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Discovering Your Dharma (Your Soul’s Purpose)

By Heather Ione

Today, I’m diving deep into the topic of our soul’s purpose. This post is meant to provide you with the insights that will help you live your unique soul’s purpose and manifest the life that you want without feeling guilty. 

If you feel undeserving of your dreams and desires, are stressed out and uncomfortable about pursuing them, or are struggling to discover your unique purpose, read on! This post is exactly the message that you need.

Everyone is Born with a Soul Purpose

Every single person comes into their lifetime with a unique soul purpose, including yourself. When you came into this life with the name, the body, and the family that you were born into, it was not by accident. Neither was the time, date, or location that you were born in. You were carefully placed here with a unique role to fulfill on this planet that only you can fulfill. 

Your soul’s purpose will improve the world and the collective in some way and benefit the whole. Whether it be making a contribution to humanity, or animals, or even the planet itself. This purpose will contribute to the highest good for everyone. Whether or not you know what that purpose is, there’s a reason you are here.

The unique contribution that you came to earth to make can be fulfilled in countless different ways, whether it be through your relationships or through your career, on larger scales or smaller ones. When you are fulfilling that purpose, you are following your highest path and raising the consciousness of the planet. 

But this soul purpose isn’t just beneficial for the planet, it’s also essential to your soul’s growth. Every unique challenge that you face, every internal battle you had to overcome, and every experience you have was a lesson that your soul needed to learn in this lifetime. Fulfilling this purpose and learning these lessons is how your soul grows spiritually and becomes increasingly enlightened. 

What is your unique soul purpose?

Now, that’s all fine and dandy if you know your soul’s purpose, right? But what if you don’t? It can be so incredibly stressful and confusing. Just thinking about it gives me PTSD from trying to discover my purpose and my “plan” as I was approaching college graduation. 

I think the reason why it can be so hard is because you’re conditioned from a very young age to believe there’s a certain career you “should” have or a role you’re “supposed to” fill in order to please others. 

But even though you may have been led astray and gotten lost from the noise of society’s expectations, your soul’s purpose is always inside of you. And this may come as a surprise, but it’s not trying to stay hidden. 

All you have to do to find it is look inward. Your highest self is constantly guiding you in the direction of your soul’s purpose through your imagination, feelings, interests, desires, and dreams. Every day you’re being shown elements of your purpose and how you can fulfill it through the things that make you happy and bring you joy. 

Your deepest desires, your interests, your dreams, etc. all come from your soul. Your soul shows you your potential and direction by giving you dreams of your ideal life. Therefore, your soul’s purpose will likely already be something that you’re familiar with, or already working on, or do for fun in your free time. It involves the things that put you in a state of flow and make you feel as if time is flying.

No one else can tell you what your soul purpose is. (Nope, not even your mom.) To fulfill your life’s purpose it involves a process of self-discovery. It involves looking closely at what your skills are, what interests you, and what makes you happy. By following these feelings, you’ll be led to your soul’s purpose and on your unique path in this lifetime. 

But to do that, you have to get comfortable knowing that your path and purpose is going to be different than what your friends, family, or society expect and want from you. It also means becoming familiar with the unfamiliar and knowing that nobody can tell you the “right” thing to do or the “right” steps to take in life. Every single person’s path and blueprint in life is going to be different.

By holding yourself back and preventing yourself from fulfilling that purpose, you’re preventing your soul from growing and denying the world of the joy and gift that you have you to give.

That’s why spiritually conscious people who have learned about their soul and their past lives admit that they have continuously been reincarnated until they were able to fulfill their soul’s purpose. Dr. Joe Dispenza shares his incredible story and experience with this in his book Becoming Supernatural.”

In my opinion, it’s best to do the work now, so you can be chilling in the next lifetime!

Lesson #1 – You Are Worthy of Happiness

Now, many spiritually conscious people that I talk to understand this much. However, there are so many clients that I come across who believe in a soul purpose and believe that it is shown to us through our interests… however, they still believe that they have to suffer in order to fulfill their own purpose.

It has been beaten into their head through all the messages in society that life is meant to be hard, they have to sacrifice, and that they are undeserving of happiness and abundance.

No matter how you feel about yourself right now or what messages you’ve been conditioned to believe, the universe (God, Source, Higher Power, etc.) did not make this message true for everyone except for you. 

God did not decide that everyone is deserving of love, happiness, and abundance, however, Sally from Michigan is NOT. That’s not the case. Yet somehow, I come across dozens of clients who believe that this is true for them.

The concept of having a purpose and that this purpose can be found through self-discovery, tends to make sense for everyone but themselves because they don’t feel worthy.

They still believe that they have to make sacrifices, deprive themselves, play small, and make lower income because they are undeserving. For them, it seems too easy, or childish, or hopeful that their soul purpose is doing what brings them joy. Is this you?

If it is, let me ask you this: Why would the Higher Power bring you to life with the purpose and intention of making you miserable?

Why would it plant these seeds in your head simply to drive you crazy and tease you with something that you can’t have?

That doesn’t exactly make sense does it?

Think about it like this: when you love what you do, you naturally put more care, attention, and awareness into it, right?

If you don’t enjoy what you do, or even hate doing something, you don’t put as much care and effort in, right?

The universe wants you to be happy, joyful, and abundant. Because when you feel that way, it creates a ripple effect and benefits your community and the rest of the planet at large.

Doing your life’s work and fulfilling your unique purpose provides a vehicle for your enlightenment and spiritual growth and it raises the consciousness of the planet. 

So let this sink in: You are deserving of happiness and abundance. Your purpose is something that you enjoy doing. Humanity needs you to do what you love for the greater good. There is no need to feel guilty for creating a lifestyle and a career that brings you happiness and abundance. 

If you’re still struggling with internalizing these messages, I recommend turning these statements into affirmations, placing them all over your home, and repeating them to yourself throughout the day. 

Lesson #2 – Your Dreams Aren’t Meant to Antagonize You

The second issue that I see arise when it comes to fulfilling your soul’s purpose, is that many people feel stressed out and uncomfortable by their dreams or their ambition because it doesn’t seem real or even possible to them. This often results in us trying to suppress our dreams, ignore them, and pretend that they’re not there.

Here’s an example from my own life. I’ve been imagining myself being a writer and public figure since I was a child. My earliest memory I have of me thinking about this was when I was standing in the hallway of my elementary school in the 1st grade. I was imagining myself seeing my own writing and being an author. And at the time, I even thought that someone couldn’t just become an author. I thought that somehow, someway, only a select few people were “chosen” to become authors or that one had to be a professor for decades in order for it to be possible. (I was 6, ok? Don’t judge me.) But still, I imagined myself being a public figure, having people come to me with questions and advice, and being a writer.  

Then, when I was around 13, I discovered YouTube and started to imagine myself having a YouTube Channel. In college, I discovered blogging and imagined myself doing that too. Since I was in the first grade, I always saw myself being a writer and public figure of some kind, even though I wasn’t even sure what my message was and what I would talk about. 

For my entire life up until I was 23, I tried to suppress this and pretend that these dreams of mine didn’t exist. I would tell myself things like, “Who do I think I am?” or “I could never do that” or “I could never have that.” Every day I wished that my dreams and ambition to become a writer and content creator would go away.

All I wanted was for these dreams of mine to go away so I could calm down, feel normal, and be content working in an office setting for the rest of my life like we’re “supposed to” do.

Is this you? I get it. It can sometimes suck having all of these dreams and desires that seem so larger than life and so out of reach. 

But there’s something that you need to know…

The universe did not plant those ideas into you mind just to f*ck with you. 

Do not ever discard your fantasies as “wishful thinking.” Honor the dreams and desires that you have inside of you because they come from the deepest part of your being. They come from your soul. 

Your dreams aren’t there to screw with you and tease you with something that you could never have. The same message is important for people who have a dream but feel as if it can never be reached or they’ll never be successful or reach their goal.

Everything that you fantasize about, everything that you want, everything that you love doing, is a part of your soul’s mission. There’s no need to stress out about it or feel anxious about it. 

Your dreams are never there to cause you internal stress and make you feel inadequate. They are meant to do the exact opposite. They show your path and potential and make you excited about the things that will help you to complete your soul’s purpose.

Your dreams are never there to cause you internal stress and make you feel inadequate. They are meant to do the exact opposite. They show your path and potential and make you excited about the things that will help you to complete your soul’s purpose.


More than anything, I want you to know that you have a purpose here and that this purpose is something that will bring you joy and happiness.

There is no need to feel guilty for being happy and having joy and abundance in your life.

There is no need for you to suffer and do things that you dislike for a living. 

You are worthy of your dreams and there is no need to feel anxiety or worry around them. All of your dreams, hobbies, interests, and fantasies are guiding you to your soul’s purpose.

When you follow your heart and your life is filled with meaning and purpose, you radiate joy, love, and positivity that improves the world. And in doing so, you become magnetic to abundance. There is no need to feel guilt or shame because of it.  

You can have satisfying, enjoyable, and fulfilling work. You can feel alive and happy everyday, and you can have abundance in the process. 

As long as you do what you love and enrich the lives of others you are accomplishing what your soul came into this lifetime to do.

I hope this message helped you today and led you on a journey of healing so you can gain the courage you need to fulfill your soul’s purpose guilt free and create your dream life. 

If you are still feeling stuck and looking for more support around this, reach out to me for 1:1 coaching where you will have bi-weekly calls and 24/7 support, guidance, and mentorship from me

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Together we will figure out all of your mental blocks, shine a spotlight on your inner self, raise your vibration, and amplify your manifestation practice. This mentorship is exactly what you need to step into your highest self, fulfill your purpose, and create a life that’s overflowing with abundance.

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