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Coaching: Understanding Your Investment

By Heather Ione

What you think you’re paying for when you hire a coach:

  • X hours or sessions with them
  • X weeks or months of a coaching program

What you’re actually paying for:

  • Their one on one time with you

  • Accountability
    • Hundreds of hours of experience with previous clients

  • Certifications, knowledge, and continued education
    • Thousands of dollars in investments in business, coaching, and education
    • Back end work and preparation

  • Business and tech expenses (Zoom, podcasts, website, Calendly, HelloSign, accountant, etc.)
    • Free content and resources (classes, podcast episodes, blogs, etc.)
    • The value within and after the coaching session
    • The energy exchange 
    • New knowledge and tools 
    • Professional insight 

  • Your results and transformation 
    • Unlimited text and voice memo support
    • Private client bonuses (ebooks, meditations, masterclasses)
    • Motivation to take action

    Understanding Your Investment

    It’s very common for clients who are brand new to personal coaching to be surprised when they discover the financial investment that comes with hiring a personal coach. 

    To an outsider who is unaware of the time, education, and energy that’s required in being a private coach, that investment can seem like a lot. Especially, if you’re just looking at it from the number of hours you spend talking with your coach. 

    So let’s dive into the financial investment of coaching, shall we?

    Self-investment and transformation is always an uncomfortable and expansive opportunity because it requires you to invest yourself into something that will propel you forward. 

    To do that, you have to be willing to try something new and outside of your comfort zone. You have to be willing to “take a risk.” 

    Otherwise, the change just won’t happen. Or else you would have done it by now, right?!

    If you didn’t need a push, if you didn’t need someone to light a fire under your butt, you would have already completed that goal and made that dream in your mind’s eye come true.

    However, your ego thrives in certainty and past knowledge. It wants to know what’s going to happen and what it can expect. 

    So it feels scary and uncomfortable whenever it’s time to say “Yes!” to something that you’ve never done before.

    BUT it’s also why when you’re only willing to sign up for the free things, or cheap things, you don’t do anything with it!

    Have you ever read a motivational blog post or self-help book, but didn’t do anything with that knowledge afterwards? Did you self-help turn into “shelf-help?”

    Your life remained unchanged because you didn’t have enough skin in the game to really do something about it. You didn’t care enough.

    When it comes to paying for coaching, it transforms your life within the first session because there’s a higher commitment with a higher investment. 

    When you pay, you pay attention. 

    When you pay, you show up to the calls, you’re willing to put in the emotional effort, you’re willing to take the advice, and you’re motivated to take action.

    I’ve had clients completely change their outlook, their productivity, their mood, and their course in life within the first week of investing in my coaching program. 

    Why? Because your transformation starts in the transaction!

    There’s a reason why it’s called an investment!

    Self-improvement doesn’t just happen to us. 

    We make it happen by deciding to be the deliberate creator of our lives, rather than a victim, and take real action and real investments towards the life that we desire.

    The people who you look up to, the creators that you follow for all of their free resources and podcasts, are the ones that made the uncomfortable decision of investing in themselves!

    They hired the coach, they took risks, they were willing to make themselves uncomfortable to get to where they are NOW. 

    If you want to truly see a change in your life, start that business, create the brand, the blog, the podcast, make your ideas a reality, then it’s time to do something you’ve never done before.

    Remember, hesitation kills forward momentum. Click the link below to set up your consultation and get started!


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