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9 Sure Signs You Need a Life Coach

By Heather Ione

Let me ask you something as a friend…

Do you feel as if you have a larger purpose in life?

Do you have visions of what you want your lifestyle to look like?

Are you ready to create the life that you were put on this planet to live?

Do you know what you should be doing to improve yourself?

Why haven’t you done it?

That question was not meant to make you feel bad. In fact, it was meant to do the opposite. As a life coach, I know that it’s not because you’re lazy or unmotivated. I know that it’s not because you lack ambition or the desire to improve yourself and the world around you. 

It’s because you think that you have to do it all alone

We’ve been conditioned to believe that if we want to improve ourselves in any way, such as our mindset or our physical health for example – we have to do it alone. We believe that improving ourselves is something that has to be done in private behind closed doors. 

But the biggest transformation in your life happens when you have support. When you have someone to talk to and share your experience with, you feel empowered, you have accountability, and you have the motivation to keep improving (even when you don’t feel like it).

Secondly, it’s because you need guidance to help you get there.

While you know what you have to do to improve yourself and create your dream life, it’s another thing to know how to do it. 

It’s one thing to know what you want to manifest in your life, or what type of person you want to be, or what you want your body to look like. The tricky part is moving from where you are today to taking the steps that will make that your reality.

In my experience, most people don’t know how to take one small step at a time so that those little steps evolve into major results. 

If this is making sense, but you’re still wondering if you could benefit from coaching or how it could help – read on!

Here are 9 signs that you need personal coaching to help you transform your life:

1. You have a stack of self-help books in your bedroom. 

Do you devour books from authors like Tony Robbins, Elizabeth Gilbert, Gretchen Rubin, Gabrielle Bernstein, and Jen Sincero? You’re exactly the person who would love one-on-one coaching! 

You’re clearly eager to improve yourself and you’re devouring those self-help books like nobody’s business. But, the downside of reading self-improvement content is that people often don’t do the implementation steps outlined in the book. 

But don’t feel bad about it! It’s really hard to get excited about being coached by a book. It doesn’t feel fun and personal. Plus, the breakthroughs happen while you’re reading a sentence but then stop there! The thought pattern and epiphanies are immediately interrupted by the next sentence, so they often don’t stick in your mind.

Secondly, the content doesn’t always stay in your memory because you weren’t actively involved in a conversation about how you could use this knowledge to improve your own life! For many people, as much as they enjoy self-help and manifestation content, it can go in one ear and out the other. 

If you find yourself waking up next to that stack of books and feeling just as confused and lost as you did yesterday, you don’t need another book – you need a coach

2. You’re looking to create that better life, but you have no idea what to do.

I know how this feels! You want to create a better life for yourself (whatever that may be for you) but you’re so overwhelmed with all of the wellness and personal development content out there that you don’t even know where to start. 

Today, there are books, blogs, videos, and podcasts for every topic. Yet there are millions of people still struggling to transform their lives for the better.

Why is that when we have unlimited guided meditations, healthy recipes, gratitude practices, breathwork exercises, self-help books, and yoga classes? As incredible as it is that we have all this available to us, unlimited content and never ending advice can leave us overwhelmed and confused about where to start

Is this you? Are you constantly redirecting and trying to decipher which “next step” you should take or whose advice you should follow? If so, you need to eliminate the noise in your life and hire a coach. 

Having one voice and one person’s advice eliminates the worry and confusion when it comes to self-improvement and personal development.

This is why clients repeatedly tell me, “I feel like I finally know what to do” or “I feel like I finally know where to start.”

3. You believe in manifestation, but haven’t had success with it.

You’ve read enough blogs and watched enough videos to be inspired by and believe in the Law of Attraction, but you haven’t seen anything substantial from it. 

There was a time in my life when I could quote every line from “The Secret,” but hadn’t manifested anything beyond a few bucks and a movie that I wanted to watch on t.v.

It’s like I always say, it’s one thing to be a believer in manifestation, it’s another thing to be a receiver with manifestation.

Are you starting to have doubts and wonder to yourself… “maybe the Law of Attraction just doesn’t work for me?” I promise you that’s not true!

What you are experiencing is nothing but self-doubt and a limiting belief that needs to be squashed. It’s impossible that a universal law would work for everyone on the planet except for you

If this is a thought that’s been popping up in your head, you simply need some guidance.

For more manifestation help, check out the Wild Manifestations Podcast! EP. (#14) Action, Attraction, & Intuition (How Manifestation ACTUALLY Works)

4. You love wellness content, but maybe don’t follow it.

Answer me this…

Do you have Headspace on your phone but don’t meditate?

Do you buy beautiful journals that still aren’t filled in?

Do you have essential oils that collect dust in the back of your cabinets?

Do you have Lululemons that have never seen the inside of a yoga studio?

Do you save inspirational quotes on Pinterest, but don’t act on the inspiration?

Do you save manifestation blogs or videos but don’t practice it?

Again, there’s no judgement from me! If you’re someone who loves all things wellness, self-help, self-discovery, meditation, yoga, etc. but has a hard time walking your talk or doing the thing… You could benefit from coaching.

The desire, the interest, and the motivation is already inside of you! 

You just need help taking the baby steps that will help you benefit from all of that wellness material you already believe in!

5. You’re looking for happiness outside of yourself. 

Yeah, I’m talking about online shopping.

I know, I hate to call you out because you’re probably already feeling guilty about it.

If you’re someone who really wants to improve their life and find more meaning and fulfillment, you’re probably trying to seek it out in consumer purchases.

Even though this thought may be subconscious at times, you find yourself thinking that if you just buy ____________ you’ll feel better.

If you just buy those boho decorations from Urban, or those cute new clothes from Forever 21, or that gorgeous journal from Earthbound, or those pretty little crystals on Etsy, or that impulsive late night Amazon purchase – you’ll feel better. 

But that online impulse buy only ends up making you feel guilty afterwards. Because it didn’t fulfill the real need that you hoped it would. 

There’s a super simple solution to this.

It’s spending that money that you would normally spend on meaningless consumer products and using it to invest in yourself!

It’s spending money on coaching that will actually add value and bring your real happiness and fulfillment in life.

6. That rude voice in your head is calling the shots.

You know the one I’m talking about. That little *sshole that tells you horrible things about yourself and holds you back from pursuing your passions !

If you’re overwhelmed with limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors, unrealistic fears, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome you’re never going to be able to create the life that you want to or live your soul’s purpose. 

All of those negative, low vibrational thoughts and feelings cause you to subconsciously repel your desires. Even if you’re actively trying to manifest them!

If you’re noticing that you’re being controlled by your emotions and feeling held back by your inner dialog, it’s a sure sign that you would benefit from coaching!

7. You feel like you’re not benefitting from therapy anymore

You started therapy a while ago because you were unhappy and wanted to change your life, but after a while you felt like it wasn’t “working” anymore.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a big believer in therapy! But many people get to a point where they keep showing up for their regular sessions, cry it out, and then leave – only to feel like they’re still not making “progress” in their lives.

That’s because therapy allows you to vent and open up, but it’s not action-oriented. We don’t find fulfillment and happiness just by venting and complaining about what’s not working! We find it through taking action and by seeing ourselves grow and make progress.

Which is why many people get to a point where they realize that they’re not seeing the “results” they want from therapy because it’s not helping them take action on their goals.

In fact, almost every single life coaching client of mine told me on our consultation calls that they felt called to life coaching for this exact reason!

8. You have a big dream that you’re not taking action on

Yeah, you know that dream I’m talking about! We all have one. That thing that you always dream of and talk about, but you’re never actually working on.

Maybe you don’t know how (or where) to start. Maybe you’re too overwhelmed with the big picture to take regular action steps and see any progress! Maybe you feel held back by fear – fear of failure or judgment.

Or maybe you’re being held back by something as simple as procrastination or self-sabotage.

Coaching WILL help.

Together, we will break down that dream into small, manageable so you can finally start moving the needle forward and seeing progress. If it’s fear that’s holding you back, I’ll slowly guide you to step outside of your comfort zone.

If you’re someone whose been sitting on that big dream and not doing anything about it, it’s time for support.

9. You’re searching for the “magic answer”

You’re always searching through books, blogs, podcasts, Pinterest, and motivational quotes, hoping that something will jump out at you.

Some how, some way, the exact words, action step, brilliant idea will slap you in the face! It’ll suddenly hit you like a lightning bolt and you’ll find that much need clarity & inspiration that you’ve been craving in your life!

You’re searching for the “magic answer” or the magic solution that’s going to solve all your problems.

Babe, there is no magic answer.

Real transformation doesn’t come about from reading a blog post!

Real transformation comes from doing the work.

It comes from having support and guidance.

And it comes from having accountability.

Curious About Spiritual Life Coaching?

My mission is to help dreamers and soul seekers just like you get out of those cycles and FINALLY take the steps to transform their life on the inside and out. My purpose in life is to help you break free from self-sabotage and old habits and become a deliberate creator of your life.

I do this by combining strategy, goal setting, manifestation, mindset work, inner child healing, Reiki energy work, and holistic healing with essential oils.

My clients are… 

✔️ looking for more in life

✔️ tired of feeling stuck and defined by their circumstances 

✔️ ready to put themselves and their happiness first

✔️ eager to make improvements in their lives

✔️ looking to create a life that exceeds their wildest expectations 

✔️ curious about manifestation and self-discovery

✔️ craving emotional and spiritual support 

Together we will

  1. Figure out your mental blocks 
  2. Shift your limiting beliefs
  3. Amplify your manifestation practice
  4. Shine a spotlight on your inner self
  5. Raise your energetic vibration
  6. & Do some inner healing!

If you’re ready to finally invest in yourself, your dreams, and your own happiness, let’s get started with a complimentarty 20-minute alignment call to get you moving in the right direction!

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