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Ep. 11 Can We Still Manifest Due to Covid-19?

By Heather Ione

Hello and welcome back to the Wild Manifestations Podcast. I’m your host, Heather Ione. I am a spiritual life coach and manifestation mentor as I call it. And today I want to talk about manifestation and COVID-19 specifically the question that I think is on a lot of people’s mind. If it’s not on your mind, it’s on someone else’s mind right now. Can we manifest? Can we still manifest given the state of the world? Or is this pandemic that happened somehow proof that manifestation is not true and we don’t have control over the way our lives unfold? And we are really a victim of our circumstances, you know? So, I want to talk about that. And first, I just want to say that even if you are listening to this podcast and it is like way past COVID-19, you’re listening to it months later or years later, or something like that, this is still I think a good podcast episode to listen to. Because it’s really going to help you reframe your scarcity mindset with a couple of these insights that I’m going to share.

This is not going to be a super long podcast episode. I just really wanted to touch on this because I feel like people are worried right now when it comes to manifestation and worried that maybe that they are a victim of outside circumstances. Because we know so many people who are losing their jobs, getting furloughed, losing money, all sorts of stuff like that. We’re really in the thick of it right now. We’ve been in quarantine for a while now, and there’s really no end in sight. So, a lot of people have had some difficult things happen to them as a result of it, you know, maybe they’re struggling to buy food. Maybe they are struggling to find work. Maybe they’re stuck at home with their kids and they’re just driving themselves crazy, you know. So, we’re really in it right now. And I think manifestation is the farthest thing from people’s mind. And if they are thinking about it, then they’re probably thinking like, maybe this just doesn’t work. So, I really want to address this topic. Can manifestation still work? Can we still manifest given the state of the world?

So, I have a couple points I want to make here. I’m really hoping that these insights will inspire you and help to change any sort of doubts that you have. So, number one, this is a universal law. The law of attraction, it’s a universal law. So, it is not going to go away just because a pandemic is happening. Just because there’s something going on in the world right now, a lot of people might be having a tough time. That doesn’t automatically cancel out a universal law that exists. Right? And the other thing is that, you know, pandemics have happened in the past before and like, think of just the hundreds and thousands of people that have been able to become millionaires since pandemics have happened in the past. Companies that have been built, people that have become famous, people that have become wealthy people that have started the business that they wanted to, people that have lived the life they wanted to at the home, they wanted to the material possessions, they wanted to, the partner they wanted to, the family they wanted to, you know. The world went on even though pandemics have happened in the past. So, this universal law is still going to be true in 2020 and 2021. It does not mean that all of a sudden, it’s irrelevant.

The second point that I want to make is that we manifested this into our current reality. I mean, I’m just thinking like, look at all of the hate that has been spewed into the world because of our current government. Or the hate that we’ve spewed on each other or the hate that has come from the media, the divide that has happened in our country. And also think about our extremely poor outlook of health and nutrition and the way that not everyone has access to healthcare. Or the way that, you know, all of the food that’s in the grocery store right now. All of the ingredients in them are dictated by these companies and dictated by wealth and created because they cause addiction and stuff like that. And make you want to buy more not because they’re actually good for us. 

You know, the vast majority of food at the grocery store is so horrible for us. I’ve learned that through studying with my program, that I got my certificate of coaching from, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, it’s the largest nutrition school in the world. And they always talk about just how wildly unhealthy our food is and how we just have such a poor outlook of health in this country where we treat things after they happen and we don’t take a preventative perspective. We don’t incorporate lifestyle changes. We don’t take a holistic point of view, we don’t, you know, improve our diets and, you know, move our bodies and drink enough water and pay attention to our bodies and eat the right food, you know. We’re always doing the exact opposite of what’s good for us. So, just think about that super poor outlook of health that we’ve had.

Think about the hate that we’ve spewed on each other. Think about the choices that we’ve made in society, the poor choices that we’ve made over the last couple of years, you know. We really have manifested this into our current reality, but guess what? We can manifest something else. Just because we can manifest something horrible does not mean that we can’t manifest something great afterwards. I used to think through my own manifestation story that, you know, I was too far gone and I talked a little bit about this. If you listen to my wild manifestation story episode, I talked about how I was just so hopeless and I never thought I could create the life that I wanted because I was just a victim of my circumstances. And I had really let them get away from me and every single aspect of my life was just in shambles.

So, because of that, I felt like there’s no way, like I’ve already ruined it in a way and I can’t come back from it. I can’t actually manifest what I want. And I was talking about how, you know, I didn’t really believe that the law of attraction was going to work for me in my sophomore year of college. And I didn’t really have any expectations, but I used it all the time because it made me feel better. And I just thought that like, well, you know, I don’t think it’s actually going to work. I think I’m too far gone, but it makes me feel better so I’m going to do it anyways. And look like I’ve manifested every single thing that I wanted, financial abundance, my business, my relationship, my home, my dog, travel, all sorts of things. So, just because there was something really bad happening, it could be in the state of the world, it could also just be in your life, in your world.

Something going on right now that you feel really trapped in, really suffocated from it doesn’t mean that you can’t come out of it and manifest something crazy and positive, you know. Just because you’ve allowed yourself to get stuck in a certain situation. Just because your reality is a reflection of your negative past thoughts and actions does not mean that in the future, they can’t change and be the exact opposite. So, I really want you to know that as far as like COVID-19, the state of the world right now, can we really manifest? Like, is it even possible? Yes, it, 100% is. Because if we can manifest something, this drastic and this crappy, then of course we can first something wild and amazing and spectacular and great and abundant, you know. It means that we can manifest. It should almost be more proof that we can manifest really big things. But we can manifest great things and powerful things into our lives too.

Now, the third thing that I also wanted to share, the third point that I wanted to make on this whole topic is that no matter what, no matter what happens, no matter what day it is, what year it is, no matter what’s going on, there are always going to be people that are having massive financial success, right? There’s always going to be millionaires out there. There’s always going to be billionaires out there. There’s always going to be people doing freaking great. And on top of their game and everything is going well for them. And at the same time, there’s always going to be people at their absolute lowest point financially that are completely out of money, completely broke, completely stuck and unhappy who have nothing.

There’s always going to be both going on no matter what, right. So, right now that’s, what’s going on. Like even in this pandemic, even in the state of the world, there are people doing so well right now there are people that are making millions of dollars. That are at their peak financial income. That are just doing incredible in their businesses right now. And there are also people who, you know, on the other side are not doing well at all. They’ve lost a lot of money or maybe they have had a lot of, you know, unexpected expenses come up as a result of this. Maybe they have been living off of savings and stuff like that. Whatever the case may be there’s always going to be people that are incredibly financially successful. And there’s always going to be people that are broke, you know.

There’s going to be two sides of it going on at the same time. So, right now there are people doing really well. So, a couple examples of this in case you need a reminder, toilet paper, right? Every freaking toilet paper company has sold out of their products right now. Zoom, you know, Zoom is doing just wildly successful because every single person has been forced to go home, work from home, do their meetings off of Zoom on their computer with work. Everyone is doing little Zoom, happy hours. Everyone is doing like Zoom podcast episodes. And doing Zoom birthday parties or weddings, or, you know, happy hours with their family or just book clubs. Like, I have had a Zoom book club that we’ve been doing. So, Zoom is doing really well right now and like workout equipment. My boyfriend, Matt works for Iron Man Triathlon.

He is selling, expo space, booth space at iron man villages. So, of course like, I mean, he can’t really do that right now because events can’t happen. But he was telling me that at home fitness gear went up 375% since all of this started. In dumbbells, alone, went up 700% in sales. How freaking crazy is that, 700%. And like sanitizer oh my gosh, any company selling sanitizer is making a killing right now. The companies like Purell that make like exclusively sanitizer, they are doing super well. And also, Matt was telling me that all of the skincare companies, he works with, every skincare company he’s talked to that has a sanitizing product. A bunch of his clients have said, like, we are basically now a sanitizer company, even though they would make all like natural sunscreens and lotions and chap sticks or deodorants or stuff like that, they have like one sanitizing product and they would completely sell out a bit like automatically.

And like any natural health supplements, anything like that. Like, another one of Matt’s clients right now, they make collagen and they make, I guess, really specialty kind of collagen that’s supposed to be like better in some way. I don’t know. But they make this, all these collagen supplements and like powders and stuff like that. And they’ve sold out of all of their products, like any sort of health store really can’t keep up with the demand right now. So, those are people or companies that are doing so well right now, even given the current situation. So, there’s always going to be people that are doing wildly successful. So, another example is doTERRA. I’m doTERRA wellness advocate. So, I helped to sell essential oils and educate people on them, educate people on how to use them and also like give them little routines, recommend products to them if they have different health ailments and stuff like that.

And doTERRA has this line called OnGuard and that is like their protective blend and their like immune boosting blend. I actually take it with me whenever I go on trips because I always get sick when I go on vacation and I’m like doing a bunch of sightseeing and stuff. So, I always take it with me, but that’s their immune boosting blend. And they have like a whole line of products from it. Like they have, you know, the essential oil and like the roller bottle and like little bead lifts that you can take. And sanitizing mist and cough drops and soap and supplements and detergent and toothpaste, and like all this kind of stuff. They have an entire line of products and literally when this all happened, like the first week I realized that we were going to be stuck at home in quarantine. Every single product was sold out. All of them. It was so crazy. I was like, I never see that I was on their website. And it was literally like sold out.

You couldn’t get anything for weeks. So, of course they are doing incredible too. And two girls that I follow they’re actually both spiritual coaches in one way or another. One of them is like a coach for coaches and she’s like a spiritual coach. And she helps people like, you know, step into their power, become healers, maybe attract more aligned clients with them. And there’s another girl that I follow and she is a spiritual business coach and she is also a really big fan of the law of attraction. They actually both have podcasts and stuff too. But anyways, I was on social media one day and I saw that both of them had their highest income month ever. And one of the girls actually shared that she made $50,000 this past month.

$50,000 during a pandemic, when everyone was saying that like, it’s not possible to make money. You know, everyone’s losing money. Like everyone was going into scarcity mode, like, you know, hoarding toilet paper and stuff like that. During the worst time in the world in a long time, she was able to make 50 grand in a month through coaching. So, it is possible. So, I just want you to know that if you’re suffering from the scarcity mindset or you’re starting to feel like maybe we are a victim of our circumstances, we are not. You can always manifest your reality. So, another thing that I want to share too is, there’s this book that I recently read with my book club and it’s all about the law of attraction and abundance. And it is actually is my favourite law of attraction book I’ve ever read.

It is so good and really helped me with my scarcity mindset called Creating Money and Attracting Abundance. So, there’s this paragraph that really resonated with me when I read it. And I just felt like it was perfect. It was the perfect message that I needed and a lot of people need during this time, even in the future. I think that, you know, because the economy just goes up and down, this message is such an important thing to really embody. So that we don’t feel overwhelmed and we don’t lose hope or lose faith because you know, the economy might not be doing well at the time. So, it’s from the introduction. I’m just going to read a paragraph off to you. 

It says you do not need to be affected by the economy or human-made conditions. You can create your own personal economic environment of prosperity. If you are willing to listen to and act on your inner guidance, you will do well no matter what the economy around you is doing. You are being sent all of the guidance you need to have abundance and be well provided for during economic downturns. If people lose their jobs or a lot of money, it will only be because those things are not for their higher good. Such events will change their lives in some way, for the better. If anything is truly serving your higher good, it will not be taken away.

So, I think that that’s just such an important note to end on and a message that I really want people to receive right now, no matter what’s going on, the law of attraction is always operational. You can always turn to it. You can always manifest what you want. Always ignore the outside messages that are trying to trigger you and convince you that you can’t do it and you can’t be successful. It could be from the media. It could be from friends, family, co-workers, everyone who is saying that you can’t money during this time, or at any other time, they have limiting beliefs of their own that they need to work on. And they have a scarcity mindset and it really can be triggering for us, but it doesn’t need to be. The best we can do is just when you hear all of these messages outside of you, that really freak you out and trigger you just know that it’s just stemming from fear. And it doesn’t mean that that’s the truth.

So anyways, I hope that this podcast episode resonated with you. I hope that it gave you some hope, gave you some faith, made you realize that you still can be successful. You still can use the law of attraction no matter what is going on outside of you, please let me know if this did resonate with you or connect with you at all. You can always connect with me on Instagram at Heather.Ione I O N E, or shoot me an email. My email is heather@heatherione.com. I would love to hear from you. Anyways, that is it. Good luck, everyone stay safe and I will talk to you in the next episode.

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