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50+ Ways Hiring a Personal Coach Has Changed My Life

By Heather Ione

I’ve said it thousands of times, but I will say it again – I believe that every single person in the world should have a life coach. 

Imagine how much the world would benefit if we all took our personal goals and our personal growth seriously and committed to improving ourselves? I can’t even imagine how wonderful that world would be but I fantasize about it all the time. 

Since the moment I found my first mentor and started hiring professional coaches, I’ve felt better than I have in years and I’ve accomplished more than I ever have in my life! Now, looking back at almost a year of regular coaching, I can say with absolute certainty that hiring personal coaches completely changed my life. 

This is why I’m so passionate about being a life coach, myself. Because I’ve seen the difference it can make in your life when you take the leap and invest in yourself rather than material possessions.

However, I understand that many people are brand new to coaching and have no idea what to expect. 

So, to help you understand why coaching is so helpful and the unique benefits and transformation that happens in your life from being coached, I created this blog for you and a list of 50+ ways coaching helped me and changed my life for the better!

But first, let’s start here…

Why is personal coaching so transformative?

There are tons of different reasons why personal coaching creates a transformation in your life, but today, I’m going to be sharing my top 3! 

For one thing, coaching encourages you to constantly work on yourself even when you don’t feel it! So often we start working on a project, achieving a goal, or improving ourselves in some way, but lose momentum because there’s no one to remind you to keep going and allow you to recognize how far you’ve come and what you’re working towards.

Secondly, personal coaching helps because it encourages you to take initiative and figure out the action step that makes the most sense for you. This is something that is often missing when we talk to therapists, family, or our friends. Sometimes we fall into a habit of venting or complaining about something and then not moving on from there. With personal coaching, you can talk as much as you want and ask questions, but then you figure out what your next step is inside of staying stuck.

Lastly, having a life coach provides you with a special kind of support and an outside perspective that often helps you MORE than talking to those who are close to you. 

For example, have you ever talked to a friend or family member about a problem and noticed that they were too emotionally involved to help you? Or have you noticed that they were too close to the problem, like yourself? Or have you ever noticed that they had absolutely no helpful advice? 

That’s why professional life coaching can be so transformative. You’re working with someone who knows how to support you in a transformation, provide advice that will help you create change in your life that is aligned with you, and they’re able to offer you an outside perspective that isn’t emotionally involved in your personal life.

A personal coach is essentially your cheerleader, accountability buddy, therapist, and best friend all in one who provides you with ACTIONABLE STEPS to help you change your life.

And that’s why I say that I think every single person in the world should have a life coach. Because the truth is, we all say that we want to change our lives and be better, but most of us don’t. We keep repeating the same patterns, we keep getting the same advice from the same people, we lose momentum and motivation, and we remain stagnant. 

Ask yourself this question: How many times have you set a goal for yourself and then didn’t follow through and accomplish it? 

If you could do it on your own without any support or guidance, you probably would have done it by now.

But when you finally make the powerful decision to invest in yourself and work with a life coach, everything starts to change. You don’t just see one change in your life or accomplish one goal – you accomplished many. It’s the butterfly effect – one change leads to another, which leads to another. 

That’s why I’ve created this list for you today so that you can understand the ripple effect of positive change that happens in your life from coaching, which creates that “transformation” that I talk so much about.


55 Ways Personal Changing Changed My Life So Far

  1. It gave me tangible steps and solutions to overcome my problems.. rather than just talking about them, but not understanding how to fix them.
  2. It gave me support around things that I couldn’t go to friends and family for help with (ex: limiting beliefs, self-doubt, self-sabotage, scarcity mindset, etc.)
  3. It pushed me to do projects that I was too afraid to start and too confused by to start on my own. It’s how I was able to start writing my book, finish my ebook, register my business, file taxes as a business owner, start a podcast, create products, etc.
  4. It taught me to invest in myself (something that our consumeristic & materialistic society never encourages us to do).
  5. It helped me accomplish more than I ever have been able to accomplish – in my business, personal life, and creative projects.
  6. It helped me honor my cycles rather than fight them and feel guilty if I wasn’t inspired or productive sometimes.
  7. It put me more in alignment so I wasn’t getting stuck in ruts as frequently.
  8. It kept me accountable to actually do the things that I said I wanted to do, but honestly would not have done on my own.
  9. It helped me find the answers for myself. (Coaches know how to ask deep, high-mileage questions to help you reach your own consolation and be your own guru.)
  10. It helped me start to shift my mindset and my limiting beliefs.
  11. It helped me tap into my intuition and follow my inner guidance rather than what I was told I was “supposed” to do by society, my parents, other business owners, other content creators, professors, etc.
  12. It gave me more confidence.
  13. It pushed me to do self-discovery work so that I could create a business that aligned with my soul.
  14. It reminded me to take care of myself, not just my clients.
  15. It gave me a sense of direction when I didn’t know what to do next.
  16. It helped me set realistic goals for myself.
  17. It gave me many bursts of inspiration from coaching sessions and messaging with my coaches so that I could get more work done.
  18. It inspires content for blogs, IG posts, videos, emails, and podcasts all the time.
  19. It introduced me to blogs, courses, and podcasts that also helped to transform my life.
  20. It helped to remind me that I’m the creator of my life, rather than wallow in self-pity or feel bad for myself on my bad days.
  21. It allowed me to notice my progress because I had someone point out my wins and progress that I made for the first time in my life. That’s something that I was never able to do for myself in the past because I was so programmed to criticize myself rather than recognize my growth or the things that I’m doing well in.
  22. It helped me see that I am worthy of everything that I want in life and see new ways to make those dreams a possibility.
  23. It led me to different events and people that were equally transformative for me in my personal life and business. For example, because of coaching, I started attending masterminds, networking events, finding my first clients, and meeting all my new girlfriends.
  24. It helped me release the guilt that I carry from my family being bothered by my career choice and lifestyle.
  25. It allowed me to have regular support so I didn’t feel isolated and alone even though I work from home all day.
  26. It helped me see my limiting beliefs as just that – limiting beliefs. Not absolute truths that controlled my destiny.
  27. It helped me procrastinate LESS (yeah I still do it sometimes, but not as much!)
  28. It led me to creating offerings in my business that I’m completely aligned with and excited about. Like downloadable classes, guided meditations, and affirmation recordings.
  29. It helped me up-level and stop playing so safe and so small – especially in business.
  30. It allowed me to finally recognize my potential and my capability.
  31. It taught me that I wasn’t a failure – I was a human being that just needed support and guidance to help me reach my goals.
  32. It gives me a shoulder to lean on and resources to make me feel better when I’m having a bad day or a bad week.
  33. It made me more focused, driven, and ambitious. These are qualities that I never had before I hired coaches. 
  34. It taught me how to complete projects, rather than continuously starting new ones without actually finishing them and following through.
  35. It taught me how to separate my business and my personal life so that my business doesn’t take over my life.
  36. It offered me an outside/unbiased perspective.
  37. It taught me to honor my cycles and phases, and how to leverage them so I no longer feel like I have to be going and doing all the time.
  38. It helped me expand spiritually by introducing me to new spiritual concepts and Universal Laws that I was unfamiliar with before.
  39. It taught me that being an entrepreneur can be fun, enjoyable, and pleasurable. I don’t have to overwork myself or make myself unhappy because that’s what I grew up seeing in other entrepreneurs. 
  40. It made me realize that creating money in a business is meant to be fun and easy.
  41. It helped me release emotional trauma and stress that has been stored in my body.
  42. It challenged me to do things that made me slightly uncomfortable that I wouldn’t have done without being pushed a bit.
  43. It helped me embrace pleasure and play in my business & personal life.
  44. It helped me trust in my own intuition even more.
  45. It made me realize that there is no right way to start a business, I can build it however I like.
  46. It helped me heal the women/mean girl/sister wound by having such a loving and supportive female coach in my life.
  47. It gave me someone to turn to throughout the day when I had questions or had something on my mind.
  48. It helped me to finally release imposter syndrome.
  49. It taught me how to break things down into baby steps so that I don’t get overwhelmed and get my work done even faster.
  50. It taught me how to balance masculine and feminine tasks in my business and personal life.
  51. It helped me to realize my worth and start charging normal rates for 1:1 monthly coaching.
  52. It showed me that it’s ok to be an intuitive coach and to not coach everyone in the same step-by-step plan.
  53. It led me to investing in an incredible website that has helped me fully step into this role as a business owner and personal coach and start making money doing what I love.
  54. It provided me with the action steps, tools, and insights that I needed to start finally fulfilling my Dharma – my soul’s purpose.
  55. Through coaching, I went from being someone with a vision to being someone who embodies that vision and takes action on it.

I’ve added to this list so many times now, and every time I look at it again I think of more things to add about how personal coaching changed my life. I do not doubt that I will still think of more! 

Every week and month of coaching that goes by, I take away new lessons that uniquely help me based on what I’m working on at the time.

But before I let you go, I want to share why I was able to see such huge results in working with a 1:1 coach. Because the truth is, not everyone sees this much progress after hiring a coach.

How was this possible?

The hard truth is that I’ve seen this change in my life because I committed to coaching. I didn’t give it 2 sessions and expect those 2 sessions to work like magic. I hired people for months at a time.

All of these mindset shifts and all of this change that happened would have not been possible in a day, or a week, or even a month. They had to build up slowly. We’re human beings, not computers that need a quick software update from time to time. It’s just not possible to rewire all of your limiting beliefs, and find your self-worth, or evolve spiritually, or create a business, or make your dreams come true in one session’s time.

I saw this change because I continuously showed up for months and months. Even when I was going through slow phases and thinking to myself, “Maybe this coach isn’t offering me something new anymore?” Or “Maybe I’ll save some money and take a break from coaching for a while.” Nope. I wouldn’t let myself.

I stuck in out through all my ups and downs and continued to make that investment and committement in myself because I knew it was going to be good for me.

Secondly, I saw this level of transformation because I was willing to take responsibility for my life and make drastic changes in my life. 

I didn’t twiddle my thumbs and wait for my coach to swoop in, take control of my body, and change my life for me. That’s not how it works. 

Sadly, I’ve had clients who think that it does work that way. They aren’t ready to take responsibility for their life and they think that the meer transaction between them and the coach will change their life for them. FALSE. 

A coach is just that – a coach. We are there to offer you support and guide you to make the changes yourself.

We are not wizards. We are not God. We are not magic.

We cannot bibbity, bobbity, boo a person’s life for them. 

Hiring a personal coach does require you to put in effort. 

So when my coaches gave me advice, action steps, or soul work – I did them. I followed through. I took their advice and remained open minded all the time. 

That’s why I’ve seen so much progress in my life from coaching over the last year. That’s why I was able to do all the things. I invested in coaches and I committed to my own growth and development through all of my ups and downs.

Are you interested in trying spiritual life coaching?

If this post is calling out to you and if you’re ready to take responsibility for your life in this way, I would love to invite you into my coaching container designed to give you a gentle push and complete support on your journey.

I will pour into you, help you create baby steps in your life, connect to your inner guidance system, and shift any limiting beliefs or mindset blocks that are in the way from becoming the best version of yourself that you can be.

Through regular coaching, I can guide you to slowly make transformations like this as well so that you can step into your power and become a deliberate creator of your life. 

If you want to get started on your coaching journey with me, let’s set up a 20-minute consultation call!

Or, head over to my coaching page and learn more about my private, Monthly Mentorship, here.

I would love to serve you and offer you support in any way that I can.

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