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10 Ways to Raise Your Vibration Today

By Heather Ione

If you’re someone who believes in the Law of Attraction and believes in the power to create your reality through your thoughts and feelings, at some point, you’re going to find yourself wondering, “How do I raise my vibration?” Or “How do I make myself an energetic match to call in what I’m desiring?”

This is exactly why I wanted to create this resource for you today. Because I’ve come to realize that manifestation is not all about the vision boards. It’s not all about the gratitude practice. But what most people don’t realize is that whether or not they are successful with the Law of Attraction often comes down to their energetic vibration.

This is because if your vibration is low all day, every day, a quick 10-20 minute manifestation practice is usually not enough to transform your life. That quick practice isn’t enough to override the negative behaviors, thoughts, or patterns that have become habitual. 

So rather than telling you the same basic advice today about how you should always “focus on the positive” and see “the glass half full,” today, I’m giving you 10 things that you can do that raise your vibration tremendously!

These are 10 habits that you can implement that will drastically improve your vibration and your ability to manifest starting NOW. Plus, they will also improve your mindset and emotional health, making it even easier to manifest in the future. 

But first, let’s start with the basics!

What is our “vibration” and why is it important?

I often get asked what a vibration means. To most people, energetic vibration doesn’t make a whole lot of sense in regards to new age spirituality and manifesting. And they wonder, “What the heck is vibration? Is it real? And what can it even do for me?”

But our energetic vibration is pretty straight forward. Everything in the world and the universe at large is made up of molecules vibrating at different speeds. Everything. Everything in nature including trees, rocks, water, bodies, animals, plants, thoughts, and feelings. 

And if you take a look around the room right now, so is everything around you. Now, these molecules vibrate faster and slower – meaning there are higher energetic vibrations and lower energetic vibrations. So simply put, a vibration is a state of being.

When you’re in a higher vibration you feel positive emotions like happiness, gratitude, joy, relaxation, and peace. You even feel lighter! On the contrary, when you’re in a lower vibration, you feel negative emotions like stress, anxiety, anger, or depression. And you’ll notice that when you feel these emotions, your mind and your physical body feel heavy

So even if we don’t necessarily understand the science behind our vibration, every one of us has felt evidence of it in our lives.

For example, notice the changes in your mind and body when you come across a video online of an adorable puppy playing. 

Now, notice the changes in your mind and body when you flip on the news and they’re talking about a horrible crime that has happened. Or maybe the presidential election! Yikes!

Do you feel the changes? It’s not exactly subtle. That is evidence of your energetic vibration.

That’s why you may meet someone and for some reason just “get a bad vibe” when you’re around them. Or another person’s presence may make you feel happy, peaceful, and loving.

How does our vibration impact our ability to manifest?

10 Ways to Raise Your Vibration Today by Heather Ione, Spiritual Life Coach

The Law of Attraction states that like-energy attracts like-energy. 

And because we are also energetic beings, our vibration attracts unto it, more of the same vibration. This means that if we feel healthy we attract health. If we feel abundant, we attract abundance, and so on.

Our vibration is what makes the Law of Attraction work to bring us what we want. It’s why the vision boards, the gratitude practices, and the visualization work. If you raise your vibration, you will become an energetic match to what you want to create and therefore manifest with more ease and success.

This is important because your energetic vibration can either be a liability or an asset. So if you’re someone who takes care of your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health, that’s going to be an asset in helping you manifest whatever it is that you desire. 

On the other hand, if you don’t take care of yourself, self-sabotage, refuse to ask for help and refuse to grow and expand, your energetic vibration is going to be a huge liability. In most cases, it prevents people from manifesting all together because their belief and faith in the Law of Attraction is not strong enough to manifest anyways.

So, with that being said, there are tons of things that I have come across in the last 6+ years that can improve our vibration. Some of the most common ones that we’re familiar with include things like practicing gratitude, thinking positive thoughts, and doing our manifestation practices. 

But today, I want to share some of the little known ways that I’ve discovered that can increase our energetic vibration even better!

Here are 10 things that you can do to raise your energetic vibration today to help become a match for what it is that you’re desiring and ultimately attract it into your physical reality!


1. Take care of your physical body!

I have to say, back when I first started studying the Law of Attraction, I did not think that our health had anything to do with it. But now, I’m 1000% convinced that it does. 

Why? Because we are consciousness in human form. And our body is our vessel. The vessel that helps us achieve everything that we came here to do in this lifetime and everything that we have to do to function and survive. This means that when our physical body is weak and unhealthy, so is our energetic vibration.

By taking care of your physical body as a whole, your vibration raises, you’re better able to manifest, AND you improve your spiritual connection. This is so powerful and so profound that many people have spiritual awakenings after changing their diet, giving up allergens, alcohol, or caffeine, giving up meat, and even juicing. I even started to open up my third eye after I went a month without meat!

If you don’t believe me, just witness the shift that happens in your mind and body after a good workout, or after you’ve lost a significant amount of weight, or became stronger than you’ve ever been in your life. You notice the shift.

So one of the best things that you can do for yourself to raise your vibration is actually to take care of your body! But this doesn’t just mean working out and eating better. This also includes drinking clean water, eating fruits and veggies, taking supplements and probiotics, AND – another thing that I’m incredibly passionate about – eliminating toxins and fragrance!

2. Get into a flow state

To create a positive reality for yourself you want to get into a state of flow.

In case you’re unfamiliar with this state, think of the feeling that you have when you’re incredibly immersed in the creation of artwork, or writing, or another passion of yours.

When you’re in a state of flow, it feels as if the world disappears around you and your lose all sense of time. You’re enjoying yourself so much that you even forget to go to the bathroom or eat food. If someone were to call your name, you probably wouldn’t even hear them. In sports, this is called “being in the zone.”

This is the exact state you need to be in to manifest because you’re allowing life and inspired ideas to flow through you as if you were a channel. You’re not even really trying. The thoughts and the idea move through you easily and effortlessly. 

In the flow state, there is a sense of allowing, ease, surrender, and detachment. So the more you can bring this feeling into your life, as often as possible, the better your chances will be!

3. Self-discovery work

The next way to raise your vibration by 1 million is self-discovery!

Wanna know a secret? Manifestation is not complicated. Manifestation is ridiculously simple. The Law of Attraction says that like attracts like. There’s nothing else to it.

But WE are the complicated ones.

We have scarcity mindsets, limiting beliefs, childhood trauma, self-sabotaging behaviors, low self-worth… I could go on and on. It’s these things that stop us from manifesting. And it’s this exact reason why I’ve become a life coach. 

To manifest your dream life, you’re going to have to work through all of that or continue to be held back.

This means doing things like going to therapy, working with trusted coaches and mentors, doing regular stream of consciousness journaling, and practicing gratitude daily.

Make the call. Set up the consultation. Pull out the journal. It will change your life. 

4. Spend time outside and observe nature

We often forget that just like animals and plants, we need nature, earth, sunlight, and water too. In recent years, we’ve become so attached to our devices that it’s as if we think we’re robots. But I cannot describe to you how important it is to get off your devices and connect to nature if you’re trying to manifest. 

This is the very first habit that I incorporate the moment I feel my vibration slipping.

I know you’ve experienced the emotional and physical benefits of spending time in nature or observing nature for a while. And honestly, it doesn’t require that much work. It’s as simple as stepping outside at least once a day for 10 minutes, connecting with nature, and reminding yourself that you’re not a robot. Do it even once today and you’ll notice the change in your vibration immediately.

5. Remove triggers

This is something that I came up with back when I was 19-years-old incredibly depressed and decided to commit to my manifestation practice. I worked so hard to visualize my dream life, make the vision boards, and think positive thoughts, but I realized that my vibration and my mood were constantly being messed with all day long because of my environment. I would look around my room and see things that reminded me of a person I had a falling out with, or a negative memory, or cause me or feel bad about myself, or remind me of limitation and lack. So I decided to “Marie Kondo” my apartment and my bedroom and “spark joy,” – and this was before the world knew all about Marie Kondo!

I went around the room, removed everything in my environment that negatively triggered me and donated it, and revamped my space with tons of crystals, spiritual books, photos, and plants. The difference was night and day. Now, I often help my clients make this shift as well and I highly suggest that you try it too. 

Don’t be afraid to makeover your life and ensure that everyTHING and everyONE around you “sparks joy,” and remove all the rest. I saw a huge shift when I made this change myself.

6. Do your dharma 

One thing that surprised me after my success with manifestation is that the Law of Attraction is not the only Universal Law at play! There are dozens of other laws that impact our lives, but my other personal favorite is The Law of Dharma. Dharma is the Sanskrit word meaning “our soul’s purpose.” The Law of Dharma states that we were all born into this life with a soul’s purpose. This purpose is unique to everyone, however, your purpose will always positively contribute to the world in some way. Whether that be by helping humanity, animals, plants, or the earth itself.

Another interesting thing is that when you are in alignment with your soul’s purpose, you will naturally manifest with greater ease. Because you are expanding, helping, contributing, and raising the vibration of the planet, you will be abundantly provided for. This is why people who are living with purpose and intention often create more prosperity and success in their lives!

If you’d like to read more on this topic, one of my favorite books that talks about this is called, Creating Money: Attracting Abundance by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer.

7. Have a mentor, always

I’ve said it thousands of times, but I’ll say it again – every single person in the world should have a life coach. It is indescribable how much transformation and growth happens the moment you or hire a mentor.

Since the moment I found my first mentor and started hiring coaches, I’ve felt better than I have in years, my vibration is obviously higher, and I’ve accomplished more personally than I ever have in my life. 

My coaches and mentors that helped me discover my soul’s purpose, start to fulfill that purpose by building my business and coaching practice, create soul-aligned products and offerings to help change the world in my unique way, and pull myself back into alignment when I’ve found myself falling into a rut.

I went from being someone with a vision to being someone who embodies that vision and takes action on it. And that is a shift that is often very difficult to make on your own without accountability, emotional support, and guidance. 

I was actually able to consistently implement all of the things on this list once I hired my own coach! Even coaches need coaches. No one is perfect. 

I have a separate blog post all about how coaching has transformed my life if you’d like to read more!

8. Allow yourself time to be still 

If you’re new to meditation and that freaks you out a little bit, don’t worry, you don’t have to be a meditation master – honestly, you don’t even have to meditate. All I want you to do right now is allow yourself 20-30 minutes a day to be completely still and not do anything. And when I say anything, I mean anything.

This could be as simple as taking a hot bath and relaxing in peace. You can think and fantasize while you do this, as this isn’t your normal meditative practice. Just allow your mind to slow and relax – something that we have forgotten how to do. (Again, when I say relax, I don’t mean on your phone, computer, or Netflix.)

This time to be still is absolutely essential to the manifestation process. Why?

Because manifestation is not all about visualizing and waiting for something to happen. The way that manifestation often works is that you will receive an inspired idea seemingly out of nowhere, and then you must take inspired action to help pull this desire of yours into your physical reality.

This is important because these inspired ideas will come to you through your being still. They will not be able to reach you if your monkey mind is active and you’re distracted – which is usually most of the day for many of us.

For example, have you ever noticed that your best and most profound ideas come to you in the shower?

It’s because you’re being still and getting quiet. Through this stillness, you will be able to hear your inner guidance system or highest self gently informing you of the message or the next step you need to take.

9. Visualize for 20-30 minutes a day

In order to raise your vibration, manic manifesting will not work. You cannot do one visualization practice where you feel incredible, high-vibe, and happy, and expect that one practice to make you a vibrational match to your desires.

To become a vibrational match and act as a magnet for your desires, one of the best things that you can start doing today is creating discipline in your visualization practice. If you’re constantly emitting that frequency of abundance, faith, and happiness, that is what you will draw in to your reality. But if you’re not consistent or serious about your visualization practice, you will not send out a strong enough signal or vibration to manfiest it. It will simply remain a dream rather than a reality.

This is another big reason why people are unable to have success with the Law of Attraction or prove to themselves it works. They simply don’t give it enough time and dedication to allow it to work.

10. Actively create your tribe

When I was trying to create my dream life with manifestation, my tribe was the biggest struggle for me to overcome. My “tribe” consisted of friends who betrayed me, an ex-boyfriend who made fun of my life-long dream or for praying, my family who was enormously unsupportive of my passions and interests, and many other friends who made fun of me for admitting that I wanted the life that I have now. My tribe made it extremely difficult for me to manifest, raise my vibration, and have faith.

When I moved to Florida, I decided that I was DONE with anyone who was unsupportive of me and the life that I wanted to create. I was done with anyone who spent all of their time binge-drinking. I was done with people who were in stages of victimhood. And I was done with Debbie Downers, dream crushers, and small-minded people.

From that moment on, I actively worked to create my tribe. And in the last year especially, I’ve created a tribe of women who are so incredible, supportive, ambitious, conscious, and caring. What I’ve found is that the more I surround myself with people like that, the better I feel, the higher my vibration, the more I manifest, and the more I fulfill my Dharma.

Be very selective of the people who you let into your energy. They will either help you lift you higher and higher, or pull you down and hold your back in your efforts to manifest the life that you want for yourself. 

I hope this post helped you raise your vibration today!

I have many more tips that I’ve learned to help me raise my vibration, so let me know if you’re interested in hearing more!

But I’m curious, what are some ways that you raise your vibration?!

Let me know in the comments!

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