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5 Ways to Connect to Your Intuition

By Heather Ione

“If you don’t have your intuition, you only have other people’s advice. And then you’re not on your path, you’re on theirs.” – unknown 

We all have intuition, whether we choose to listen to it and follow it or not. 

When you learn to trust and follow your intuition, you are able to create a life that lights you up.

You’re no longer governed by other people’s opinions, by the fear of what people think, or by a feeling of obligation to do what you’re “supposed to” do.

You are no longer pushed to make certain life decisions or behave in ways that satisfy your parents, grandparents, friends, co-workers, teachers – or even complete strangers.

When you are able to connect to your own inner guidance system, you’re able to build a life that makes YOU happy. You’re able to fulfill your dreams and your life’s purpose. 

As a spiritual life coach and energy healer, I have personally witnessed the transformation that happens in my clients’ lives when they finally tap into their own inner wisdom and start living in alignment with what their own intuition tells them.

Learning how to connect to your own intuition is the difference between living the life that you think you “should” and making all of your dreams and goals a reality. 

This shift has allowed my clients to start businesses, coaching practices, clothing lines, blogs, websites, podcasts, books, musicals, certifications, training, and more.

The problem though is reconnecting to your intuition after years of deliberately ignoring it.

At this point your intuition might be something that is foreign to you, but we are all born with it.

And no matter how foreign it may feel to you, your intuition has never left you. You’ve just stopped listening to it!

We spend years of our lives suppressing our inner wisdom, dreams, aspirations, and even simple hobbies or interests because it’s not what our society approves of. 

For example, I spent years ignoring my calling to create online content, start up a business, and teach about topics such as manifestation.

My family, friends, and professors thought that it was stupid, funny, and downright irresponsible that I would be spending my time in this way. So I tried to ignore that overwhelming feeling in my stomach that urged me to do this work. 

Through societal conditioning you become so disconnected from what YOU want out of a desire to fit in and be loved, that it can feel impossible to recognize our intuition – let alone act on it!

But intuition is something that CAN be rediscovered and developed. Just like how you learned to stifle it, you can also learn to listen to it.

The more you listen, the easier it will be to hear.

This post is here to help you eliminate the noise and come back to yourself by reconnecting with your intuition. 

If you can first learn to connect to your intuition, then you can learn to trust it and act on it. 

You’ll have everything you need to point you in the right direction and create a life that’s fulfilling and inspiring.

You will no longer make decisions out of a sense of obligation or to please other people. Nor will you feel the need to seek answers outside of yourself. 

Here are the 5 ways that I learned to connect to my intuition and act on it. These steps allowed me to build the ideal life for myself that I have now.

5 Way to Connect to Your Intuition

1) Start small. Follow your intuition throughout the day.

The best way to start connecting to your intuition at this very moment is to start very, very small each day. 

This could mean doing things like intuitive eating, turning a certain direction while you’re in the car, going to the gym, having a good cry, taking an epsom salt bath, or turning off the TV. 

When you’re disconnected from your intuition, you don’t even hear it when it comes to little things.

You turn left when you know you were supposed to turn right, you have another drink when you don’t want one, you keep eating past the point when you’re full, you stay up even when you’re tired, etc. 

You’re told so many times by parents, social media, advertisements, and society that only those external sources know what’s best. Only someone outside of yourself knows the appropriate college for you to go to, city for you to live in, or career path to take.

Eventually, you start to develop the belief (consciously or subconsciously) that you aren’t capable of making decisions without guidance. 

Have you ever followed the directions of GPS even though you were almost certain it was leading you the wrong way? Even though you knew the right way to turn?

If you truly want to connect to your intuition, pause and check in with yourself before you make decisions in your daily life. 

What foods does your body want right now? What exercise does your body need today? Which way should you turn?

Ask yourself what you feel is right for you or what the best course of action is with daily decisions.

2) Practice stream of consciousness journaling. 

Stream of consciousness journaling was one of the biggest keys in learning to connect to my intuition.

If you’re unfamiliar with stream of consciousness journaling, it’s when you brain dump everything that’s going on in your head while you’re journaling.

The focus is on letting your unfiltered thoughts flow onto the page. And don’t worry at all about grammar, spelling, or punctuation!

This is one of the most helpful practices if you want to connect back to yourself and live a soul- aligned life. 

Stream of consciousness journaling gets all of the noise out of your head. Through this free flowing thought, you release all of the anxiety and clutter in your mind that you picked up from the world around you. 

When you put things to paper it allows you to “get it out,” so to speak. Without releasing it through writing, we tend to keep obsessing over the same thing and our thoughts end up going in circles – increasing in intensity each time.

You end up not being able to connect to your own inner wisdom when your anxious monkey mind is keeping you distracted. 

With stream of consciousnesses journaling, you purge the thoughts that are not serving you until eventually you are just left with YOU.

Your intuition begins to make an appearance. 

You’re able to discover what you truly want for yourself and discover what the right decision is for YOU without any external opinions or advice. 

After the initial emotional release, stream of consciousness journaling is like a date with your intuition.

Through this practice, I was able to discover my passion in life. I learned more about myself than I ever had in my entire life. I found myself and my values outside of my family’s influence and expectation. 

If you do this practice regularly, you will realize that you are your own guru. You have the answers within yourself.

3) Stop seeking external advice, opinions, or permission.

It’s time to go on an advice detox. When you’re disconnected from your inner guidance system, you end up seeking answers outside of yourself. 

Have you ever been stressed over some decision you wanted to make (big or small) and you ended up telling everyone and their mom about it in order to get their opinion first?

I can even remember the girls in high school telling everyone about the new hair style they wanted to get weeks or months before they actually did it. 

I remember how many friends in college wanted to follow a dream of theirs and would walk around campus telling everyone about it to gauge their reaction and try to get approval first. 

There was a time when I did this too. If there was something that I really wanted to do, I felt the need to hear everyone’s opinion and advice and not take action until I received approval. 

I’ve also had friends and clients going through a burn out that felt the need to get permission for me in order to take a break and REST.

Here’s another example: have you ever been interested in something or wanted to do something but you spent weeks researching other people’s experiences and advice in blogs? 

There are times when someone else’s opinion might be necessary, or doing research is needed. But for the most part, people do this because they don’t trust their own inner knowing and because it’s a sneaky way to self-sabotage through procrastination!

If there is something that your heart is telling you to do, TAKE ACTION. Follow your inspiration and curiosity. Do what you feel is the right thing for you to do. 

You don’t need external validation and approval.


You know that thing that’s weighing on your mind right now? 

I’m talking about that nagging dream or idea that consumes your thoughts.

Unless you have become BFFs with your intuition at this point and you’re now living a soul aligned life, you most likely have something that you want to do that’s weighing on your mind.

You have this inner pull, this inner urge to do something, but you keep fighting it!

You’re overwhelmed with where to start, nervous about this new endeavor, and borderline paralyzed by what others will think. 

I had many examples like this in my life, and so do my clients. At the start of our coaching contract, most of my clients also have several big dreams that they’re not taking action on. We change that though (;

It’s different for everyone. 

You might have an overwhelming desire to move to another state. 

You might have a dream of starting up a business or passion project. 

Maybe your heart is screaming at you to start traveling full-time. 

Or maybe you feel a strong desire to invest in something like yourself, or a coach, or help for your business. 

What are you obsessing over right now? 

What do you need in your life? 

What decision is consuming you that you’re not taking action on out of fear?

Let me give you an insider secret: Fear is your compass!

Whatever you’re most terrified of doing right now, is what you need to do the most. This is what will propel you forward. This is the decision that will make you the happiest in the long run.

It’s the decision that will ultimately bring you the most growth and peace of mind. Because that urge is your inner guidance system screaming at you!

If you want to connect to your intuition, you’re going to have to learn to listen to it and trust it with those big, scary decisions.

5) If it’s not a “hell yes,” it’s a “hell no.”

I once heard this quote that ended up being a game changer for me. This simple quote gave me the ability to recognize immediately what my intuition was guiding me to do.

“If it’s not a ‘hell yes,’ it’s a ‘hell no.’”

If your intuition wants you to do something, it will make you feel good

Yes, it may feel scary sometimes when you’re doing something that’s new and foreign to you. But the decisions that are guided by your intuition will make you happy

They will make you feel excited and inspired. Those decisions will light you up!

Make sure to remember this quote over the next several weeks. Write it down in your journal, put it on post-it notes throughout your house, and speak this to yourself every morning and see what it does for you!

When someone or something demands your time, attention, and energy, tell yourself, “If it’s not a ‘hell yes,’ it’s a ‘hell no.’”

Yes, there are things we have to do in this physical reality that we don’t necessarily enjoy, like chores and taxes. I’m not talking about those types of responsibilities. 

I’m talking about the unnecessary things that you’ve said “yes” to when you really wanted to say “no.”

The guidance that comes from your intuition will direct you to things that make you excited and happy and steer you away from things that don’t serve you. 

When you get new ideas or opportunities, use this phase to help you quickly decide what to do. 

When you are doing what lights you up and makes you say “Hell yes,” that’s when you’re connected to your intuition.

Your intuition is always leading you towards the things that help you fulfill your soul’s purpose and bring you the most happiness and enjoyment. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful!

There are plenty of other ideas for connecting to your intuition, but these 5 are a great place to start, especially for those who feel completely out of touch with their intuition. 

Remember that it may feel difficult to hear your intuition right now because, like myself, you might have spent many years suppressing or ignoring it.

But the more you follow these 5 steps the easier it will be to hear your inner guidance.

Just like you’ve learned to suppress your intuition, you can also learn to strengthen it!

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