is how you do it. So, you can’t do it if your logical thinking brain is running. Because it’s constantly bugging you, it’s constantly reminding you of what you saw on YouTube, what you read on Instagram, something that happened to the news, something that your mom said that pissed you off, it’s constantly running, right?

So, you can’t really get to your subconscious mind, but the time that you can really reach it and reframe those subconscious beliefs is when you’re in a super relaxed state. So, the time that you actually want to do this is when you’re going to sleep at night. And all of a sudden, like your mind is kind of relaxing. Like you’re kind of resting. You don’t have as many thoughts like popping into your head and distracting you. So, it’s almost like it opens up that subconscious mind and you now have access to it. And this is how you can shift a lot of the limiting beliefs and stuff like that. However, this is also when you can do your visualization meditations, because once you get that logical thinking brain to turn off and you’re kind of relaxing. Now, all of a sudden your subconscious mind is open and you are reprogramming that subconscious mind with all of these different visualizations and all of these like abundant beliefs and these positive beliefs and things that can amplify you and make you feel better and make you feel like you are a deliberate creator of your life.

So, everything that you’re seeing, every single thing that you’re thinking, all of these messages that you’re taking in from your visualization practice is being stored in your subconscious mind now. So, it reaches your mind just a little bit deeper and over time, it starts to reframe your subconscious mind. So, this is when you want to do your visualization practice. When your logical thinking brain is turning off, your subconscious mind is open. And that way, all of a sudden now your subconscious mind is not going to be sabotaging your efforts and manifestation as much. Because you don’t have that like twinge, like, oh my God, like I have to work really hard for money. Like you don’t have that like scarcity mindset coming back and like bothering you. You don’t have all of these little beliefs around money bothering you as much. So, if you can open up that subconscious mind where all of those icky sort of limiting beliefs are laying towards money towards like your dreams, things like telling you that you don’t deserve to have what you want, that you’re not worthy of it, that you’re not capable of it.

If you can reach that subconscious mind where all of those really shitty limiting beliefs are stored. And then instead reprogram them with all of these positive and uplifting messages from your visualization practice, then all of a sudden you start to reprogram them. And then when you go into your day, now they’re not holding you back as much. And now you’re in more of an abundant mindset. And now you’re seeing more of that positive mindset shift in your life. And now you’re taking more aligned action and now you’re feeling better and you’re in a state of flow and all of this different stuff is going on. So, that was one of the reasons why I would always do this at night. I didn’t really realize the reasoning behind why it worked so well when I did it at night. But I did realize I would start to relax and I would really get into this mode and be able to visualize what I wanted and that logical, annoying monkey mind thinking brain was not bothering me as much. And it wasn’t coming to sabotage my manifestation efforts. So, that was one of the reasons why I would do this at night is because that way, all of this information gets stored in your subconscious mind.

The second reason is because by doing this, when you are about to go to sleep at night, everything that you think about immediately before you go to bed, basically stays in your brain all night. You stay in whatever frequency and whatever wavelength and whatever vibration you are in when you fall asleep. It stays with you throughout the night, and it actually impacts the way you feel when you wake up the next day. So, you’ll notice if you have like a really shitty night and you go to sleep and you’re feeling like all of these terrible thoughts and feelings, and like remembering things that upset you like remembering whatever’s bothering you, right?

And you fall asleep in this really crappy mood. Then you wake up in a crappy mood too. So, if you can fall asleep at night and think about all these different visualizations, think about your dream life, your dream lifestyle, everything that you want and have that be the last thought you have before you go to bed, your body, your mind is actually staying in that vibration, staying in that frequency, staying in that wavelength, whatever you want to call it all night long. So, basically you are continuing to manifest. Even while you’re sleeping, you are continuing to manifest your dream life for the next six to eight hours while you’re sleeping, even if you don’t realize it. And that is why it can be so freaking powerful when you do it at night. Because now you’re reprogramming your subconscious mind and you’re keeping yourself in that high vibrational mindset of, I want to manifest this. I’m going to manifest this, and you’re thinking about it even in your sleep.
So, what I would do is every single night I would do this visualization meditation, and I would do it for like two hours. And you don’t have to do it for two hours, but that’s what I did. I was super committed to it. I decided I was replacing Netflix and online shopping with this practice and that’s how I did it. And I would just think about all of the things that I wanted, everything I wanted to attract into my life, the car, the money, the person, the puppy, the house, the school bus, everything like that. I would think about every single thing I wanted to manifest. And then I would stay in that vibration all night long. So, you literally can manifest while you’re sleeping, if you do it that way.

Whereas in the morning, like let’s say, you’re doing a visualization practice. You’re doing it in the morning, all of a sudden you go into your day and you’re kind of getting distracted with all of these different things. So, you’re not putting as much time as much energy and as much power behind it. So, it really helps if you have that night-time routine and then you can fall asleep thinking about this, and then you can wake up in the morning and remind yourself of this again. Because now all of a sudden, you’ve just spent like eight hours in this, you know, high vibe state. So, your manifestation practice is going to be even more powerful.

So, the eighth thing that I did and the eighth tip that I would like to recommend to you too, is that when I was doing, doing all of this, I completely committed to the law of attraction. I completely committed to my manifestation practice and I did this literally every single day for four months. And by the end of those four months, everything that I wanted started to be put in motion. And I mentioned in the last podcast episode that I recorded all about my journey. When I first learned of the law of attraction, me and my family all made the same mistake. We got super excited. Like we’d watch The Secret for the first time and we were like, oh my God, there’s this thing called the law of attraction. And we, you know, ran to our separate rooms and we, you know, did a gratitude practice and did our visualization practice and all of this stuff. Like we got so excited, we loved the idea that we can create our dream life. We got so inspired and motivated, and we did all the things, the vision boarding, the gratitude practice, the visualization practice.

And then three days later, we forgot about it. We gave up on it, our doubts, crept back in, whatever happened. And we just lost the momentum and lost the excitement, you know? And we weren’t constantly reminding ourselves of the law of attraction and how it can work because we watched the documentary, we got really excited. And then we went back to our normal routines, right? So, that is what a lot of people do when they first learn about the law of attraction, or maybe they’ve always believed in it. They do what is called manic, manifesting. They get really excited. They put three days into it. 

They put all of their focus and do it for three days. They do all the practices and then they get bored and then they move on and then they try and do it again. They remember, oh yeah, there’s this law of attraction thing. I’m going to make a vision board this year. I’m going to commit to it this time. I want to manifest this car and this person and this house and whatever. And then three days later, they get bored and they stopped doing it again. So that is called manic manifesting. And that’s what I used to do. And that’s why I was super unsuccessful with the law of attraction in middle school and high school and in early college. Because I wasn’t giving it enough time.

But the thing is the law of attraction, just like anything else in your life requires focus, energy, time, attention. It requires all of these things to grow and actually come to life. You can’t just think about this one day, a year or three days a year and expect it to change your life. If you want to have success with the law of attraction, I hate to say it, you guys, but you actually have to commit to it. You actually have to make this part of your routine or else you’re not going to create your dream life. And that’s why a lot of people, I think, think, oh, the law of attraction doesn’t actually work. And they convince themselves that it doesn’t work because they’re not giving it enough time and energy. But really, it’s just like, you know, when you go to the gym, you can’t put three days into a nutrition program and into your new workout and expect your dream body to come at the end of those three days, right?

It takes a while. It takes a lot of momentum. It takes you doing it like every single day to eventually get the payoff. But if you just like do this practice for like one day. It’s not even worth it. It’s not even going to work for you. You know? So, this is one of the big things that I constantly try and tell people with the law of attraction is you have to actually commit to it and you have to actually have discipline in it. And that is one of the big things that I want you to take away from this podcast episode too, is that like, even if you don’t remember every single one of these things. If you can at least do the visualization meditation and you can at least commit to it every single day for however long you want to commit it, that’s going to make a huge change in your life.

And what I did was I would do this whole practice for four months. And by the end of those four months, I got a call from my mom. And the number one thing I was trying to manifest was a move to Florida. I got a call from my mom saying that my dad was interviewing and starting to talk to these dealership owners and they owned several dealerships and Wisconsin, Illinois, and Florida. And he was starting to interview with them for a position at a Cadillac dealership in St. Augustine, Florida. So, all of a sudden, she calls me and she’s like, hey, your dad is interviewing, this is what’s happening. We’re probably going to end up moving to Florida. You don’t have to come. You can stay here if you want to you, I know you’re in a relationship. I know like you’re about to finish up school yada, yada I was like, oh my God, no, I’m coming. I was so excited.

And that was just after four months of me committing to the law of attraction. All of a sudden, I get a call that it’s basically working. It’s been already being put in motion. So, that is what happens if you can commit to your law of attraction. Practice, all of a sudden, and just a little bit of time, a little bit of commitment. You’re going to start getting calls like that. You’re going to start getting messages like that. And you’re going to realize that literally the outer world is starting to synchronize and work in your favour. And every single thing that you’re visualizing is going to start coming into your life, literally, that’s how it happens. 

You are the deliberate creator of your own life. As long as you can recognize it, commit to it and take responsibility for your life. All of a sudden, you’ll notice that the outer world starts to harmonize and synchronize to give you what you want. It just takes a little bit of time. So, when you do this manifestation practice, go into it knowing that you’re going to have to commit to it in the same way that you would commit to like a workout routine to change your body and create your dream body, right? You need to commit to it in order to create your dream life.

So, tip number nine. The ninth thing that always do at this point was that I no longer, I made this decision that I was no longer going to tell people what I wanted to manifest. I no longer was going to tell other people what I wanted to manifest into my life, what I was trying to create through using the law of attraction and manifestation. And this is something that I always tell people now, too. I think it’s super important when you’re trying to manifest something that you keep it to yourself. Because what happens is if you are going around telling all these people, hey, I’m trying to manifest, I don’t know, fill in the blank $3 million, right? You’re telling your boyfriend, you’re telling your parents, you’re telling, you know, like random friends and acquaintances, you’re telling the neighbours, you’re telling your co-workers. You’ll notice that if you tell people these things that you’re trying to manifest, what happened to me was that I noticed all of this doubt in people’s mind.

When I was in high school, I would always tell people what I was trying to manifest. And they would just look at me like I was completely fucking crazy. Like I had no idea what I was talking about. Like I had an eye in the centre of my forehead. Like I was just on something like, they just thought I was a complete idiot. And I would pick up on all of their doubts. I would sense all of their doubts. And they would tell me things like, that’s never going to happen. The law of attraction, isn’t real. You know, sometimes they would be like weird and just kind of awkward around me and really doubtful. Sometimes they would be super vocal. But basically I started to realize that if you tell other people what you are trying to manifest into your life, all of the sudden you have all of their energy and all of their doubts and all of their beliefs and thoughts and opinions around what you just said.

And now they are being put out to the universe as well. So, if you’re telling someone this who does not like you, who does not support you, who wants to see you fail, and you’re telling them that you want to manifest $3 million now, all of their energy and thoughts and opinions towards it are going out into the universe and going to impact what happens to you because everyone else is also a creator, right? So, it’s super important too, if you have something that you really want to manifest to keep it to yourself and not put it out into the world and tell anyone and everyone what you’re trying to create. Because then you’re really putting the energy in this visualization and this delicate and manifestation in the hands of all of these other people who don’t even matter when it comes to this visualization, right?

You’re giving them the power about what you want to manifest into your life. You’re like handing them over your dream and being like, please be gentle with this, you know, it doesn’t work. And there are certain times I’ve come to realize that, you know, it is okay to tell some people, right. But for a while, I think it’s really important to keep it to yourself, you know. But some people can actually help you because if you vocalize something to the right person, then all of a sudden, they might have a connection for you that can help you get what you want. For example, I read Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein and she was talking about how she wanted it to be in Glossy Fashion magazine. And she put it out, she started like actually verbalizing this to people. I want to be in a Glossy Fashion magazine.

I want to be in Glossy Fashion magazine all the time so that I can really reach this type of audience. And all of the sudden she actually made a connection with this woman who I think worked at Vogue and then pitched Gabrielle Bernstein to her staff to do like a feature article on her. I don’t know if all those details are exact. I don’t know if it actually was Vogue, but that’s what happened. She vocalized it to the right person. And also like, if you are in a group of female entrepreneurs or something like that, you’re going to networking events, those types of things. It’s actually good to vocalize what you want, because now you’re surrounding yourself with likeminded people who are also super ambitious and also trying to make their dreams come true and things like that. So, there is sort of a right place, right time for telling people what you want to create in your life.

But I think it’s sort of important when you’re trying to specifically manifest something, like a certain amount of money that, you know, certain details you may be keep to yourself. So, you kind of have to use your discretion with it, but it is important to not just tell anyone and everyone what you’re trying to manifest. You want to make sure that every single person you’re talking to that you’re telling these details about your life too, are going to be supportive and really encourage you in that and want to see you succeed. And you have to be really careful because some people might appear like that from the outside. But deep down, they have like deep seeded jealousy or they want to see you fail. Like they think that you might be better than them or whatever it may be. You know? So, there’s weird little dynamics at play here.

What I like to do is I like to keep every single thing that I’m trying to manifest a complete secret until after I have manifested it into my physical experience. So for example, I didn’t tell my family that I was trying to manifest a move to Florida and a hard top Jeep Wrangler and like all of these different things into my life. I was trying to manifest all of that when I was 19 years old. And I didn’t tell them that until I was 21 years old, I was already living in Florida. I had already gotten my car. I had already gotten the move to Florida, all that jazz. And of course, once I told them about it, then they thought I was absolutely crazy. But that’s fine because our mission is not to get other people to believe in the law of attraction. It’s just to help other people who want to learn about the law of attraction, learn about it.

But I didn’t tell my family what I was trying to manifest. And I still regularly keep it a secret what I’m trying to manifest. Because I want to protect the delicate visualizations that I have. And I know that I already have so many things to work through as a person. I already have a limiting belief. I already have doubts sometimes and I have enough to work on, on my own, let alone someone else’s crap, someone else’s energy coming in and sabotaging my visualizations. So, when I was actually recording that last episode about, you know, my manifestation journey, I actually recorded it many times because I was just struggling to get the right words out and struggling to do the story justice. And I recorded it a bunch of times, but just this week, I actually was able to finally manifest something into my physical experience that I’ve been trying to manifest since that time I was 19 years old, which is an old school bus to convert into an RV. So that my boyfriend and I can travel around the United States and see all the different national parks and stuff.

But the first couple times I did that recording, I didn’t mention the school bus because we hadn’t gotten it yet. So, I didn’t want to put that out into the world. So, that was another thing I kept a secret. And then when I did my next recording of it, I was like, hey, by the way, I also manifested a school bus because now it is officially sitting outside in my driveway. Matt and I actually own a school bus now. So, this is something that I always keep to myself. I do not tell other people what I’m trying to manifest until after I manifest it. Some things though, like business related things sometimes I tell people that because they’re more like business goals. So, I feel like it doesn’t put people into that spiral and impact the business as much as like personal things I’m trying to manifest. But you really have to use your discretion with it. I know it’s kind of like iffy, like this number eight, like, or this number nine, don’t tell people what you’re trying to manifest. But especially in the beginning, I think it’s really important to just keep your manifestations a secret for now.

So, the last thing that I did at this point to manifest my dream life was that on my way to work, I would imagine the life that I wanted. And I would sort of do this little daydream, very similar to my visualization practice that I would do at night. And I would allow my mind to just sort of wander with all of these different things that I wanted to manifest. So, I basically carved out this time that I was sitting in the car to be super dedicated to my law of attraction practice. And I made that a rule for myself, every single day when I’m driving in the car, I’m going to visualize, I’m going to daydream about all of the things that I want to create in my life.

And I made that a habit. And I think that this really helped because not only was I doing my visualization practice at night. But then I was in that frequent see in that vibration all night long and then I woke up and listened to inspiring law of attraction content. And then when I was in the car, I would daydream about the life that I wanted. And then when I was on my work breaks, I would look at my digital vision board. And I just kind of did that like as my routine for four months. And I think that this part actually helped to manifest these things into my life too. Because I was starting out my day thinking about all of those things. So, I wasn’t just doing it at night and then forgetting about it the next day. But I was actively making it a point too, when I woke up in the morning, think about the life that I wanted to create for myself.

And then I would notice that throughout the day as I was working, I was a barista at the time as I was making lattes and stuff like that, it would start to pop into my head, like the different things and I would get reminded of it. And that really helped me because it kept me motivated and it kept my mindset really positive. And I started to notice that my thoughts were really shifting when I was constantly starting out my day like this, ending my day like that in this manifestation mode, it really just uplifted me. And it gave me a lot of like excitement and it really inspired me and it gave me faith that it was going to happen. And it really just started to shift my mindset, honestly. So, I think that this was the last thing that I did that really helped to dedicate myself to the law of attraction practice and really helped to create the life that I wanted.

So, I’m going to go over these tips one more time. These were the 10 things that I did back when I was 19 years old to manifest every single thing that I have now, every single thing that I wanted. So, number one was I would do a heightened visualization meditation every single night. Number two, I would feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude as if I already had the thing that I was trying to manifest. Number three, I created a digital vision board and would look at it every day throughout the day. Number four was I started to change my environment and make sure that I was only surrounding myself with things that quote sparked joy as Marie Kondo would say. 

Number five, I would constantly keep myself inspired by listening to manifestation content manifestation videos, or by listening to The Secret documentary. Now I listened to audio books about the law of attraction and podcasts and things like that. But I make sure to always keep this stuff in my head so that I don’t forget about it, or I don’t let my doubts creep in or anything.

Number six, I created a spiritual connection so that I had faith that the law of attraction was actually working. I now was putting my faith in a higher power, not in a universal law, which gave it a little bit more strength. Number seven, I would always do this at night. So, I would continue to manifest in my sleep. And so that I would open up that access to my subconscious mind and help to retrain and reprogram my subconscious mind to be more abundant. Number eight, I committed to the law of attraction and I did this every single day for four months. And then my dream life started to be put into motion. Number nine, I didn’t tell anyone what I was trying to manifest because I knew I had to protect my energy. I had to protect the things that I was trying to visualize.
I knew I already had a lot of limiting beliefs and a lot of doubt to work through on my own. So, I could not afford to take on other people’s. And I did not want their energy, their thoughts, their feelings, their beliefs, about the law of attraction or whatever it may be to go out into the universe as well and sabotage my efforts. Number 10, the last thing that I would do is every single day on my way to work, I would allow myself to daydream and think about the things that I wanted to manifest into my life. So, I was doing it all day long. I was doing, you know, the vision boarding throughout the day. I was starting my day off on the right note. I was inspiring myself with other law of attraction content. I was doing these visualizations at night, and this was literally my exact formula for creating the life that I have now.

This is how I was able to manifest a move to Florida, modelling on the weekends, having my own business, having my own home, meeting my boyfriend, getting our school bus, getting our puppy, all of the things. I’m sure I’m forgetting a bunch like our trip to Costa Rica, my dream car, my tour of Europe, all of these things I was able to manifest just from this point in my life from doing these 10 things religiously. So, I guarantee you that if you did these 10 things starting right now in just a couple months, you would be able to see the shift in your life as well. 

So, thank you so much for listening to today’s podcast episode. I hope that this content was helpful. If you have any questions for me, you can shoot me an email. My email’s, Heather@heatherione.com. Ione is spelt I O N E. You can also connect with me on Instagram. My Instagram is @Heather.ione I O N E. If you have any questions, if you need any coaching from me, please feel free to reach out. And if you have any podcast ideas or any content ideas, please let me know. I would love to hear from you. But anyways, thank you so much for being here today. And I will talk to you in the next episode.

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